So he turned to ask, "What do you think of it?"

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Smell speech Ling Yuansheng thought for a moment and then said, "If you want to improve your family strength, you can start from seven aspects."
Ling Jiexin was shocked. If he was asked to say two or three ideas, he could still say them, but he didn’t expect Ling Yuansheng to open his mouth in seven aspects.
"Fate, you must have a definite plan. Say it quickly and let us listen."
Ling Yuansheng nodded his head and said, "One increases the number of monks in the clan, and the other increases the number of monks in the clan."
Ling Yuansheng told the elders of Ling’s many foundations face to face, and at the same time, he constantly calculated the pros and cons in his heart.
"Recover the spiritual fields everywhere. If there is an elixir, plant an elixir. If there is no elixir, plant a spiritual valley. Anyway, you can’t let the spiritual fields burn."
"Five reforms Guanglufang City Now Guanglufang City is a legacy of the past ten races.
Now that the cloud islands belong to me, I will build a Guanglufang city that is perfect for Cang Li Ling’s, so that it can become bigger and stronger and thus increase the family strength. "
"Six-sided restoration of industrial mining in all parts of the Liuyun Islands and the continuous resources of the family"
"Finally, I immediately set out to contact the family clans around the country, including those who did not sit in the seat of Godsworn Tsukiji, to determine the status of each force, and to make sure that their management area gave them those chicken ribs as soon as possible."
Don was silent for a while before Ling Jiexin looked at the crowd and asked, "What do you think or what suggestions do you have now? It’s good for the family anyway."
Hearing this, Ling Youdao handed over and said, "Grandpa Jiuzu has something to say."
They looked at Ling Youdao and Ling Yuansheng, but they were curious about what the grandchild had to say.
"You say it."
It was only when I heard that Ling Youdao talked about Mu Yan Ran’s plan of intermarriage among nine families of Ling family in Cang Li.
"Nine grandfathers and grandfathers came up with a brilliant idea. During that period, the grandson presided over the family, and the original ten families jointly implemented this plan, and the effect is not bad at present."
Ling Jiexin said, "I can’t believe that Yan Ran is still a female Zhuge."
Zhuge Xian is also one of the seven godsworn deities in Zhenhai Palace in recent ancient times.
People’s good divination strategy is like ghosts and gods, which makes people unpredictable.
Mu Yan ran immediately handed over and said, "It’s just a little trick to dare not start."
Ling Yuansheng smoothed her beard and smiled at Mu Yan ran.
Andao "I didn’t think that my grandson’s daughter-in-law had this wisdom before, but I didn’t find out that if it weren’t for Ling Youdao, my grandfather almost missed the talent."
"Uncle Jiu, do you think this is good?"
"Since this plan was made by Yan Ran, let her handle it."
Ling Jiexin wanted to think whether he agreed with Ling Yuansheng or not, but now that he has come out, he is not good at blogging about it.
Ling Yuansheng looked at Mu Yan ran and smiled. "You are responsible for this matter."
Upon hearing this, Mu Yan ran immediately got up and promised to the two men, "Grandpa Jiu-zu, please rest assured that Yan ran will never live up to your expectations."
Ling Jiexin presided over all kinds of ordinary Lingdingzong in Liuyun Islands, and Ling was assisted by gold.
Yuling Youdao, who got the Golden Dragon Pill, has planned to close the impact on the later period of the foundation.
Leave after the meeting.
However, soon after, a message came from outside.
It was filmed that the gang was ambushed and two monks from Tsukiji escaped.
But another thing happened. Cangxi Guigen was no longer the body of the monks who built the foundation, but was handed over to a dzogchen ethnic group who practiced.
Now I’ve already taken out the cloud islands, robbed people in vain, and killed several monks in Tsukiji.
Ling Jiexin found him before Ling Yuan was born in the cloud islands, and gave him the magic weapon XuanYuanJian from Cang Li Ling.
Ling Yuansheng took the money to win the umbrella, and now he has the Xuanyuan sword, which is just an attack and a defense strength is bound to increase greatly.
However, he has already left the cloud islands without offering sacrifices.
Chapter three hundred and eleven The situation of the cloud islands is born of Jinyuan fruit trees!
The whole cloud islands are moving, and the host of Cang Li Ling is constantly changing.
The first five new foundation families of Cang Li Ling’s family were Feng’s family in Huanglin Island, Tai ‘an Island, Yue’s family in Chenfeng Island, Zhen’s family in Huanyue Island, Mu’s family in Qiming Island and Gou’s family in Qiming Island.
Among the five Tsukiji families, Huang Linfeng’s family is the strongest, because they used to be a local family in the Liuyun Islands, which has not been a new family for two or three hundred years.
The other four families are different. They are all immortal families established recently.
The head of the Yue clan in the Central Tai ‘an is an earthen foundation scattered in the Liuyun Islands, and the other three clan heads are all foreign foundations scattered.
The first thing that the heads of these four families do is to accept wives and concubines, ranging from 60 to 70, and more than 100 of them are women in practice.

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