A year later, Ganyuan and Xuanxing skyshatter left Ganyuan, the training ground, and set out for the Wan Yao area, one of the three dangerous places in the fix true world.

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Chapter 72 Group of demons dancing around
"Uncle, is this the demon area?"
At this time, Ganyuan and others are in the continuous mountains.
"Well, even if it’s in the demon area, but it’s in the fringe, you can’t see any monsters."
Dry iron said as he flew forward to XuanXing and skyshatter followed.
So flying for about half an hour "roar …" A huge roar came from the side.
Xuanxing heard this roar and looked to the side at once. This is the first monster beast he met here. This naturally attracted Xuanxing’s attention. It looks like a leopard, but the monster beast with a huge size quickly ran to Xuanxing and others. The monster beast was about ten meters high. When it ran, the whole earth trembled rhythmically as he ran!
"Brother, what is this monster? Why is it so big?" Xuanxing has never seen such a big monster before, and he also saw some masters with spirit beasts, all of which are petite. If you have such a huge monster around you, it will be too ostentatious. No wonder fix true people like to capture spirit beasts.
"There are too many kinds of monsters here, how can I know them all? But not all monsters here are so big, and some of them are petite." I don’t know what monster beast is this.
"Ho … ho …" Although the monster beast is huge, his speed is not slow. A few breaths have already reached Xuanxing and others, yelling at them. It seems that Xuanxing people have invaded its territory and generally driven the invaders.
"There is a yuan baby repair." XuanXing looked at Fang and screamed at the monster beast and identified it as soon as it was repaired. I didn’t expect to see such a mighty monster beast with a yuan baby repair.
"It’s not yet in the central area, where there are many advanced monsters." Ganyuan himself has been here once and naturally knows the strength of the demon area.
"Let you call noisy dead" skyshatter with a spirit definitely lost to the monster beast in the past, the original skyshatter was this monster beast noisy upset want to teach it a lesson.
"Don’t shoot the monster beast here casually for skyshatter, otherwise it will be very troublesome." Ganyuan warned skyshatter. "When I came here, I also killed the monster beast casually, and the result led to several monster beast attacks."
Skyshatter obediently didn’t dare to shoot again when he heard the words of Ganyuan. He felt numb at the thought of being besieged by hundreds of monster beasts.
"Let’s move on. Someone should come out to pick us up." While flying in front of Ganyuan, he muttered to himself that Ganyuan had just sent a message to the scattered demon.
Xuanxing skyshatter followed Ganyuan all the way and found many monsters. Those monsters are getting stronger and stronger.
"Pay attention to XuanXing, skyshatter" GanYuan suddenly awake XuanXing mentoring.
Xuanxing skyshatter doesn’t know why Ganyuan would say this. They will know what it is soon. Suddenly, several black shadows flew up in the square and rushed towards them.
"Don’t shoot!" Ganyuan saw that Xuanxingyi had released his flying sword and hurriedly woke him up.
Listen to "bang" and a few shadows are bounced to fly hundreds of meters away. See that Xuanxing three people have an enchantment that emits pale white light. Xuanxing is only white at this time. This is the arrangement of the enchantment to block the monster beast from the outside.
"Damn humans, get out of here quickly, or don’t blame us." Suddenly, a mighty man appeared in front of Xuanxing.
XuanXing at this time to see the attack on their own, but XuanXing heart white this is not what people in front of this guy is a monster beast, a monster beast of the earth!
The monster beast can be transformed into a human form when it is cultivated to a certain extent. At present, this monster beast has Du Jie’s periodic repair.
"Brother, we don’t mean any harm. We’re here to find your leader, Li Kun." Dry iron out to the man.
"Looking for our big head? Who are you and who are you to meet our leader! " That man doesn’t believe what Ganyuan says.
"I’m your two chief friends. What am I lying to you for?" Dry iron look at this guy so not enough heart also some angry will own momentum released some.
At this time, the man realized that he couldn’t see through Ganyuan Xiu, but he didn’t believe what he said was true. Every time someone who cultivated truth came here, he arrested the spirit beast. I didn’t expect the person in front of him to say that he was his chief friend. He wouldn’t believe it.
"Hum, you humans are despicable and treacherous. Don’t fool us." Then another man and a woman appeared in front of Xuanxing and others.
"A few of us are really looking for your leader here. I have already sent him a message and believe that he will be back soon." Ganyuan patiently explained to these people that Ganyuan didn’t want to offend the whole demon area because of a few monster beasts in front of him.
"giggle … our leader has been telling us to kill and forgive those who break in to fix the truth. How can we trust you? giggle …" The woman asked with a smile.
"Big brother and sister talk to them about what little ones will kill me!" Another male root doesn’t want to talk to Ganyuan again, and directly orders Fang Zhongyao to attack Ganyuan and others.
"Roar … Jie Jie … squeak …" The square demons made all kinds of calls and gathered around Xuanxing and others. At the same time, there were many black shadows approaching here quickly in the distance.
"Brother, what should I do?"
"You all stay by my side and don’t move." Ganyuan reinforced the enchantment around him again and saw that the enchantment was more dazzling, and then Ganyuan looked at the three monsters in front of him with a black face.
"Scale Kun, scale Kun, why haven’t you come yet?" There is some worry in the heart of Ganyuan that these monsters can’t be killed, but if they don’t, they will attack themselves and others. It’s not a way to go like this.
Sure enough, the monster beast Lingfeifei on the ground constantly collided with the barrier of the shaft, and the barrier was violently shaken by their repeated collisions, which seemed to be broken at any time.
"Hit me hard!" The monster beast speaks again and urges all the demons. It seems to him that the coat of the enchanted horse will be broken, and then several people will not be abused by themselves.
But he looked down upon the enchantment arranged by Ganyuan. Ganyuan is also a robbery demon. It would be too unreasonable for them to break the enchantment so easily.
"Brother, are we just waiting?" Xuanxing also felt that things were difficult at this time. Although the shaft repair was very high, it was impossible to stay like this forever.
Xuanxing looked at those monsters outside. At this time, there were hundreds of monsters who participated in the siege of themselves and others, and there were still monsters coming here in the distance.
Xuanxing found that there are all kinds of monsters in the siege of himself and others, both powerful and petite. Many of them have reached the distraction stage, and there are even several monsters mixed in the fit stage.
It’s so close to those monsters that XuanXing can feel them tough and fierce! They didn’t use any magic weapon, but after they attacked, they relied on their own demons and their powerful bodies.
No wonder it’s called the three dangerous places in the fix-true world. If you don’t have a shaft around you today, you can’t cope with so many monster beasts.
Three hours passed …
At this time, Ganyuan has felt a little overwhelmed because the number of monsters attacking outside has increased to nearly a thousand Xuanxing, and the three people are wrapped in monsters. From the outside, they can’t see the monsters attacking alternately round by round.
For the first time, I was shocked by what I saw, which was simply terrible.
Chapter 73 Three Dispersed Demons
"Stop it!" A bright sound came.
Those monsters who are besieging XuanXing and others stopped after hearing this, and the attacks fell back to make way for people.

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