Chapter 976 Close the giant devil!

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"How can it be Li Xuandao?"
"Where is the bodhi old zu … where did the bodhi old zu go and what didn’t come out?"
"Don’t …"
The devil brothers stared at the sky and wanted to find the trace of a thousand bones emperor! However, to their disappointment, for a long time, they didn’t find a thousand unique bones.
"Don’t look for it." The cold voice bloomed.
Seeing Li Xuandao commanding and looking down at everyone, he looked very cold and said, "I have killed the Emperor of Thousand Bone!"
The dull sound is like a bolt from the blue, which makes everyone’s heart crazy.
Whether it’s the devil’s brother or the practitioner of the temple and the punishment city, Qi Qi’s eyes are wide open and his face is unbelievable.
The fierce and famous Emperor Hehewei was killed by Li Xuandao.
A devil’s brother jumped into the sky with a crazy face and said, "Li Xuandao, you lied. How could our ancestor be beheaded by a monk then?"
"That’s right, Li Xuandao. You lied."
"The bodhi old zu is a practitioner in Du Jie. How could he lose to you?"
"Haha, you think it’s naive to cheat us with such tricks?"
The devil’s brothers have made sarcastic remarks as if to hide their panic.
However, Li Xuandao unpreparedness smiled laughed "I Li Xuandao aboveboard must lie to you? You also don’t want to think about how I can get out of the cave world if the emperor of the thousand bones is not dead? "
A moment of silence
The devil brothers looked at each other, and they opened their mouths to refute but couldn’t make a sound.
How can Li Xuandao extricate himself from the cave world if Qian Jue Gu Huang is not dead?
If the Thousand-bone Emperor hadn’t died, what wouldn’t have happened now?
When I think about this, the brothers of the giant demon are all dead.
Some timid monks even retreat back to take the opportunity to escape.
However, these timid monks retreated to the edge of the crowd and were blocked by the practitioners of the Temple and the City of Punishment. I don’t know when nearly 10,000 dragons of the Temple and the City of Punishment have surrounded the giant devil’s brother.

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