Factor Ten years ago, there was a magic chaos, which subverted the old order and established a new order. Although the magic chaos was suppressed, many magic forces appeared in the magic chaos.

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Although the strength of these magical powers is not as valuable as that of the three magical powers, the number of migrating teams is huge and the ships are as endless as they are.
If so many magic forces get together, the consequences will be very serious. The five major factions sent a large number of brothers to escort and called on the Xianmen families along the way to escort them out of the country.
It’s said to be an escort, but everyone can see that it’s just surveillance in disguise.
Compared with the migration of small forces in the magic road, the migration of three major forces in the magic road is different.
When the bodhi old zu of Albizia returned to Albizia Palace, he immediately cast a spell, and then he saw the whole Albizia Palace fly up and escape from cracks, rush out of the broken sea and go to the chain of ten thousand islands.
When the bodhi old zu in The Hunger returned to the Blood Resentment Cave, he saw several blood gushing from the Blood Resentment Cave, which covered a large area of sea for a short time, just like a floating land.
The magic monks poured out of the blood hatred cave with things and stepped on the blood-covered ocean. It is amazing that they didn’t sink.
In less than half a month, there were many monks and various materials sitting in the old bloody mainland.
Then the bloody continent drifted towards the chain of ten thousand islands
Shortly after the ancestors of Heiyan rushed back to the broken island of Heiya, several coffins flew up from the island. These flying coffins formed a phalanx to cover the sky and fly out of the broken island, and they also went to the chain of Wanshi Islands.
Anyone who sees this ten thousand coffins Qi Fei way will not be scared to tremble.
Zombie door monks must have two things, one is a zombie on a fairy path, and the other is a zombie coffin. There are instruments, coffins, weapons, coffins and magic weapons. Every coffin can not only fight things, but also be a flying object.
After the monk of the corpse gate joined the White Bone Mountain, the real command of Heiyan rarely lost much from the White Bone Mountain.
Later, as soon as the corpse door took charge of the Bones Mountain, many people joined the corpse door, and they also refined a symbolic thing of the monk named coffin.
That’s why there are thousands of coffins in Qi Fei.
Of course, there must be people who benefit from coffins, but they also share coffins with others to evacuate.
It’s not safe to send ordinary monks to monitor the three major forces of the magic road and the five major factions.
As a result, the five factions specially sent three powerful infants, and each of the three forces had a five-faction Yuan-infant monk to migrate with them until they reached the chain of Wan Islands.
At the same time, the southern section of the chain of ten thousand islands was allocated to the magic road, and there were more than twenty of them, which were also a mess
Before the five factions reached a general order, these islands were assigned to the magic road. The forces in these waters have two choices: one is to withdraw from these waters, and there will be no danger except losing their foundation.
The second option is to stay, but since you choose to stay, you have to take risks.
The forces that migrate to the magic way also need habitats and the establishment of clan families, so they must seize the spiritual treasures, and the remaining forces will accept a round of magic way monks’ kung fu, and only the winners can reach these spiritual treasures.
Both roads are voluntary choices, and the five factions will not force others to make choices, nor will they compensate the five factions for moving out.
The earth forces in these sea areas rarely moved out, but the eastern immortal forces, the thousand islands chain immortal forces, moved out in a short time and with high efficiency
? Because of the five factions, the resident monks in these sea areas have also moved away, and even all kinds of veins and other resources are not needed.
Even the five major factions have to move away. How can those forces not move away?
The three major forces of the magic road may not dare to move the five major industries, but if they move these industries, who dares to say no or move away?
The first to arrive at the Thousand Islands chain is naturally the lone ranger in the magic road. Their arrival has made the evil Thousand Islands chain even worse.
Until a few years later, various magic forces successively arrived at the northern section of the Wan Islands chain.
And the fact is, as previously speculated, that these magic forces arrived at the more than 20 sea areas designated by the five major factions, and then the more than 20 sea areas immediately became chaotic, fighting and fighting endlessly, and changed hands several times around the world.
Before the establishment of this order, the super chaos lasted for nearly ten years, and it was not until ten years later that the chaotic situation eased slightly.
Of course, this is another story.
And the magic way three forces arrived shortly after a shock Terran all cultivate immortality news out.
Blood Resentment Cave of Heiyan Ancestor in Baigu Mountain The Hunger Ancestor Hehuan Palace Hehuan Ancestor jointly established the Heaven Vow at noon on the second day of February, and the three major forces merged into one and changed their name to Wanmo Palace.
The bodhi old zu, who was born in Heiyan, made a detailed and strict system for Wanmo Palace, and set up three elders, namely Heiyan The Hunger and Albizia, three infant monks.
The three Grand Priests are not in charge of the Magic Palace, and the actual controller, Heiyan, the old ancestor and younger brother, is hard to say that the management of the Magic Palace is responsible to the three Grand Priests.
In addition, five elders are set up to help the real people manage the Wanmo Palace, which is higher than the ordinary elders.
One of the five elders is the elder of the original corpse gate, and now he is also the elder of the Wanmo Palace. The other four blood-resented grottoes and acacia palaces each account for two.
Set thirty-six peaks, each with more than two monks in the golden elixir period and less than one monk in the golden elixir period. All the elders who set the peak must be monks in the golden elixir period.
This is also the way to benefit the eyebrows. The source of Wanmo Palace is responsible, so it is the best choice to cure the peak.
In this way, the Wanmo Palace is a place where many forces are in total, and there are blood and hatred caves, a request palace and a corpse gate. After all, it has the most powerful strength, and it has several peaks according to the bodhi old zu Yuan Ying.
In addition, it is Bones Hill. Although some of them are attached to the three major schools, they have not yet integrated into it.
In addition to these four factions, there are more than a dozen small factions, all of which were founded by monks in the middle period of then.
The peaks of Monty Palace are considered to be the middle of the door, and each peak is self-contained
Albizia bodhi old zu The Hunger bodhi old zu naturally can’t see anything, but bodhi old zu Heiyan saw the disadvantages and made some restrictions.
First of all, the five elders are selected by each peak, that is to say, the peak owner also participates in the five elders’ competition in the palm palace, while the ancestor Yuan Ying chooses from the five elders’ palm palace brothers.
In addition, the thirty-six peaks are collectively referred to as palaces, and another outer palace is set up.
All monks who join the Wanmo Palace will go to the outer palace to practice, and then go to the palace to choose another peak to join.
That is to say, there are monks in the 36 peaks that have just been established, but there will definitely be monks in the practice period, because monks in the various peaks can also accept disciples in the foundation period.
The outer palace is directly managed by the five elders’ palm palace.
With the completion of these, the newborn Wanmo Palace will be generous for three years. Anyone who wants to join the Wanmo Palace in the basic period can join the monks in the practice period, and they need to go through some postgraduate studies.
In addition, Wanmo Palace sent a large number of monks to the islands to receive the remaining mortals and sent special monks to station.
Anyway, even the anti-Cao came to a sixth big force comparable to the five major factions.
Chapter six hundred and forty-one Powerful magic palace reaction!
The establishment of the Wanmo Palace has shaken the whole Terran Immortal realm, and even the demon race in the west is always paying attention to it.
Many monks in the practice period, many monks in the foundation period, and many monks in the elixir period rushed to the Wanmo Palace from all parts of the eastern Thousand Islands chain, and they were able to join the Wanmo Palace.
Actually, the vast majority of these monks who came here to join Wanmo Palace are scattered practitioners, and there are not many real magic monks.
It’s hard to practice in a casual way, except those who are lax in nature and don’t want to be controlled. Everyone wants to join a powerful force so that they can have a powerful backer.
Therefore, every time some powerful and medium-sized forces of the five major factions face the disciples, they will attract a large number of disciples.
But it’s a pity that in the end, few people can enter the immortal, and all of them are in the practice period. Godsworn will not recruit Godsworn in the Foundation Period and Godsworn in the Elixir Period.
It’s not that quite a few monks are enrolled in the foundation period, but they have lived too long and experienced too many things. If they want to join, they must be more strictly examined. Even if they enter Xianmen, it’s hard to get a real trust. Especially in the then period, monks rarely choose to join Xianmen.
On the contrary, during the practice period, the monks are young and have little experience, so it is easy to review, and the major immortals also consciously recruit young people when recruiting, and the cultivation talent is good, which is beneficial to reverse their thinking and cultivate in the later period.
This is the establishment of the immortal gate for thousands of years, and it has its own system to recruit new people. It seems that the strength of temporary cultivation is not important, but the loyalty to the sect is the most important thing. Most of the great immortal brothers were trained from mortals, and a few were born in the practice period.
However, all this is not a matter for the Wanmo Palace, which was established only a short time ago. It has many sources and complicated composition. To put it bluntly, it is more like a group of scattered practitioners gathered together to form a powerful force.

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