Wu asked, "Is that man the King of Earth Treasure and Bodhisattva?"

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Tang Priest’s eyes lit up and said, "It’s as if it’s really his name. I’ve heard it’s him! It is him! "
Suddenly, the Bodhisattva, the King of Tibet, is unwilling to become a Buddha. He is determined that "hell will not become a Buddha without swearing" is just an excuse, and his heart will not become a Buddha glory.
The Buddha said that the bitter sea turned back to the shore, and the explanation by the earth treasure king and bodhisattva turned out to be a lie for people to enter Buddhism. Yes, this sentence sounds smooth, but it can’t stand scrutiny. If you don’t move forward, how can you know the front shore? Looking back, although this shore is close, is it really what you want?
Generally speaking, religions in the world are all about raising themselves and belittling others. According to Buddhism, where is your shore, where can you achieve positive results and bypass it? Ridiculous!
Thinking about it, I can’t help but admire the Buddha who has never met before.
Seeing that the Tang Priest was full of energy, he straightened his clothes and lifted his crown, and he wanted to go to the side of the stream to realize that he was busy and shouted, "Master! What do you do? "
Don’t look back, Tang Priest said indifferently, "I’ve figured out that this side is the shore, but it’s not what I want. It’s what my heart wants."
Seeing that the Tang Priest had reached the edge of the ravine, he stopped to realize that he had jumped over and grabbed the Tang Priest. "My heart is full of fear?"
The Tang Priest had just said this, and his feet were greatly shocked by a loud bang, lest he accidentally pull Tang Priest to the back and see that this hundred-foot-wide and deep stream was gradually closed up, but for a moment, the stream was nowhere to be found.
The crowd froze and realized that they were the first to shout "Congratulations to Master Wu". It turns out that the stream here is not a magic crossing, but a torture of the Tang Priest. He went west to ask him "shore". Although the Tang Priest’s mind is not consistent with that of the Tibetan king, it is difficult to talk about right and wrong if it is reasonable.
The Tang Priest’s difficulty naturally shows that he is more determined to learn from the scriptures, but it is difficult to figure out what he really thinks.
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Wu is still surprised that Jian spent a lot of time here, but he didn’t want to be so simple. It seems that Taoism is really profound.
Although the edge of the stream was closed, the tablet was still lightly and skillfully walked past, and inadvertently turned around and found that there were words on the back of the tablet. When he entered the stream, he clearly remembered that the back of the tablet was a whiteboard and there were no words. How can there be words now?
Wu carefully looked at these four words, and his head was humming-what is his grandmother doing, the earth treasure bodhisattva, or is he crossing over? How to carve these four words is really a fright.
These four words are-Buddha is the Tao!
"Buddha is Tao" is an online novel of later generations. Although I haven’t read it, I have heard that these four words are engraved on the back of the stone tablet. What does it mean?
Is Buddhism a Taoist? Is the Buddha a Taoist? Or whether Buddhism and Taoism are the same as Buddhism? Buddhism and Taoism are homologous?
Although the four words are difficult to explain because of three of them, it is difficult to guess that "Buddha" can refer to both Buddha and Buddhism and Buddhism. ""is a source or a source or a root; Is Tao a Taoist, a Taoist or a celestial geography? I don’t care if I think too much.
On second thought, since the Tang Priest said that he and the Earth Treasure King had a chance to see each other, maybe these four words were written for Tang Priest to see, and Wu called out, "Master, come and see."
The Tang Priest turned around and asked, "What are you looking at?"
Enlightenment refers to the stone tablet? Why are these four words missing again?
The Tang Priest asked again, "What do you see?"
Wu thought that since he didn’t want to be seen by the Tang Priest, the Tibetan King Bodhisattva didn’t want him to see it, so he said, "Without this stone tablet, future generations still have to wonder where there is a deep stream when the ground is flat."
Enlightenment is a random topic, but Tang Yan thinks very seriously. "Enlightenment has a stream in everyone’s heart. Some people can get by, and some people can’t get by. It’s a blessing … It’s also a blessing."
I realized for a moment that the Tang Priest became sensitive after this robbery, and everything was close to reason. I realized, "How can Master get by and get by?"
The Tang Priest said, "If someone wants to go to the other side, he thinks that the other side is pure land; On the other side, there are also several people who want to come to this shore. He thinks this shore is bliss, so it is the same to get by. Can you tell which is right and which is wrong? "
Wu Zhen wants to ask Tang Priest if you have read Qian Zhong’s Fortress Besieged? Answered smoothly, "where the heart is, it is right!"
The Tang Priest asked, "If you come, you are wrong. You are wrong everywhere!"
Enlightenment: "Master’s world harmony can teach people to say that I am good and stick to my heart. What does it matter what others say?" Wu said this and stepped forward, leaving Tang Priest alone to think in situ.
Wu Hui wondered, "Brother, why don’t you care about Master?"
Enlightenment: "Master is still obsessed with right and wrong. When he figures it out, I don’t know how far we have gone."
Hearing this, the Tang Priest lifted his leg and walked away with a smile. "I will think and act if I am enlightened?"
Enlightenment "Just like this!"
It is said that the true immortals in the caves of the abbot Xiandao were beaten out of the water by Wu, and all of them were black and blue, complaining to the Donghua Emperor.
When Emperor Donghua saw that everyone came back with injuries, he asked, "You can tell the monkey clearly and teach him to come here. I’ll make a mistake and stop looking for trouble and I’ll let bygones be bygones."
A true fairy said, "Naturally, the monkey raised his hand without saying anything."
Emperor Donghua asked again, "Did Tang Priest ever dissuade him?"
It’s a true fairy tale that "Tang Priest closed his eyes and recited the scriptures without looking". How can everyone say something nice about Sun Wu? One by one, he said that Sun Wu slandered and belittled the door, and another day he would attack ten continents and three islands to give the Buddha an oriental sermon?
When Emperor Donghua heard that Wu was so arrogant, he was naturally furious and said, "Which one will capture Sun Wu? I need him to teach him to learn from the scriptures for several years and die!"
Everyone saw that the cave Jin Xian had suffered a lot, and which one dared to take the initiative to volunteer and suddenly became cold.
Dong Fangshuo came out and said, "Master, this is a matter of Taoist face, not a family matter of ten continents and three islands. Why don’t you discuss it with the Jade Emperor Sanqing and make a decision?"
Dong Fangshuo has always been flattering. The center machine of the ten continents and three islands is also a first-class person. He naturally knows that the names of the ten continents and three islands are loud but powerful. After passing the Taiyuan Palace, Jinxian was mostly selected by Kunlun Xiandao to go to Luo Tian. None of them stayed in the ten continents and three islands to continue their cultivation.
However, it’s really hard to find a person who can stand up to Sun Wu from the ten continents and three islands. Although fighting is important, fighting is another matter. The ten continents and three islands are influenced by the atmosphere. Most of the immortals here specialize in fighting for life and death. Where will they spend their time refining magic weapons and practicing magic?
Donghua Emperor as one pleases Bai Dong Fangshuo said, "Good Manqian, come with me to Luo Tian."
The third volume The road is long Chapter 276 Save for a rainy day
In Ziwei Palace, Ziwei and Zhenwu are sitting opposite each other, holding one Cambodia in each hand. These two jade cambodians are naturally sent by the Jade Emperor except for the difference in title.
It’s a big deal, but it’s hard to calm Zhenwu’s "godsend" at the moment.
Ziwei mused, "It’s too early to think that Sanqing, Gou Chen and others will also receive the same jade, Cambodia and jade emperor. If he is not completely confused, it’s still too early to say that it’s a good opportunity after the audience reacts."
Zhenwu said, "As far as I know, the Jade Emperor has made a fortune, and it is bound to be done. He has always been a golden mouth and a jade tooth, and it is difficult to change his mind. Is there less foolishness to do?"
Ziwei said, "Well, if you say so, I won’t argue with you. I ask you, if he really wants to close the sky, should you act like this?"
Zhenwu said, "Brother Ziwei tested me?"
I smiled and said, "What I have planned today is going to be turned upside down. If you don’t consider it carefully …"

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