The whole body island was instantly swallowed up by the explosion light, and all the bodies were splashed with debris at this moment.

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Of course, so do the metal people around the island. They turn into powder in an instant.
But there are more metal people around who have just arrived at the first floor. They quickly control their body armor and fly over.
When the glory of the explosion ended, it appeared that there was … a huge object in the explosion.
It’s more than a kilometer in size, and it’s actually about the size of a corpse island.
Of course, the shape is completely different. It looks like an ellipsoid with a smooth surface.
You can also say that you want a pure white egg.
This should be a defender.
It’s not the same one that Qian Lin saw. This one is much smaller.
But Lin can detect that it is indeed a defender and … where did it come from?
Chapter three thousand two hundred and seventy-nine Invasion
"This … how can …"
Although many things are recalled one after another, Walsh is rarely surprised by these memories.
But now Walsh showed little surprise.
Because it just remembered new memories.
This memory tells it one thing, that is, the’ safe point’ position is the order domain.
Yuan Ershi controls his travel and tries to continue his life in a remote virtual place. He also knows exactly where that place is.
And new memories tell it that it made this plan before.
However, the target position of this plan is not the safe point of travel, but the order domain.
When the order domain is completely occupied, the people there will’ disappear’
Or self-decomposing, Kelsh has plans to regard it as a living area, and it has thought about living there before.
It’s amazing … Why would it think that?
I don’t know about this, but it remembers making a detailed plan before. The strangest thing is that this plan … is almost the same as it is now.
That is to say, to create a place where you can travel, but the last place you arrive is this order domain.
It’s like the people of Ershi often say that the most dangerous place is the safest place.
Of course, even if you know what you intend to do in the past, Walsh will not travel to the order domain.
Besides, the occupation here is not over yet.
At present, a … defender has been’ summoned’ by the method of piling up dead bodies by the metal people.
This is mainly due to the accumulation of bodies with them, but it is not the end of the body.
These bodies are actually alive. When the metal people attacked them, they didn’t completely kill them … At least the brain was preserved completely.
Then when they piled up the bodies, they stimulated their brain activity at the same time in some way.
This attracted the defenders, although Lin still didn’t know what would attract them.
When the defender came out, he flew in the virtual space around him, and the metal people immediately shot at it violently.
Several barrage hit that smooth shell of the defender but didn’t add any scar to it.
Bang!’ A powerful shock wave spread from the position of the defender, and Lin found that hundreds of kilometers around the defender were crushed at this moment.
But there are more metal people in the void.
They are coming from all floors, and they will shoot with weapons at the moment when the first floor appears.
However, these weapons are almost as powerful as the individual weapons of the Ershi people, and they can’t hurt this target.
The defender didn’t make a second attack, but seemed to be stunned and didn’t move.
Yu metal people continue to attack until the ammunition is shot, and then they go back to other floors to replenish ammunition and continue to attack here.
When they fight, Lin also tests … Where did this defender come from?
Because it is located around the first floor, there are still many Lin troops in the virtual space.
These troops came to attack the variation system, but I didn’t expect this to happen.
But they can now investigate.
The moment the defender appeared, Lynn sensed its source.
It mainly made a passage to come here.
And now this channel is still open.
Although the virtual law directly saw it, Lin could feel it.
So Lin directly tried to send a > > into the channel.
Lin sent a stone with a size of more than 30 meters. After the moment, the stone can see around … There are many things.
This seems to be where the defenders come from. Is this … the hidden layer?
It looks like a place similar to the 99th floor, but the color is a little different.
The’ ground’ here is mainly blood red, and so is the sky … Whether it is the sky or the ground, it seems that it has been continuously extended to this bloody world without end.
Some remind Lynn of the bus of pain.
On the bloody ground, there are many columns as high as 100 meters, but there is no image of these columns.
After watching it for a while, Lin tested these places.
Lin found that the ground is mainly composed of substances similar to sea cucumber shells, and so are those columns.

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