The attack of the blue-eyed toad gradually returned to normal and became the red soft whip in his hand.

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When Xu Ren’s figure kept wandering to avoid the blue-eyed toad king’s attack, Xu Ren found that the red smoke released by the other side’s soft whip also faded, which means that the loss of the other side’s flying sword will also affect the ordinary attack
Of course, Xu Ren didn’t take it lightly because of this. For Xu Ren, he has to be cautious when he meets a poisonous monk. Because poison is unreasonable at all.
Xu Ren looks secure here. When the blue-eyed toad king is in a hurry.
On the speed, Xu Ren is no slower than him, and he is not afraid to attack Xu Ren. Do you want to fight hard? This made him hesitate. She is not a demon monk who is good at strength. Although Xu Ren is still a human monk who is soaring, she still doesn’t want Xu Ren to fight hard.
Xu Renshi also don’t want this covered in.
It’s the poison-eyed toad king’s close combat, because it’s easier to fight each other’s poison. Although he may not catch up with each other, it’s still a disgusting thing.
"Xiao you completely annoyed me."
The blue-eyed toad king felt that the situation was getting worse and worse, so he was completely worried
This blue-eyed toad king was in a hurry and immediately released the remaining strength of the flying sword. Silver all over the sky launched a dead angle attack against Xu Ren.
In the face of such an attack, Xu Ren’s complexion is also very dignified. If he wants to resist such an attack, he needs to cooperate with the sky. If he flies a sword, Xu Rengen is not sure to resist such an attack.
The strength of the Sword Workshop is that they can see most defenses when attacking.
Of course, when you meet Tiandi Bao, you have to look at the flying sword rank.
Xu Ren’s two flying swords keep circling, which makes his body shape become a huge Tai Chi map. The Tai Chi map has strong devouring power, and it constantly devours the flying sword ordered by the blue-eyed toad king.
A blue-eyed toad king didn’t think so, but after a long time, she couldn’t stand it because she felt that her flying sword was being pulled by a powerful force and was getting out of his control a little bit.
Of course, the blue-eyed toad king couldn’t let this happen, so he wanted to put away his flying sword.
It’s the flying sword that she hasn’t come yet. A special light directly hit her flying sword.
"ah! ……”
The blue-eyed toad king let out a scream and spit out one mouthful blood at the same time, at the same time, her flying sword was directly broken.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirty-two Iron Tail Lich King
Xu Ren ordered the flying sword "Shark Tooth" to directly smash the blue-eyed toad king’s flying sword "Venenum Bufonis"
What makes the blue-eyed toad king feel even worse is that the fragments of his flying sword "Venenum Bufonis" were directly swallowed up by Xu Ren’s two flying swords "Black Hole" and "Suixin"
As a result, the blue-eyed toad king was greatly swallowed up and directly spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.
While that guy vomited blood, Xu Ren’s flying sword "Shark Tooth" had passed through the body of the blue-eyed toad king.
The blue-eyed toad’s body is not particularly strong, and Xu Ren’s flying sword "shark teeth" is even a flying sword and defeats a powerful flying sword, so it is naturally not a problem to pierce the blue-eyed toad’s body
The blue-eyed toad king is dead, but that guy is a demon king, and his body is still a blue-eyed poisonous toad. Of course, Xu Ren won’t miss it, so he directly put the body into the mustard bracelet the moment the blue-eyed golden toad died.
Whoever kills the demon family in the battlefield of Yaoshan Mountain has priority. Xu Ren takes away the body of the blue-eyed toad. Neither the monk of Yaoshan Mountain nor the monk of Shenzhou Day will have any objection. Those human monks from Qinglingtian can’t go to Xu Ren to ask him for the body of the blue-eyed toad, although their eyes are bigger than their eyes.
Yu said that the demon race can’t give Xu Ren if they want it.
Xu Ren, who killed the blue-eyed toad queen, flashed his figure and confronted the little demon leopard Molin. Three demon kings rushed over.
Swish swish swish-
Xu Renren hasn’t arrived yet, and several swords have already attacked the small demon leopard Molin and confronted the demon kings.
The little demon leopard Molin is fast, and Xu Ren also has a tacit understanding. When Xu Ren attacks and kills, the little demon leopard Molin’s body flashes quickly, leaving the thousand-legged demon king, the hand demon king and the iron-tailed demon king in place.
Bang bang bang—
The three Lich Kings are naturally not underwhelming lot, so they quickly launched an attack to meet them after seeing Xu Ren’s attack.
Xu Ren’s sword Gang is not an ordinary sword Gang, but a fusion of swords Gang. Each of these swords Gang is made up of eleven swords Gang.
Even if the three Lich Kings want to intercept Xu Ren’s several fusion swords, it is not easy.
The first attack by King Qianzu, King Shouwang and King Tiewei failed to defeat Xu Renjian.
The three lich kings were sullen and didn’t expect such a result, but they couldn’t watch those swords fall on their bodies
So the three Lich Kings also quickly waved their weapons towards Xu Ren Fusion Jian Gang and issued several stiffness.
Bang bang bang—
After a series of muffled sounds, Xu Ren’s fusion sword Gang was finally completely resolved.
But at this time Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin have joined together.
"You two are a little means, but it’s not enough to deal with us."
The three lich king looked at Xu Ren sullenly and said, "Little demon leopard Molin".

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