"Grain black grain" Zhao Feiyu looked me in the eye and said seriously.

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I’ve never seen Zhao Feiyu’s expression so serious. So what is it that Zhao Feiyu said? Maybe it is. Then who gave me a confession? I looked at Ying Zheng and both of them frowned tightly. I realized that Zhao Feiyu was not joking.
"Come to think of it, I remember that God is the ghost king." I looked at Ying Zheng and the three of them and said in a serious tone, "God appeared before the ancestors of Mu family finished their work, and disappeared after making a mess of Mu family’s grave."
Just after that, I saw Ying Zheng’s face was more serious than that. I know that Ying Zheng is thinking about countermeasures again, but for a while, I think Ying Zheng can’t estimate what Zhao Feiyu and Zhao Feiyu’s face are not very good when he hears that I think of everything. He seems to have deliberately asked tentatively, remember everything?
I looked at Zhao Feiyu and said simply that everyone remembered it, including my father.
Hearing this, Zhao Feiyu suddenly patted his head and looked at me with great annoyance. As soon as he saw me, he also chose to give a long sigh and stop talking.
"The ancestral grave needs a keeper. Where should my father go?" I looked at them and said faintly, "Do you know what the lines on my face are?"
Ying Zheng looked at me and said simply, the dead mark.
I see.
"What are you going to do now? Master HP … How do you say? " I hesitate to ask an idea. One identity is the most tangled and the other is the river identity, but his feelings for Nansi Temple are not weak. If I really have to choose, I don’t know what I will choose.
"Master’s attitude is neutral, which is the only way to keep Nansi. If the three of us really don’t want to drag Nansi down, the three of us have the choice to leave." But Zhao Feiyu and I also heard it.
Without hesitation, Zhao Feiyu said to me from his chair, Kobayashi, I’ll go back and pack my things first. You and I will also pack together. The car should be returned to the door. We will go to the airport later. I think it is necessary for us to go to your ancestral grave. Uncle Mu is still there, don’t you think?
I nodded and was about to follow Zhao Feiyu when I left. I took my hand one by one and looked back puzzled. He smiled at me and said, I’ll go with you.
Zhao Feiyu looked at me and gave me a reason to leave with some discretion. I looked at it and said, I don’t want you anymore. I and Feiyu Nan Temple are where you grew up, so you should stay …
"I’ve made up my mind, so don’t persuade me. I know that you and Master Hui Yuan saw what Master taught me earlier today. I know that the rivers need me now." My eyes were unusually firm. When I looked at him, I saw a trace of firmness in his eyes
"Then go pack your things." Ying Zheng said this and left without looking back.
I nodded and smiled and said to one, then why don’t you pack your things? And you won’t tell your master?
After I received the beads, I naturally felt the mind of the beads. This string of beads must have been with Hui Yuan all the year round, otherwise I wouldn’t have such a strong mind. I looked at the screen in the house and said to the depths of the screen, Master Hewlett-Packard, thank you for giving me a choice. Mu Lin assured you that I would bring it back alive.
When I entered the room, I felt someone behind the screen carefully trying to show up in the master room in Hui Yuan. Who else but Master Hewlett-Packard? I heard a sigh from the screen, and Master Hewlett-Packard’s voice also came to say that you three are all happy … please do it as soon as possible.
I kowtowed three times to Master Hui Yuan and Master Hewlett-Packard, and then I got up to leave.
"One thanks for nurturing grace, two thanks for pointing grace, and three thanks for giving Buddha beads and Emulin. Don’t say goodbye to the two afterlives again!" After I said this, I pushed the door and left.
When I left, I heard Hui Yuan recite a Buddhist scripture to me. Although I didn’t understand what it meant, I believe I will let Yi and Zhao Feiyu come back alive.
When I got to the gate, I saw it, and when I came back, I ran away from the monk, but this time he saw me, but he didn’t run away, but smiled at me. I was surprised at his reaction. Didn’t I run fast the next time? Why did you smile at me this time?
Naturally, I saw that I was puzzled. He explained that this was because my younger brother was chased and beaten by your South Temple for three days because he was playing with your seven-star copper coins when he was a child. You also let others fall behind. No matter when I saw you, my first reaction was to run. Today it is much better.
I looked at the monk naively after listening to the words. He was smiling awkwardly. I went to take out the copper coin I carried with me. Although it is not as good as the seven-star copper coin, the copper coin body has some Yin and Yang skills. You can take it to prevent some unclean things. Don’t run away when you see me again.
After the monk took it, he smiled awkwardly at me and said politely, thank you, Xiao Lin.
Zhao Feiyu at this time, the car has started to urge us. I nodded and walked towards the car. Zhao Feiyu was prepared very strangely this time. Even when he needed some medicine, he took me and a car. After that, Zhao Feiyu quickly left on the accelerator.
The south temple is getting farther and farther away from us. I ask, don’t look back?
"What are you looking at? It’s not like you’re not coming back." I answered my question very generously.
"Can you explain to me what it means to talk to a beautiful woman next to you when I first met you? What, are you not following the precepts anymore? And Zhao Feiyu, don’t laugh at you. What are you playing with a mobile phone all day? Are you a Taoist … "
"Mulin, you also explain to me-I just haven’t seen a few words of chatting for a long time, so you just greeted me with a punch. Fortunately, the car hit the side of the road and killed someone!"
"How something! Uncle is a teacher of yin and yang! Do you know how to write the words Yin Yang Shi? "
"Small ye or Taoist! Don’t make a fuss about something to fight. You just throw a few broken coins and dare to say that you are a teacher of Yin and Yang … "
"You told me! What else can you do besides scribbling! "

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