Xiao Fan three people suddenly feel pressure.

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The difference in repairing strength is too huge, and there is no chance of winning!
Even if Xiao Fanzun has 100,000 divine powers, but the true God has nearly 200,000 divine powers in the middle period, even if there is a desperate force, it is too far-fetched.
"One hundred rounds? Since Ge said so, we don’t have his choice, do we? " Xiao Fan frowned way
"Hum that is natural now you have this way to go! But … don’t continue to fight in this small town where mortals live, or it will be a great pity to ruin this beautiful Yue Quan town! " The Red Armor God will say, suddenly, the palm of your hand is stretched out and immediately.
The moments around Xiao Fan three people suddenly become deep red ratio.
Followed by fluctuations out of the three body suddenly was abruptly dragged to him!
"This is the general’s bloody color, so you will treat this place as a battlefield for four of us?" Red armor god will urn urn said angrily
"I’d love to!" Xiao Fan licked his lips or left his hand to release his divine power at the same time.
Jiuyin and Jiuyang have also set off flames one after another. The momentum of the ice itself has risen to the extreme in a flash!
"So, it seems that your strength is not just a little bit. Although you have the ability to cultivate the spirit at the peak of the early days, it is already comparable to that of the spirit at the early days. The divine power has reached 35,000 and the two have reached 40,000 … and they are all rare’ double saints’ … plus your magic weapon … it is true that those rookie hands are not your opponents!" Red armor god will be slightly one leng immediately praised and said
"Thank you for praising us!" Xiao Fan jumped up after a low drink. He knew that the other side’s strength was unfathomable. If he was weak, there was no chance of winning!
Raise my hand, Xiao Fan will directly display the trance technique "Nine Days Collapse" to "Nine Days Collapse". In the recent days, Xiao Fan’s perception has once again risen by a large margin, that is, the superposition of two handprints and the power has increased by more than three times!
"oh? Layered magic? It seems that you have a lot of secrets! " The Red Armor God will watch the superposition of two handprints showing the geographical potential of the collapse of the sky, and he will take his time to stretch out a finger and gently move forward!
"Bang!" Two handprints suddenly crashed and fractured, and the root failed to touch the red armor god!
"Jiuyang Shenyan!"
"nine yin yin cold!"
Jiuyin and Jiuyang also jumped up and released their strongest attacks at the same time!
"Ha ha ha! It’s good that you two are small and good. Although you are middle-level magical arts, it is amazing to be able to master these two magical arts to this extent! " The Red Armor God will laugh and stretch out his finger to connect the left and right points again, so it will be easy for them to attack and destroy them.
"Hell, the strength of the Red Armor God is really terrible, and the three of us have no effect at all!" Xiao Fan three people looked at my heart sank at the same time.
"Ha ha, you won’t have to display it if you change your mind. We don’t have to fight for life and death. You will still know your strength. If you really work hard, your fighting power will multiply again!" The Red Armor God said to the urn, "It’s useless to wave again. If the three of you can resist it, you will fulfill your promise and stop bothering you for the Zhang family."
"A recruit? Then please enlighten me! " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick this requirement is more suitable for him!
"I am optimistic that the general is a metallic’ double saint’. This blow is one of the best means to smash the enemy in the battlefield!" The Red Armor God smashed his fists, and suddenly the golden tattoo was more violent than the wind, and the whole thing swept out with the constant tremor!
"God! Jinge Tiema! "
The Red Armor God will blow out a punch and suddenly the color of heaven and earth will turn violent and divine, and thousands of golden cavalry and horses will be dressed in shining armor and charged toward Xiao Fan.
The bugles resounded through the sky, and the iron fighters shook the ground and shook the mountains.
Tens of thousands of fighters charge with unparalleled momentum, giving people an overwhelming feeling of swallowing mountains and rivers.
"What an iron horse!" Xiao Fan feel scalp pins and needles can’t neglect hurriedly force defense raise my hand and palm out’ nine days collapse’ crashing arrival at the same time, his hand tactic rapid pinching will also be cast out every day!
And Jiuyin and Jiuyang are also behind Xiao Fan, releasing their forces into a wall of fire and an ice wall, forming a solid wall around Xiao Fan!
"Boom!" Tens of thousands of fighters Xiao Fan joined forces to defend against the collision and immediately sent out a loud noise.
"Boom!" All defenses were immediately smashed to pieces!
And Xiao Fansan’s population was pushed back with the appearance of blood.
"Damn it, the power of this blow is terrible, and it seems that this red armor god has not exerted his strength. If we go so far, I am afraid all three of us will be defeated by this blow!" Xiao Fan’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and the mind moved. The’ Shidun Road’ of the magical tortoise shell technique was immediately cast out.
With the divine power, the power is suddenly highlighted, and the power is not equal to the magical power. Plus Xiao Fan has already realized the extreme display of these magical powers, and the effect is naturally different from other magical powers!
As soon as’ Shidun Road’ came out, all the attributes of air and earth suddenly gathered together in a flash to form a shield full of gods, and the armor actually withstood the footsteps of Wan Tieqi!
"Oh?" Seeing this, the Red Armor God will obviously be slightly surprised.
"Give me a break!" Xiao Fan doesn’t intend to display Daoism, but he can’t hide the means again. Once again, he takes a picture of violent dust, which contains all the pitfalls and makes all the fighters disperse!

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