And his whole body repair is like a mountain and river collapsing and crashing, directly turning into a mortal.

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It takes only half a column of incense to turn a fairy into a mortal from a high position.
"Go back to the DPRK!"
Who knows how long this broken tripod and fate can last? My side accounts for nine points and three fortunes. There are also many fortunes in Ji Fa after receiving Xiqiang!
Chapter 446 Nezha times have changed.
Be ordered to take the lead in running away, but few people react.
Even Ji Fa doesn’t care.
In that cauldron, there is humanitarian fate. He knew that Xiqi also occupied a little fate, but he never knew that humanitarian fate could be so.
If you can master the method, it doesn’t mean that even immortals have checks and balances, instead of having great powers to hold them at will …
Look at Nezha and Nezha. Even Ji Fa is troubled, but it is also an indisputable fact that Nezha is powerful. Don’t say that Xiqiang and Nezha can’t take the lead.
And so Nezha turned into a magical mortal?
This scene not only makes Ji Fa lost in thought, but also makes his own people such as Chao Tian and Ao Lie stunned and dull.
Especially Ao Lie mouth murmured eyes almost pop out.
Terran luck outrageous to this extent?
Before he had this effect because of Dayu’s hand, I didn’t expect Zhou Wang to do it. Doesn’t that mean that if you occupy the Terran Fate, you can suppress the Immortal Xiu?
Ao Lie couldn’t help being optimistic. As a result, the chances of winning big business in the gods war will be much higher in the future.
"My mana? Where is my magic? "
Nezha has fallen from hot wheels, and his musket has slipped with a thud and stuck in the ground.
He’s run amok, and his profound powers are gone.
Nezha obviously can’t accept all this. He sits there with a trace of pride.
At this time, he was as frightened and flustered as a child, looking at his little hand and desperately trying to fuel his magic, only to find that his body was like this.
Nezha suddenly got up and caught fire. Even if he lost his mana, he was still reincarnated with a magic weapon. After all, his body was extraordinary, and even if he lost his mana, he still had good fighting capacity.
A dark thing flew in and hit Nezha by mistake. There are some baby fat faces
Nezha was directly blown hundreds of meters away and suddenly hit a stone wall ruin and crashed into pieces.
Nezha hasn’t recovered his strength to make a messy bun.
With a full face of doubts, Yin Ruin has disappeared since Kunlun City rose to the surface. Without this big fat blocking the sun, it is much stronger, but now Yin Ruin has appeared.
Besides, Yin’s ruin didn’t appear alone and he was carrying a … cannon.
Yin dilapidated opposing filled with stone bullets bang and a gun will just get up Nezha boom further.

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