Its audience turned their eyes to Ji Tianci’s friends and relatives, and they found that most of Ji Tianci’s friends and relatives were extraordinary and their strength was extraordinary.

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Many people know Li Fanzhi, and the audience around them found that Li Fanzhi turned out to be the nine young men who looked very young. Everyone turned their attention to Ji Tianci, and even the audience at several venues next door looked over.
There was a buzz everywhere for a while.
"This is a small cross-level competition!"
"It turns out that he is really so young. I still practiced some anti-aging techniques."
"I heard Li Fanzhi say that this player named Ji Tianci can play a few tricks with Acres!"
"This is too exaggerated. Akris is a top-notch celebrity for a long time. This is this, this is unbelievable. I have this strength under 24. I am really talented in Jiuyou. Ahahahaha."
More and more Jiuyou Chaofan flew in. They seem to have received news that there is a nine-you teenager who has entered the competition across the country and has come to cheer up.
The referee also took a deep look at Ji Tianci and then withdrew from the field.
The shield rises and Ji Tianci’s opponent raises his right hand at the same time.
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter two hundred and twenty-four The first world war
When the blue light of the shield lights up, Ji Tianci finds that the whole shield has become a "ha ha mirror" and the external scenes are distorted. There was a sudden silence around the yellow light flashing, and many external sounds became "buzzing". This protective cover should have been modified to interfere with light waves and sound waves.
The red light flashed again, and the game officially started. Ji Tianci inserted the sword of Mo Xie, the general, into the ground. He wanted to feel the strength of his opponent with his bare hands first. The Thai player also wore a glove, and his sword looked "unkind".
Ji Tianci set up a defensive posture and waited for the Thai players to attack. It is better to stay the same if they don’t understand each other’s strength.
Who knows that Thai players look down on Ji Tianci when they see him move? Thai players know that those who dare to leapfrog will definitely not be weak, but this is too contemptuous of themselves.
The Thai player’s face showed a cruel look and kicked out without saying a word.
They were hundreds of meters apart, but as soon as his left foot made a push and his right foot raised one step, he rushed over with amazing momentum.
JiTianCi also some surprise each other as low as a bullet fly instantly came to his front this foot aimed at his abdomen.
JiTianCi dare not hold big hurriedly stretched out his arms to protect his abdomen position defense just finished feel juli.
The Thai player kicked Ji Tianci’s arm with great strength, and Ji Tianci was kicked back three steps in a row.
He didn’t dare to fly to avoid this foot shield. The highest place is 15 meters from the ground, and it is not as flexible as the ground.
The venue is very small for the extraordinary. Ji Tianci found that the opponent’s moving speed is faster than his own, which surprised him a little. He just changed his speed and greatly improved his speed. He believed that the C-class extraordinary also had the speed of riding, but he was faster than himself when he met the first opponent.
Professor Ye asked Li Fanzhi inexplicably, "The information of this Thai player says that he is a C-class extraordinary. I think his speed is equivalent to yours?"
"Data write you also believe? Tianci also wrote that he is a famous painter. I think this Thai player has just entered the B-class extraordinary, and soon his strength may still qualify. I didn’t expect that he met a strong enemy as soon as he came. "
When Lu Manwen heard this, his face suddenly showed a worried look. "Can’t God beat him?"
Li Fanzhi smiled with snow. "Your family is blessed with no weapons yet."
A Thai player was about to make a straight punch when he suddenly found Ji Tianci’s left hand flashing and quickly withdrew his offensive and jumped again.
See his original place, a thick blue flow of his arm crossed and went straight to the shield, and then the whole shield was covered with slender snakes.
"ah! He turned out to be a master. I think he has a sword or a swordsman! "
The off-site audience talked again.
"This young man should be Maoshan Art, but among the four contestants in Maoshan, how can he be Maoshan Art without such a small size?"
"It’s true that he is a palm thunder, but this palm thunder is an initial spell. How did you get such power in his hand? Look, the thunder is already a blue medium-sized one, and it will be this color after it has been thundered for nine days."
"Look! Look! This teenager will also make’ three flavors really fire’. "
Ji Tianci did not wait for the Thai players to move their right hands, such as a flame thrower, to release a raging fire and spread instantly throughout the protective cover.
As soon as the Thai player’s heart sank, he thought of meeting a master in the first game. In previous qualifiers, the master was rare, but every master was very strong, and seeing this sample, he could control the two forces of thunder and fire, even if they came from Jiuyou Maoshan, but the information did not say that he was a Maoshan player.
However, the physical strength of the master is generally able to attack in close quarters, and it is also easy to defeat.
The shield is already a sea of fire, and more spectators gather around to control the game, which is very enjoyable and the audience loves to watch this gorgeous "magic"
Jiuyou Maoshan, Gray School of Magic and European Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry are also called the three magic shrines in the world. They are all non-governmental organizations that recruit talented students without any nationality. Students from the three shrines will be seen in the top 32 in previous Cups.
Many viewers surrounded Li Fanzhi and asked him for some news from Yu Ji.
An old man of nine secluded places also flew up from the No.2 venue. This old man is white, white, white and long-bearded. He is an A-level extraordinary, and he also left Li Fanzhi’s side.
"When Zhang Lao comes, ask him if that boy is Maoshan."
The newcomer named Zhang Fanchong is the leader of the Maoshan delegation. This time, Maoshan selected four eligible brothers to participate in the adult ares competition.
Foreign countries call Maoshan "Maoshan College", but Jiuyou has always called Maoshan "Sect", "student" and "brother". Many foreigners will also worship Maoshan Gate.
Although there is no ranking for the three magic shrines, people will think that the "college" is stronger. In addition to the three magic shrines, there are various "colleges" all over the world. These "colleges" are like people’s universities, and they also have a relatively accurate ranking for the major "colleges" in their hearts.
Zhang Fanchong was waiting for Maoshan Dichang at No.2 venue, but he heard someone around him say that there was a famous junior ambassador in No.11 venue who was engaged in cross-level competition.
The words "leapfrog competition" and "Maoshanshu" fell into Zhangfan’s ear and he had to find out.
Far away, I saw that the No.11 venue had been "wildfire" and the fire was mixed with thunder. It is true that the juvenile technique in the field is not fake, but at this age and so skilled, Maoshan sent a younger brother to be able to do it.
Zhangfan saw that Li Fanzhi seemed to know that this young man had fallen in front of Li Fanzhi.
"Seen Zhang Lao"
Li Fanzhi said hello politely. This Zhang Fanchong is a descendant of Zhang Daoling and has a high status and is over 100 years old.
"Do you know the teenagers in the Brahma Sage Field?"
"Zhang Lao, his name is Ji Tianci, and he is also a member of our treasure-digging team." Li Fanzhi simply replied.
Zhang Fanchong smiled. "Your treasure hunt team is full of talented people, but where did you learn this young Maoshan technique? I’ve never seen him in Maoshan. "
"Self-study" Li Fanzhi answered simply.
"Self-study?" Zhang Fanchong’s eyes are wide and round.
"Yes! I heard him say that he taught himself Maoshan since he was a child, perhaps because he is a fire tribe. "
"Fire clan? Then he can make the palm thunder? "
Li Fanzhi looked at Zhang Fanchong doubtfully. "Can’t the fire people play thunder?"
Zhang Fanchong thoughtfully for a moment and answered, "Yes! But it is difficult unless he is a genius. "
"Well, he’s a genius."
Li Fanzhi took it for granted that he had a secret passage in his heart: "It’s a joke, but can the ancestors be ordinary?"
A Thai player tried to get close to Ji Tianci against the thunder fire, but when he got to the front, he found that the boy knew "martial arts"
Ji Tianci Rouke just slapped Tai Ji Chuan with a thunder flame when he slapped the Thai player’s body. Although the Thai player had a strong fist, Ji Tianci also felt "meat pain"
It didn’t take long for the Thai player to die. He had some dark skin, and now he has become charred. Thunder made him slow down and the uncontrolled flame stung him all over, but he still insisted.
Finally, the Thai player "tottering" Ji Tianci changed his long fist and stormed the Thai player, and he fell into a coma.
The referee shouted, "Player 534 wins in the 11th venue, and a group of players 676 play against player 224."
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Maoshan School
Ji Tianci stretched out his hand and recalled Mo Xie, the lieutenant. Several medical staff quickly ran out of the stadium and took a look at the Thai player. They found that he still had vital signs and carried him to the island medical center without saying anything.
Thai athletes can gradually recover from some routine injuries without treatment, but all the contestants enjoy medical treatment.

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