In this world, Qin Mu Ye doesn’t intend to devour or make a Titan-class giant structure. If it was before, he would have had such an idea, but now it’s gone.

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Because those anomalies will not disappear because of the disappearance of the information sea
If the information sea is the mother of the abnormal body, there is actually nothing to do with the information sea after the abnormal body is born, that is, the corresponding data is left
These data can’t directly manipulate abnormal bodies.
Both sides are like buyers and sellers. After the sale is reached, the seller can’t interfere with what the buyer will do after buying the goods.
Therefore, if he wants to devour the world, he will have to face a large group of abnormal bodies.
However, the absence of the information sea does not mean that it is not beneficial to breed abnormal bodies. If the information sea disappears, no new abnormal bodies will be born unless some abnormal bodies are out of control and show similar functions.
But these things are not too much after things and now.
"Dr Dragon is here? Come to test the emperor? " Qin Mu Ye sensed that Dr. Long was coming in his direction
He didn’t recognize that he came to find himself. Although he felt worse, he didn’t really come to find himself. This point must be to test the emperor of the Taia Palace next door.
But this time Qin Mu Ye obviously guessed wrong, and Dr. Long turned directly into his villa.
"You don’t go to the Three Treasures Hall. I remember that you never took the initiative to find me." Qin Mu Ye thought for a while and added "except when I escaped from prison."
"…" Dr. Long has a black line, okay? Do you still dare to escape from prison? He is very suspicious that the emperor is out of control because Qin Mu Ye beat him too much.
However, it is also because I want to ask Qin Mu Ye for help, so I didn’t spit. I simply said the ins and outs of the matter
"What do you think I like to fight? Besides, do you want me to help you play auxiliary or ridicule as a meat shield … "Qin Mu Ye saw at a glance what Dr. Long wanted to do is to make him attract hatred.
The frequency and means of beating the emperor over the years. When they meet, the emperor shows no respect for himself when he looks at others.
"Everything, everything. After this, I will draw a community for you and arrange someone to give it to you." Dr. Long immediately said.
At Qin Mu Ye’s level, you tell him that the interest is true, but because you can’t afford his reward, you can choose to play emotional cards.
"Is it still the head in the community Long Mai?" Qin Mu Ye eyebrows a pick this but there is a big difference.
"Well, this is negotiable," Dr. Long said euphemistically.
At first glance, it sounds like Long Mai, but actually, if Qin Mu Ye takes the initiative to help, it can be outside, that is, let Qin Mu Ye lead a normal life
"This ….. I have to think about it. After all, the emperor is really a little unfriendly to me. I really want to fight. I’m afraid my life is in danger." Qin Mu Ye refused very politely.
What’s he doing involved? Does he think he’s too relaxed?
"But you live next door to the emperor." Dr. Long’s meaning is very obvious. If you really want to fight, you will have to be implicated in the aftermath.
"I can move. You certainly don’t want to fight the emperor now, do you? I don’t have much stuff. Let’s go. Your horse will arrange a place far away from the Tai ‘a Palace." Qin Mu Ye said that was a righteous word.
Dr. Long can see that the other party is determined not to get involved in this matter, so he can also ask, "Can you say something?"
"Yes, I think there must be a reason for you to suddenly deal with the emperor. It says that the emperor has endangered the world. What do you think of this kind of person? Why should I be stupid as a meat shield?" Qin Mu Ye said that it was called a righteous person
Death is definitely not death, but the emperor must have red eyes when he sees it, so he must not be beaten to death, and it is not easy to expose his strength. Isn’t that really a human shield?
Dr. Long also didn’t expect Qin Mu Ye to think of these. I have to say that Qin Mu Ye is justified.
"We can promise you an excessive request for your help to attract the attention of the emperor." Dr. Long is also increasingly sure that Qin Mu Ye’s batting practice can definitely hold the emperor’s hatred
If the emperor is held back and hates, the situation will be much easier to deal with
"Is it so bloody?" Qin Mu Ye look a little surprised so also considering this matter or … Mix a wave?
Chapter 65 The Imperial Guest Day!
Qin Mu Ye finally intends to mix a wave as a plot, just to weigh the weight of a group of defenders to prepare for the information sea, and then capsize in the gutter.
There are many arrangements, but the plan is very simple. In the past, Qin Mu Ye hated the Omega-level abnormal body and took the opportunity to kill it. Finally, it was finished by gluttony. Naturally, all aspects of assistance were indispensable in this process.
Dr. Zodiac will also come forward as the main attacker to ensure the safety of all the participants.
The total array is very luxurious, and there are as many as 50 Omega-level anomalies, but not all anomalies can be obtained. Most of them are for the bottom. For example, if they are killed by shooting at the sun, other anomalies will make up for them.

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