That’s why they moved. Then Lynn investigated a manual and found no record of this creature …

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It’s hard to say where these shriveled creatures came from. Lin thinks they may be the creations of other creatures.
It could also be a dream creature.
There is some dream energy here, which has just affected the shriveled creatures like Bilu … and some of their structures should be able to hide dream energy.
However, Veronica cells can’t be tested in detail. Lynn can put some small pieces into the protection for testing, but she can’t let the cells out to test the whole body.
"Then we have to continue to walk? Veronica? "
"… contact an exhibition hall first" glanced at the communication device in Chelin protection not far away and tried to contact an exhibition hall over there.
Lin wants to ask if they have any flying machines … If they fly, it will be much easier. Before that, I mainly wanted to see all kinds of creatures here before moving on the ground.
But now Lin thinks that safety is … more important.
"… contact not"
It seems that the communication system, like the vehicle intelligent system, is now in a state of failure.
"I can’t seem to get in touch," Bilu said. "In that case, let’s keep driving."
So Lynn and Bilu got in the car again and drove on …
This valley full of dream energy is still full of sharp stone pillars, but Lin has avoided them well … but as the car advances, she can find that the surrounding rock walls are getting higher and higher.
The car also slowly drove to … more and more deep valleys.
At the same time, you can also see some strange things in the canyons on both sides.
"What is this!"
As Bilu told Lynn to stop the car … because there can be seen a wooden column standing on the side of the rock wall.
There are still some … bubbles stuck to this column.
Because it is strange that Lin’s car went to this column and tested it, Lin knew that it was not wood, but a substance that looked like wood.
Bubbles on the sticky surface … They are really bubbles.
To be exact, it’s a permeable material with gas wrapped in it.
Although it looks very weak, it is actually very tough, and even if it is poked, it will not burst.
It feels like high technology … but something sharp should be able to pierce it.
"Veronica, they have appeared again!"
As Bilu told Lin to notice that a large group of … withered creatures appeared in front.
This group of shriveled creatures are more than 30 meters away from the vehicle, where they are dancing constantly, but … no one comes running.
It feels as if they are attracting Lynn and Bilu.
"Do they dance there?" Bilu said, "Veronica, shall we solve them?"
"…" Lin said nothing but looked at the group of withered creatures in front.
Lynn noticed that one of them was not dancing, but … sign language.
Yin Lin has investigated and knows that this is the sign language of Ershi people.
It says it means’ come with us’
Lynn thought that maybe it was them that studied before the attack, and then they caught those people.
But it may be dangerous to go with them …
Although it is dangerous to stay here now.
There are many cracks of different sizes in the surrounding rock wall, and now a large number of withered creatures appear in these cracks.
Most of them are small, but some are as tall as adults.
They slowly surrounded the car … This made Bilu raise the blade again.
But this time Lynn stopped it.
"Go and have a look with them."
Lin went to Xiangqian Che and made some sign language responses to the withered sign language creature …
After reading Lin’s sign language, it seems to have promised that the withered creatures around it didn’t attack, but surrounded it and … escorted Lin and Bilu forward.
"It seems that the temperature here is getting higher and higher."
With the progress, the surrounding temperature gradually rises to the freezing degree of even water method, which can be seen from the protection.
Moreover, Lin also noticed that it was dark here and the rock walls on both sides closed up, which made the starlight method shine here again … but some lights were also lit around.
Something like lanterns appeared on the rock walls on both sides, and there were many bones piled around these lanterns
Many of them are the bones of Ershi people, but a few other creatures can also be seen …
Lin thinks there may be a wonderful article here, which is composed of these withered creatures.
Chapter two thousand twelve dens
"Are they … keeping them?"
This place … is really interesting.
Driving the terrain vehicle slowly forward, Lin and Bilu came to a … deep valley.
It’s also like a big cave with lanterns on both sides, and the temperature here is very close to the normal temperature in Walsh.
It can be said that this is a very warm place, but the strangest sight here is … there are many Kirsh people.
Many people in Ershi wear ordinary clothes without protection, and they look at the rock walls on both sides with glassy eyes.
Lin noticed that these people are all very big … Some of the bubbles are single, and some are squeezed by two.
Lin thinks they should be shriveled creatures caught from nearby research places, and their mental state is very bad
But Lynn can still see a few … They kept yelling at here immediately after seeing Lynn and Bilu.
Although you can’t hear them, you can see what their mouth is calling for help.
"Veronica … this place feels very bad," Bilu said in a small voice.
"Did you catch these people?" Lin has been leading the way in front of the … withered creatures made sign language inquiries.

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