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Nunu, a graduate student, said, "Professor Lang is checking the information. If the incense burner is worthless, he won’t bother to do it."
He also knew that Chen Yi couldn’t help but look up at him and said, "My name is Chen Yi and this is Luo Xiaoshan. Are you a graduate student of Professor Lang?"
"No, his graduate students have already left. My name is Lu Fan," he said with a wink.
Professor Lang’s weight and neck rotation speed are not necessarily fast for young people. Both Chen Yi and Luo Xiaoshan laugh.
It was hilarious to hear Professor Ichiro slam his hand next to him.
"Don’t be heard?"
Chen Yi suspected that Professor Lang swept in like a mountain of wind and shouted, "You two made a small profit."
"Value?" Luo Xiaoshan jumped up like chanting.
"Wan? Hum, "Professor Lang held out three fingers and said," 30,000 less. "
30 thousand!
Several of him were stunned.
Chen Yi is even more incredible. Is the perception scroll wrong? All four fragment are real?
It’s wrong to think about it. One fragment was burned seven years ago. On the other hand, if three fragments are really worth 30 thousand, the pawnshop owner won’t deliberately narrow the number, will he?
In an instant, he thought about several possible changes in his face and expression, and he couldn’t see the joy and anger.
On the other hand, Professor Lang said with a slight color, "The original porcelain was restored in recent years, but I didn’t expect that the fake was actually seven years ago, so I thought that it was the Republic of China seven years ago. Who had something to repair this porcelain at that time? And it took seven years to be discovered, and the result really reminded me. "
"Is this counterfeiter and 30,000?" Luo Xiaoshan still remembers the main points.
Professor Lang snorted, "Don’t underestimate the imitation of Wang Dacang and others in the Republic of China. Although they are antique, they are still exquisite, such as art, like copying celebrity calligraphy and painting in Zhang Daqian’s middle age, sometimes the price is higher than that of real paintings …"
Luo Xiaoshan didn’t learn a lesson at all. "Is this porcelain made by Zhang Daqian?"
It was Chen Yi’s turn to knock him "Zhang Daqian is a painter"
"The package shop also sells steamed buns." Luo Xiaoshan simply wrangled.
Professor Lang sighed and looked at Luo Xiaoshan’s own fat way: "Good utensils are not your hands."
Then he said to Chen Yidao, "This imitation should be made by Tang Linze. He is a strange man-made antique in the collection field of the Republic of China. Don’t say that people couldn’t tell the difference in those days. Now it is just as if he sold his ancient paper technology and the so-called’ Tianshuang’ method of making porcelain is not bad at all. I checked his letter records after he went to the Palace Museum and really suspected that this porcelain was made by Tang An."
The old man gasped, "It’s a pity that it’s not calligraphy and painting, otherwise it can be higher. If you really go to auction, the price will definitely be higher than the original price, especially if you make such a good porcelain and put it three years ago, this glaze color is absolutely indistinguishable."
Chen Yi and Fat are dumbfounded. Some artificial fakes are so beautiful. Compared with today’s China counterfeiters, they still need to accumulate and work hard!
It’s already a month out of the window, and Professor Lang Xing is a little sleepy and waved and said, "You can keep things well if you want to collect them yourself. If you don’t want them one day, you can find me again. Don’t just send them to auction houses for good things."
Chen Yi’s artistic sentiment is still in the bacon stage, far from the edifying type, and he immediately asked without hesitation, "How much do you think this thing is suitable for sale?"
"30 thousand is still not expensive." Professor Lang’s chubby hand touched the bottle again
He blushed and smiled. "Then I have to trouble you to see who is interested, and 30 thousand will be his."
Professor Lang listened to the excitement at the moment and waved his hand and smiled. "What’s the trouble? I helped you introduce the half-truth and half-fake bottle of the imperial porcelain soup Linze in Yongzheng. He has to thank me. Unfortunately, I am a poor teacher and sell it today?"
"Selling" Chen Yi gritted his teeth and had no income. After two weeks, he was poor.
Chapter 17 Ancestor Birds
Professor Lang went to make a phone call. He is a collector. It is said that his value is absolutely rich. However, collectors who started later did not put millions of dollars in the bank for interest. On the other hand, his main interest is bronze ware and pottery, which are older.
When you see a good thing, you want to eat it. It’s not a collector. That’s brave.
In the room, Luo Xiaoshan sang and danced with Chen Yi, and said, "I didn’t realize that you have a gift for ancient times. It will take us a long time to find some treasures for 30 thousand."
"That’s called Jianbao. You can meet undervalued antiques everywhere." Chen Yi couldn’t stop smiling.
Lu Fan also gained insight. Seeing that 30,000 was so "easy", he added tea and water to the two people and sighed, "I just heard people say that I have to eat on my own. I just went to archaeology and wanted to learn from others. Later, I realized that I didn’t do what Professor Lang did."
He shook his head with envy. "Are you school students? This missing superstar! Even a few young girls will come to me to find out. "
Chen Yi and Luo Xiaoshan looked at each other and smiled. "This year’s senior three is supposed to take the exam at Jiangning University, so it’s just two words."
"After that is the little teacher younger brother" Lu Fan very warm way.
Two people also "brother brother" cried.
Chen Yi asked, "Brother Lu, how many years have you been with Professor Lang?"
"After more than two years, I have to take his doctoral exam." He said deliberately, "Do your best to oppress."
Everyone laughed again at Chen Yi’s flashing mind, but it was obviously not bad to take the doctoral exam, so he pulled him up and said, "I have a strange picture here. Do you know it?"
Luo Xiaoshan was dissatisfied. "Are you two still secretly meeting?"
"Step aside" Chen Yi stuffed his big head back and took out a copy paper from his wallet.
Paper is a silly bird with a grinning mouth and sharp teeth. It has a long beak and feathers, and its body is as sharp as an arrow.

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