Dense and untidy, the wooden horse refused to be agnail, and two trenches with a width of one foot and a depth of three feet were very conspicuous.

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The earth wall three feet high and three feet wide also stands three feet away from the trench on the side of the attack direction of the Dalai Lama.
Three-foot guards on earth walls and trenches personally tested the matchlock gun. A series of processes, such as loading, aiming, firing and clearing the chamber, confirmed that the narrowness would not affect the musketeers’ shooting guard’s face and finally showed a heartfelt smile.
Kelly Y Zhou and Wang Feng around him affirmed, "Well done, that’s what I want."
"In the course of the battle, the long-sought-after department fired at the attacking troops of the Tatars through the three-stage shooting team units. With the density of refusing horses and barbs in front of the trenches, the Tatars attacked from 150 steps to 50 steps. The musket battalion can shoot at least ten rounds of lead bullets and shoot five Tatars with one round of lead bullets for calculation. We can shoot at least fifty Tatars with ten rounds of lead bullets."
"Of course, this is only the results achieved by the musket camp."
"This line of defense in my mind has not only musket battalion but also artillery battalion.
"After the Tatar cavalry rushed to fifty paces, the Tatar could shoot the musketeers behind our hidden retaining wall by riding and shooting to avoid the musketeers losing their arrows in vain. The musketeers’ horses retreated to the second line of defense through the traffic trench."
"Then it’s the artillery’s turn to appear …"
"The artillery battalion is equipped with all artillery, and the tiger gun is the easiest to transfer. The light artillery plus the range is exactly 30 to 50 steps. I don’t know if these lines of defense are just right …"
"Before the fighting started, we arranged a total of six tiger guns as the first line of defense, and then arranged the musketeers next to the traffic trench to withdraw from the battlefield. After that, the six tiger guns were divided into three groups and shelled by two-stage shooting. In one group, one tiger gun fired first, and then the other one quickly retreated with the tiger gun after the fire was completed …"
"Six tiger guns with 1,200 lead bullets can be sure that the first two rows of Tatar cavalry will be devastated. When the time comes, the attack road from 150 steps to 30 steps in front of the position will become a graveyard that will ruin Tatar’s life …"
Wang Feng seems to have been infected by the picture painted by Wei Zheng, and then added, "The general will become a graveyard for Tatars in addition to his position, and this line of defense at our feet will also become a cemetery for burying Tatar cavalry."
"When the Tatars rush to the retaining wall, the musket battalion has entered the second-line position along the traffic trench, and then the Tatar cavalry will not only set traps for them in our first-line position, but also shoot lead bullets in the second-line position of the musket battalion."
Kelly Y Zhou, a military adviser, followed closely and joined the discussion with a look of excitement. He said, "General, battalion commander Wang, we can not only arrange musket battalions in the second line of defense, but also arrange medium-sized Franciscan guns with a range of more than 100 steps. In that case, if Dalai wants to fight our first-line positions, he will pay an unprecedented price."
Seeing that the two men have grasped this tactic and tactics, Wei Zheng breathed a sigh of relief and never hesitated again. He ordered, "Then what are you still doing? Why don’t you arrange it immediately … When the Tatars come, turn this land of our feet into a grave that really ruins the offensive troops of the Tatars …"
"It’s the general …"
Two hours later, I personally commanded 1,000 cavalry, 1,000 infantry, and 15 Baylor Duo Duo, as promised, rushed to the battlefield and saw that Mushroom Valley was constantly heightening and strengthening, and it was still a busy wall.
Of course, to meet the two thousand Dalai behind Duo Duo, in addition to the wall and the butch army, two lines of defense have been built, and the wood is as dense as a forest to refuse the horse and barb …
Riding a horse Duo Duo hasn’t come yet. He is also riding a horse behind him. A calm face of Niulu Zhangjing quickly flashed a sarcastic sneer.
Then he said to Duo Duo, "Baylor’s army is too contemptuous of the warriors’ riding skills … Do they think that they can stop the warriors from attacking with these refusing horses and retaining walls three feet high …"
"If you want Lord Baylor to reach the attack order, I will lead me to persuade the warriors to break through the defense line in front of us in one fell swoop and then rush into the mushroom valley to destroy everyone hiding in the mushroom valley …"
Although Duo Duo is arrogant and wants to take the mushroom valley, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to think, otherwise he wouldn’t be sealed at such a young age. Baylor and Dourgen are in charge of the flag with a white flag.
Riding a horse, he was not affected by the rear. He raised his captured army monocle and frowned to observe the front line of defense.
When all the eyes behind him converged on Duo Duo, Duo Duo finally put on a monocle.
Then a face of dignified said, "There is an army behind the retaining wall, and it is unknown whether the musket troops have artillery …"
"The musketeers on the retaining wall of the horse resistance array are more than the artillery, and one after another, we form a defense line that we have never met before. From this point of view, hiding here is definitely an elite army that we have never met before. We must be cautious about this battle."
Three Niu Lu Zhang Jing, who have never failed in the battlefield and are eager to make contributions, directly expressed their concern for Duo Duo’s awakening.
To Duo Duo continue a face of arrogance and said, "Baylor, you are too highly of the opposing army …"
"In the battle with the same army outside Zunhua City, we can take advantage of the cavalry to approach the other side quickly, and the infantry phalanx will be defeated. There are hundreds of people in this army in front of us, even if they have more muskets and artillery, they can’t stop our cavalry attack."
"You’re right, the cavalry in the field battlefield will never be invincible. If you want Lord Baylor to reach the attack order, we will definitely break through the military defense line. The general will step on our horseshoe and turn this defense line that the army has worked so hard to build into their own cemetery." Another Niu Lu Zhang Jing urged.
The face of the Ministry urged the Golden Cavalry to face the fact that the armament troops had always been defeated. Duo Duo’s dignified expression finally dissipated and he showed an unprecedented confidence with the Ministry.
In front of all the ministries, he said proudly, "Everyone is right. Warriors riding horses will always be enemies in the field. Today, we will turn this position into a military cemetery and bury their ministries."
Chapter 59 Killing and epigenetic (for collection! )
The dense Tatar cavalry approached the defense line step by step, just approaching the range of the heavy artillery of the Franck machine, and the Tatar cavalry was dark, as if it had been discussed, and they all stopped.
Although the Tatar cavalry stopped moving forward, the murderous look of thousands of Tatars gathered behind them still came to the musket camp position like an overwhelming huge wave.
After the World Health Organization, thousands of troops can often be seen gathering together.
But those troops are armed with rifles, and because the troops have not experienced war and life and death training, they are fierce, but they are not murderous.
At present, 2,000 Tatars gave Wei Zheng a heartfelt shock. Facing the huge pressure, Wei Zheng grasped the broadsword, and his right hand and palm began to burst into a cold sweat.
A thousand Tatar cavalry, a thousand Tatar infantry, and the former Niulu units formed three offensive phalanxes.
Grasping more than 2,000 pieces of cold weapons in the hands of the Tatars, the Tatars held their shoulders high, and the sharp blade went straight to their position, and the sunlight reflected a dense cold light to their eyes.
Coupled with the strong spirit and thick murderous look emitted by 2,000 Tatars, it is a sense of breathlessness to directly suppress the signs.
"Not the kui is a battle-hardened veteran. The momentum alone is far more than that of the garrison troops, far more than that of our butch army …" Quickly, a soldier who worships the strong can’t help but praise his opponent even though he is the enemy of life and death.
Kelly Y Zhou eyebrows a twist a full face of bitter answer "general dalai can have today’s situation and the establishment of the post-Jin capital is their life battlefield with one knife and one gun. It can be said that every adult dalai in the post-Jin territory holds several lives in our hands."
"And our loyalist in the Great Dynasty? Because of the long-term peace, swords and guns are put into storage all the year round … The soldiers stationed at the border have long since lost Mao’s toughness and pitfalls when the People’s Republic of China was founded. In the face of such a strong Tatar cavalry, it is thank goodness that they can not directly collapse on the battlefield."
Wei Zheng followed closely and said, "It’s strange to lose morale to the enemy before the battle starts … so the battle is not lost."
"Now I finally know what loyalist has been flowing with such a sentence that the Tatar is invincible. Only one thousand Tatar cavalry broke out in such a powerful murderous look before us. If the number is increased to ten thousand, the murderous look alone will frighten the recruits who have never been on the battlefield to collapse directly, not to mention face-to-face fighting with Wan Tatar …"

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