A card suddenly appeared in front of Du Gufeng, who was shown in his hand.

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See that card curtain holding a colorful spear handle floating half a person in the other hand holding a spell seems to be ready to fight.
"You … already know?"
Dugufeng mouth way
Gu Qingshan waved and gently shook all the cards away and said
"Before you said that I have been saving those illusory beings … this is not true."
"What’s wrong?" Du Gufeng asked
"-they are real"
Gu Qingshan’s face was tired and hoarse. "Let them go, okay?"
Du Gufeng said silently, "It’s not like you, Gu Qingshan. Although you were born from all beings, you already have life and soul. You are yourself and have never had any contact with the real ones."
Real … They …
Gu Qingshan’s mind turned and he said another thing: "After falling into virtual reality, all evil spirits were suffering from life and death in chaos, but you broke away from the chaotic attack and then set out to fight back. You turned the worlds into parallel worlds to bear the doomsday attack for evil spirits and slowly kill the chaotic power."
"But this is still chaos without chaos," Dugufeng said.
"This is very good," Gu Qingshan answered. "Through these means, you have a deep insight into the power of the doomsday sequence and created your doomsday sequence-the initial doomsday, and you want to deal with chaos."
"I still don’t have my hand. If I succeed, I won’t still be trapped in chaos." Dugufeng said coldly.
"Why not? You have defeated the Four Saints Era, otherwise you will have been completely defeated when the Four Saints Era was born. "Gu Qingshan said.
"This is your imagination" Du Gufeng said.
"I have seen that initial doomsday, and I have been to the tomb of Chaos and Market, and I have seen that life among you is worse than death, and I have got another clue."
Gu Qingshan said, pulling out five cards from the void and pinching them.
See the five cards impressively show several people.
Luo Bingli, Du Gufeng, Du Guqiong, Qin Xiaolou, Xie Shuangyan
"The apostles …"
Du Gufeng’s low face showed irritability.
Gu Qingshan closed the card and said, "Yes, they personally came to the virtual world with the help of blood and spirits to defeat the evil spirits in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, they didn’t expect that the evil spirits had taken control of the poor parallel world and created their parallel virtual shadows, so as to master their weakness and train their doomsday power to attack them-in other words, can you give me Du Gufeng back?"
He took his card and left the Dugufeng card.
See the card with a line of small print.
"Evil is still alive"
Du Gufeng kept silent for a long time before saying "it’s too late"
Gu Qingshan showed regret and said, "Now that you are not dead and no longer fighting with chaos, don’t you just leave?"
Du Gufeng said, "We are under the attack of chaos-it’s time for us to defeat each other after all the years of suffering. How can we not take revenge?"
His tone slowed down and Wen said, "Gu Qingshan, you don’t have to worry about all the sentient beings who participated in the creation of the ultimate sequence when the Six Saints gathered together."

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