Xu back to answer a YanLie depressed breath almost didn’t even.

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That’s the way it is. No wonder Xu retired so easily!
Although Xu retreated to the present, he hasn’t completed the flight attempt of Yujian, but the spiritual transport has become more and more flexible in various attempts.
Two days later, we are marching fast, and Xu tui Yan Lie’s figure stops at the same time!
In the distance, there came a dense and harsh explosion.
At this time, there are several kilometers away, and the energy beam and the flame light of the artillery explosion are clearly visible at this time.
Seeing Yan Lie is not surprised but happy.
"It is the first-line troops stationed on Mars to clear the scope before the energy tide. It must be the troops outside the headquarters in Huaxia District.
Generally speaking, the troops stationed at the Mars base in each joint area will not be 500 kilometers away from the base.
Come on, let’s meet the troops, "said Yanlie.
"meet?" Xu back some doubts.
"Yes, the troops have preferential treatment for those of us who can independently carry out field operations on Mars.
If we get there, they might send their mechanized vehicles to send us back to the base to rest, so we won’t be so tired, "said Yan Lie."
Have absolute confidence in the retreat of troops in Huaxia District.
However, he still slowed down and slightly adjusted his breathing pace.
Fight when the fire is coming ahead!
What a large-scale battle!
Fifteen minutes later, when Yan Liexu retreated and climbed a weathered rock overlooking the whole battlefield, he was immediately shocked.
Tens of millions of Mars, a low-level mechanical spirit family, are rushing to the extraterrestrial forces in the knot position like the tide.
War troops can’t see the number of people at a glance, and a blockade of firepower is constantly strangling these low-level mechanical Eldar.
Low-level mechs who are continuously smashed by energy weapons or hit the energy core will split into the ground in an instant.
However, when a low-level mechanical spirit beast was beaten, it roared and flashed all over, trying to blend into the ground, but the energy Guanghua surged and merged into the body of the beaten mechanical spirit beast.
Instantly bring this low-level mechanical spirit beast back to its original state and become stronger!
Then this low-level mechanical spirit beast took the opportunity to cross the fire blockade and pull out the tail whip!
A soldier’s foreign war was instantly smashed!
The soldier immediately became extremely short of breath.
Without the protection of foreign wars, these ordinary soldiers can adapt to the harsh environment of Mars!
Frontier comrades want to rescue.
However, the rescue operation caused more mechanical beasts to break through the fire blockade.
Instant there are several soldiers to foreign war was broken!
"Leave me alone!" At first, the soldier who was beaten to pieces gave a final roar!
Try your best to roll back to the four mechanical beasts who just broke through the fire blockade.
Saved in an instant, he detonated five oar infantry mines in his hand at one time, and the high-energy oar instantly covered the four mechanical beasts that broke through the blockade.
Temporarily strengthened the fire blockade here and won the rescue for the other three comrades!
"What are you still doing in the war!"
Xu back a detonation roar has been the first to rush to the side of the battlefield!
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine Saving mentality
"This is the battlefield. Be careful to be covered by gunfire!"
Looking at xu retreat blood head directly rushed to the battlefield YanLie some meng!
But in an instant, Yan Lie became aware of Xu’s intention to retreat.
Xu tui didn’t see the scene just now!
But very rational to fight.
Want to do your part!
Xu retreated to the right side of the battlefield.
It is four or five hundred meters away from the battlefield fire blockade and the wave of low-level mechanical beasts.
This distance shows that the blue star Terran is not covered by accidental fire.
But Xu retreat is rapidly approaching the wave of low-level mechanical beasts from the side.
I have understood Xu’s intention to retreat. Yan Lie quickly chased Xu back like a light smoke.
This battlefield he YanLie this limit is ability.
But Xu retreat may affect the war situation.
Then it is very obvious what he needs Yan Lie to do in the war!
Protect Xu tui!
Protect Xu from the impact of the low-level mechanical spirit beast.
In just a few seconds, the distance from the left side of the mechanical spirit beast wave has been shortened by 300 meters.
At this time YanLie just caught up with xu back side.
Yan Lie promised to retire and move on.

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