This is also too characteristic. A suit of clothes is the most basic primitive energy of life. The so-called injury is just a disorder of energy sorting. King Kong needs a little adjustment to recover as before.

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Can be like Sun Hao, the first real little enemy after King Kong entered the virtual world, and the first one to hurt King Kong.
Cover your waist with one hand, a pair of eyes like the sun, and stare at Sun Haojingang savagely. His eyes are full of examination and incomprehension.
King Kong has never felt pain and pain in his long life. For a long time, he vaguely felt similar feelings when he didn’t know it.
This situation really makes King Kong a little unbelievable that there are monks in this world who can confront themselves.
Sun Hao struck a blow to surprise Brother Senma Xingyu. It was the first time that the enemy fierce beast was injured. Close observation of Brother Senma Xingyu was able to see the depth and width of the wound.
This is simply a huge crack in the earth directly.
Brother Samma Xingyu witnessed King Kong’s injury for the first time. When he saw King Kong defeated for the first time, every brother Samma suddenly crawled and bowed down with tears!
What a powerful monk. Is Samma Xingyu finally saved? Can everyone finally see a glimmer of light?
Dima Xiancheng is another scene at this time.
Sun Hao drives Abel War Star to cut King Kong’s waist strongly, leaving a sky full of flames and a heavy blow to King Kong. The feat suddenly makes the whole Dima Xiancheng cry with passion.
Fortunately, the monks who watched the battle broke into cheers. "Long live the second ancestor, the second ancestor is terrible …"
The second ancestor was so amazing that he hurt King Kong.
Not only can it fan out King Kong, but it can also hit King Kong hard, making King Kong cry out in misery.
The true patron saint of Terran has arrived. For the first time, the Terran Godsworn saw that the complete expulsion was a victory over King Kong. I hope that for the first time, everyone knows that perhaps King Kong finally can’t have too much deterrent effect on Terran Dima Fairyland.
What a Terran second ancestor!
Cheering and excited, Bidima Fairyland may really be saved.
After hundreds of years of darkness, when all the Godsworn Dima Fairyland was about to fall and be completely destroyed.
Hope arrival
Have to cheer, shout and vent
Sun Hao and King Kong briefly confronted each other in the virtual world. In less than a moment, King Kong recovered his body, raised his big foot and kicked Abel War Star.
Knowing the details of King Kong, Sun Hao also had a very profound understanding. Even if this big guy was cut off by himself, even if his arm was cut off by himself, it is estimated that it will not be long before he will recover.
King Kong’s absolute strength will also have absolute self-recovery ability, which is the most basic life energy. King Kong needs to regroup himself when he is injured.
Sun Haoru’s efforts will be in vain if he can’t find the real core area of King Kong and the real winning method.
Usually, there is a basic truth that King Kong is King Kong instead of Pure Tai, that is, in the real truth of the virtual world, King Kong absolutely has a driving core.
According to the general biological characteristics, even animals have some specific places that are likely to be the driving core.
Sun Hao drives Abel War Star to dodge quickly while thinking quickly.
King Kong’s foot is actually different from its swing attack mode. When King Kong swings his fist or slaps his hands, he takes a whirring wind and repairs a lower palm. It only needs strong wind or shock wave to tear it.
King Kong’s foot has no wind or shock wave.
Not only that, but this foot actually has a great attraction. Abel War Star Sun Hao can feel that the shape of the war star has changed a little at this time. At this moment, the circular foot of the war star has turned into an ellipse, which has obviously been greatly pulled.
That’s weird, Bigfoot.
Brother Bie encountered this Bigfoot or was a little at a loss. He didn’t know what it was, but Sun Hao instantly judged the origin of Bigfoot.
Boy, King Kong walks in vain. I don’t know how many strange scenes Takuya has encountered. Suddenly, the foot board is a black hole!
Yes, Sun Hao found that Abel War Star encountered great attraction and suddenly came from black holes.
This is a strange sight that Sun Hao never expected.
Sun Hao’s body shook slightly and entered a virtual state. In the dark world, the sand body in Mengla emerged, and a shave broke out. Abel Zhan Xing’s virtual crystal shook and instantly got rid of the attraction of the black hole and fled away quickly.
King Kong’s face was once again surprised, and he kept roaring in vain.
Lead one of Abel’s imaginary stars to hover across a beautiful arc. Sun Hao stopped again, aiming at the golden light and floating slowly.
This big guy’s feet standing on a black hole made Sun Hao suddenly a little white. If this big guy’s eyes are guessed right, they should be two huge white holes. No wonder the light in his eyes is so familiar.
Sun Hao’s fighting capacity Sun Hao’s three avenues are complete and three avenues are repaired. When he encounters a powerful King Kong, he still feels shocked.
Black hole, spring, white hole, eyes too body
This is the real face of virtual King Kong. No wonder King Kong is a virtual enemy. So who can easily win?
Don’t tell him that it is a black hole, which is taboo for many Mahayana monks.
Driving Abel slowly floating in the virtual space, Sun Hao quickly judged his fighting style in his heart.
Being stronger than virtual king kong has made many of its combat capabilities lose their effect. There are not many means to really fight virtual king kong, but even fewer means to win.
Stronger than the big guy gave Sun Hao a feeling from the hand.
Say XuanYuanGong led fine LiuWei is definitely the ace troops in the hands of Corleone, and it is also a virtual world with less enemy divisions.
However, after Xi Liuwei encounters King Kong, the arrow root of Xi Liuwei will not be close to King Kong and will be melted by that powerful high temperature.
For example, Sun Hao’s several incarnations, Taikoo Lei Shou’s body, should be huge enough to exceed the level comparable to Abel War Star, but it is really dwarfed compared with King Kong.
And Corleone estimates that even Taikoo Lei Shou’s thunder bombards TaiJingang’s body, so it can’t do much damage.
The splendor of ice butterflies can’t put out the fire of King Kong. gold silkworm is not around now, and there is also a slightly bigger bird in front of King Kong.
Powerful than King Kong, Sun Hao felt unprecedented pressure. Even if Tao cat and Luo Pengfei play, it is estimated that they will eventually be helpless.
Really speaking, Sun Hao’s body can compete with King Kong in terms of height.
Sun Hao, who can build a wooden body and attack means, has not yet come to develop and build more wood. It should be estimated that the whole wood will also be beaten
Thinking for a moment, King Kong was unwilling to kick out the second foot angrily and growled. Sun Hao’s heart moved slightly. Xingtian jumped out of Abel War Star like a bomb and suddenly attacked King Kong’s thigh with a virtual crystal shield.
Chapter 275 Enemy King Kong
Xingtian’s witch spirit is the strangest body of Sun Hao. To be precise, Xingtian’s witch spirit is an unyielding fighting spirit, which is the spirit born by Sun Hao’s own flesh.
Xingtian’s witch fight is actually equivalent to Sun Hao’s physical fight, but unlike the normal physical state, Xingtian’s witch fight is based on energy and always in the state of bravery and diligence.

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