The sky is dim and the clouds are hanging.

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The loess in the wilderness cracks and pours like a stream.
Wild talk is accompanied by a series of flashes in the air and a purple thunder strikes.
Most of the light scattered from Fang Yunhan in all directions took the arc of ups and downs.
It’s like sloping purple fireworks falling to the ground to form pieces of charred soil.
Even those people who are 500 meters away have to avoid the edge first, and a few people choose to directly exercise their powers to resist.
Then, this small group of people is like a fragrant bait that has just been thrown into the water, attracting more snakes to pounce on them, being blasted and smoking and slipping out in a continuous burst.
The former contenders haven’t had a chance to gather together to start work.
On the contrary, "Kui" was the first to move.
"What is a good arrogant man but turning a sword into a knife? Do you think the sword is not fierce enough? What a knife can do, a sword can do! "
"Uncle, I’ll show you today."
The red-haired young man’s feet were like gunpowder jumping pills, and when he saw a red and green interwoven piercing glow, he disappeared in a flash.
Jian Chen stopped not looking back at the other side of his body.
"What am I doing?"
Yue rolled his eyes at him. "Will you and I do it?"
"This man …"
Yue pinched himself, stared at Fang Yunhan and shook his head. "This man is simply restraining us. I think Mo Kui wants to die and be stupid to be with him."
Jianchen didn’t know what to say after hearing this, so he could focus on the battlefield again.
Although it is difficult for him to capture the trajectory of Mo Kui, he just needs to keep an eye on Fang Yunhan, the target to be attacked.
Sure enough, the purple magic chief figure flashed for a moment and reappeared. His hands were thrown and his arms each had six thin green lines flying out.
A total of twelve green lines, one of which is very inconspicuous, suddenly burst into the air as if the wind and waves in the mouth of the dragon and snake were roaring when it was out of his arm.
Everyone feels that the purple flowers are flying at the moment, and there are twelve more long and piercing swords.
If this is a town, these shrill swords and screams alone will affect hundreds of ordinary people and make them unconscious on the spot.
It will even make the nearby buildings show signs of severe decay. Whether it is gold, silver, copper, iron or stone wood, this firm but gentle range will melt and settle into a poisonous marsh.
Even in the distance, Pojun, the patriarch of Jianzong, saw this kind of swordsmanship, and his first impression was that this sword was vicious and evil, which he had only seen in his life.
However, Fang Yunhan considered that a knife in one hand was the simplest one when such a fierce sword attack came.
Cut in one word
The knife mark is straight, which is different from the flashing purple thunder before. This knife mark is a solid and tough purple halo like jade.
The purple air seems to cross the sea, and the Zijin beam has a kind of connection between heaven, earth and people. There is neither a law nor a law, almost like the emptiness of the Tao and the grandeur of God.
This is not the purple thunder knife method, but Fang Yunhan’s present state has been transformed and sublimated many times-Jack nife.
Twelve shock waves came from it, each with its own characteristics and whereabouts. With such a narrow knife mark, it is impossible to resist them all.
But just when the firm but gentle is about to cross this knife mark, it seems as if the Yin and Yang poles of a magnet have been violently attracted.
Righteousness and integrity, purple knife light directly attracted all twelve firm but gentle weapons.
That scene is like twelve dragon fighting for the same purple jade beam.
Their heads cling to the purple knife marks, while their long, miserable green bodies swing wildly in different directions and sweep across a large area
When the green firm but gentle tail smokes farthest, it is directly a few miles away.
A piece of yellow sand was swept away to show the figures of the two cities.
When these people came to the scene, they directly smashed the corridor and looked very arrogant. However, after the Jianzong people greeted them, they were very low-key and kept out of the way, and their attitude was even more obvious than that of those people.
However, when Fang Yunhan’s words reached the plain in the distance, everyone in the place was included in the provocative ranks
Twin cities all the first that green red-faced Beowulf pegged Fang Yunhan.
A big knife stood beside the handle, and the twisted blade in his palm slightly deflected the dim plain and reflected a touch of cold light.
Purple gas scar was finally twelve firm but gentle top out a crack.
Fang Yunhan felt a very strong vicious spirituality from these firm but gentle shock waves.
But he didn’t give his spirituality to external things for the time being like he practiced the virtual realm.
There is spirituality in these shock waves, and the red-haired young man is not consistent.
It’s not so much that a person carries twelve firm but gentle weapons as that an evil dragon drives twelve poisonous dumplings.
They have similar characteristics, but because of their bad nature, it seems that they may turn against each other at any time
And if Fang Yunhan’s induction has not gone wrong.
These twelve firm but gentle swords are a complete set of swordsmanship, and this set of swordsmanship is still in a relatively weak state. If there is a chance to recover, the future development potential will be higher than that of the red-haired young man.
Fang Yunhan has remembered that there is indeed a set of swordsmanship in the original work, and the characteristics of firm but gentle are extremely consistent.
That’s heavenly sword, evil thoughts, sinking, gathering uncanny workmanship and naturally creating a sinister sword-the Twelve Tactics of Xuanyin Sujian.
At this time, the red-haired youth has taken the opportunity to break through the purple-covered net and fall less than 100 meters from Fang Yunhan’s ground, and his hands are like swords and stabbed to the ground.

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