Could there be something wrong? Corleone is not suspicious.

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But obviously Sun Hao is suspicious.
After Sun Hao’s control, the fire aura has been absorbed by small flames in succession after it entered Sun Hao’s field, and the small flames seem to be hungry children who saw breast milk and eagerly absorbed these fire aura.
Heterogeneous qi entered the abdomen and was preparing to fight against the Muzhu ten thousand-wheeled mayfly. Before the qi could react, I found that a strange giant mayfly had swallowed those heterogeneous reiki in one gulp …
So ten thousand mayflies were really quiet.
Sun Hao was surprised by the success of the practice of "Three Stages of Yan Long". He felt that this method was too easy. He didn’t describe the difficulty of practice at all. There was no damage to meridians at all. Everything seemed to be like drinking white water naturally.
This is really the pony crossing the river, the squirrel saying the water depth, and the old cow saying whether the shallow water is deep or shallow, you really have to try it yourself to know.
The Three-fold Method of Yanlong may be really difficult for others, but for Sun Hao, who has refined the essence and blood of Yanlong and generated small flames in his heart, the root of this method is that it is tailored to suit his own needs and is very simple, and it has been completed in less than one hour.
A stack of "Three-Stack Method of Yan Long" completes the instantaneous change and regeneration. Sun Hao’s mind, "Five Elements of Wheels and Spirits" sends a message, which makes Sun Hao naturally master and is very conducive to the cultivation of magical auxiliary methods by fire techniques.
God’s tactic?
The original article of Sun Hao’s Five Elements Wheel Spirit Tactics was supposed to be a wheel-soil decision, but I didn’t expect that the wheel-soil decision had not appeared yet, but there was a "God’s Tactics"
If Sun Hao realized something, it seems that there should be different trigger conditions for the five-element wheel spirit formula. If he didn’t practice the fire technique, this "Yi Shen Formula" wouldn’t have appeared. Now he has produced fire in his abdomen, and this "Yi Shen Formula" has reached the trigger conditions and emerged.
What’s so wonderful about "Yi Shen Ji"?
Fortunately, Sun Hao practiced a lot of thoughts, cut off the method of refining the gods and bending things, and made a dichotomy. Otherwise, he really couldn’t be distracted to study this "Yi Shen Ji" at this time.
It is the god of the origin of fire.
The classical records of mainland China show that there was an ancient man who allowed the three ancient emperors to see the sparks generated when rocks collided, which inspired them to drill wood and make a fire, giving birth to the first fire of Terran.
Later generations feel that after a long evolution, the kindness of fire is more than a symbol of peace and prosperity in the name.
This method can name the origin of fire, and even it is not simple.
There are two kinds of auxiliary cultivation effects that do not bear the name of the origin of fire.
At present, the biggest tactic of "drilling wood for fire" and "drilling wood for fire" is the principle of "benefiting wood for fire", and drilling wood for true qi to generate true qi of fire, thus achieving the goal of growing true qi of fire.
Sun Hao feels that to put it bluntly, stealing is good, that is, secretly transforming the body wood qi into the fire qi.
Sun Hao practiced the "Three-fold Method of Yan Long" and at the same time, according to the method of "Yi Shen Ji", he urged a small flame to steal the true qi of wood.
It’s hard to prevent a thief from pretending to be a big ant and a small flame. Stealing the true qi of the genus Mu in Dantian really made Mudan find that the total amount of true qi of the ten thousand-wheeled ant is decreasing. It feels like a dragon finding that the water in the sea around him is decreasing wildly.
I found that I didn’t take action against Mu Danma. The Ten Thousand Wheels of Mayfly Work started on its own, and the aura of Chinese wood was constantly absorbed by Mu Dan to supplement the true spirit of Chinese wood stolen by small flames.
So that’s it. Sun Hao learned the two attributes of real double initiates and cultivated two kinds of reiki at the same time.
Of course, because Mu Dan finished volunteering in "Yi Shen Ji", although Mu Dan’s speed of absorbing wood aura is not slow, small flames steal faster.
And Sun Hao’s body fire attribute qi accumulation speed is far beyond imagination. Sun Hao’s unusual perception is that there is a strong and excellent spirit root of skyfire, and there is a strong absorption of small flames. At this time, Mu Dan is also added to absorb and transform the fire aura. There is no boundary bottleneck in the original. Sun Hao’s practice of "Three Layers of Yanlong" has extraordinary entry.
After practicing for more than a month, several powerful factors combined with the second stack of Sun Hao’s "Three Stacks of Yanlong" suddenly became a symbol that Sun Haohuo belonged to the true qi cultivation and reached the third stack cultivation in the later stage of gas refining.
At this time, Sun Hao found that the shape of the small flame in his abdomen changed. In Sun Hao’s heart, the front small flame fell at the dragon horn of the dragon spirit root. However, this dragon horn showed Sun Hao how the senses looked at it at that time. It was awkward because the dragon horn was actually a one-horned fork. At this time, when Sun Hao practiced the dragon three times to two times, the small flame appeared bifurcated, shaped like antlers. If you go back to the heart and stay at the faucet this time, it would be a real dragon horn.
Since it’s not difficult for Yan Long to practice three times, Sun Hao is even more energetic and does not relax. Think about it. If you can finish three times, you won’t become Brother dzogchen who refined gas.
However, Sun Haomei’s good wish has not been fulfilled.
Sun Hao found that the second stack of "Three Stacks of Yan Long" could never steal the true spirit of Muzhu after practicing to a certain extent. Although the speed of cultivation is not slow, it seems that this speed has returned to normal and can not be promoted rapidly again.
At this time, there is not much difference between the true qi of Yan Long San Die and the true qi of Wan Wan Mayfly.
When the small flame commander-in-chief of the fire genus Qi chased the total amount of the wood genus Qi head-on, the protection object of the five-element wheel spirit tactic became the wood genus Qi, and the wood genus Qi was disguised, and the small flame lost its drilling target and the cultivation speed naturally became normal.
In this way, Sun Haohuo’s true qi cultivation also reached the middle stage of gas refining, and when the cultivation speed returned to normal, Sun Hao had to practice two kinds of achievement methods at the same time and advance at the same time.
Sun Hao’s body, wood, true qi, fire and true qi seem to have suffered a lot after practicing, but Sun Hao found that wood, true qi, was calcined with small flames to steal the purity, and was actually exercised and promoted again.
Chapter sixty-seven God read knowledge
You can’t practice sword cutting without a good sword.
Take out the red body of the sword, as if there is a flame circulating. Sun Hao can’t help thinking of Yu Kunlong and sigh and touch the body. "Fire spirit, fire spirit, then you can follow me …"
Extremely multiplier and spiritual, but it’s already closer to the aura fire spirit sword. The body seems to understand half of it, and the red light of the body seems to respond to Sun Hao.
I have experience in refining instruments, and Yu Kunlong has fallen. Sun Haohua, the master of the Fire Spirit Sword, spent two hours killing the brand of the Fire Spirit Sword Yu Kunlong and refining this pole instrument.
After that, I thought that the fire spirit sword was the symbol of Yu Kunlong. On many occasions, it was not suitable for Sun Hao to take out a flying sword with less common features and refining equipment.
Sun Hao also specially made a trip to Xieyuefang City, listened to the development of Zhulinyuan, explained some things and asked about the collection of a refined jet intermittent Dan medicine.
The second-class elixir of Jet Intermittent Dan is the elixir that young Lao found and gave to Sun Hao to help Tong Li reconnect his broken arm.
Tong Li’s broken arm can be kept immortal for three years after the secret technique of youth and old age. Sun Hao managed to get jet intermittent Dan, so Tong Li’s broken arm could be reconnected.
Qing Lao didn’t find this magic prescription, but he consulted a lot of information and found the materials needed to refine the magic prescription.
Before closing early, Sun Hao had handed over the medicinal materials for collecting jet intermittent Dan to Zhulinyuan Xiaowan, knowing that this was the medicinal materials needed by Tong Li’s arm extension. In a few months, it was naturally quite gratifying, and there were also some effects. Refining jet intermittent Dan required a total of 12 of the ten flavors of Lingcao, and the friar Chang Xiaowan collected them together.
However, among the six-flavor second-class lingcao, Zhulinyuan only received the five-flavor lingcao, but it didn’t end up trying to find another way. Sun Haozao had expected that he would completely complete the cultivation in the near future before trying to find a way.
Ran around outside.
I went back to Sun Hao, a four-elephant residence, to continue my unfinished cultivation.
This time Sun Hao is going to refine the pseudo-dragon grass.
According to the master’s instructions, Sun Hao simply concocted a plant of Lingcao before refining pseudo-dragon grass. Several auxiliary medicinal materials, such as rose juice and aloe vera juice, were boiled in water to make a special medicine juice. The pseudo-dragon grass was put in a jade dish and soaked in this medicine juice, which flowed slowly and vividly like the same dragon medicine juice.
Taking out the jade dish from the bag, Sun Hao opened his mouth and sucked it like a whale. The medicine juice in the jade dish, together with pseudo-dragon grass, swam into Sun Hao’s mouth and was quickly introduced into Dantian by Sun Hao.
The pseudo-dragon grass enters the abdomen like a baby dragon swimming with a slight red light to avoid Sun Hao’s true qi. Refining the pseudo-dragon grass is also a kind of spiritual thing. Although it is only a first-class spirit grass category, it is not easy to submit spiritually. Sun Hao has been psychologically prepared for this.
Qing Lao once warned Sun Hao not to start refining this pseudo-dragon’s breath grass easily.
The pseudo-dragon’s breath grass is not very big. After being nourished by Sun Hao’s medicine juice, it is slippery. It keeps shaking its head and wagging its tail. Sun Hao is not in a hurry to quietly watch the mobilization body, Yan Long’s triple qi, encircle this slippery loach.
Strictly speaking, Sun Haowan’s Mayfly Skill is strong and powerful, but if you talk about refining Lingcao, you can’t compare it with the Fire Skill. The fire body can melt everything better. After repairing the Fire Skill, refining Lingcao is naturally the first choice.
Sun Hao mobilized Sun Hao’s body, Yan Long, and the triple fire belongs to the true qi. Inside the abdomen, like a wave of fire, waves of true qi are emitted, and the barriers are stacked one after another to the pseudo-dragon grass.
The flexible range of activities of pseudo-dragon grass was suddenly squeezed down.
The fire waves are close to each other, and bursts of hot air are emitted, trying to smelt this pseudo-dragon grass.
However, after all, the pseudo-dragon grass was born after three thousand years’ fire breath of the frog king with golden thread. The fire resistance of the pseudo-dragon grass is very low, and the smelting effect of the layers of fire waves is very small. It seems that some enjoyment in this fire environment is still fierce.
Sun Hao thought for a moment, and the small flame burning in his heart swam out from the faucet and entered the abdomen through Shanzhong point.
At this time, the small flame is the size of a little finger, and the head is divided into two forks. The bright red color enters Dantian, and then Sun Hao drives the small flame to cover the pseudo-dragon grass. The two flames diverge and send out a bit of fire to swim in Dantian, and the pseudo-dragon grass winds over.
At this time, Yandian Yanlong’s three stacks of true qi swam around the pseudo-dragon grass and found a small flame. However, this pseudo-dragon grass showed a little surprise at this time, and Sun Hao’s grandson Hao’s small flame wrapped around it. Instead of hiding and flashing, this pseudo-dragon grass was greeted by a pair of children who saw the adults with joy and joy.
Sun Hao’s heart moved fiercely and rushed to the small flame. Suddenly, it moved slowly and became soft. The fire also gently covered the pseudo-dragon grass like a breeze.
This pseudo-dragon’s breath grass seems to be very kind to the small flame, and it takes the initiative to swim quickly with two forks of the small flame, like a naughty child playing around his parents’ knees and swimming like a fish and coral.
Sun Hao finally came over. This pseudo-dragon’s breath grass was produced by the golden thread fire frog king for three thousand years. The production parents were the golden thread fire frog king Sun Hao, and the fire spirit root was born by the golden thread fire frog king. Naturally, it has a strong golden thread fire frog king breath, so the pseudo-dragon’s breath grass can feel close.
Seeing that the pseudo-dragon grass is no longer naughty, but enjoys the spirit of small flames, Sun Hao is no longer eager, but calmly grinds the pseudo-dragon grass slowly. More precisely, it should be gradually weakened and stripped of the essence energy of the pseudo-dragon grass.

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