"It’s a pity. I like living here very much."

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Looking back, I cast a glance at the spread-out room built by myself. Pei Hui slowly got up and circled the seven-stringed piano in front of her.
"But let’s get along slowly before I take you home."
The tone was soft and plain, but Pei Hui’s eyes became sharper and sharper than before.
"And this time I won’t let that old fool send you away again."
Path leading to the mountain
"Is something happening in this mountain?"
When Pei Wende walked out of Tongqing Temple, a sense of familiarity and intimacy came from all directions.
At the same time, Pei Wende felt as if he had become a part of Weishan, or the whole Weishan forest had become an extension of his own perception.
As big as tigers pounce on food, as small as grass swaying …
Pei Wende can vaguely perceive that this allows him to avoid all kinds of dangers perfectly in the process of mountain climbing.
This is Pei Wende’s innate ability, and he has long been used to this extraordinary perception, which is close to the sixth sense and intuition.
Today, however, Pei Wende was surprised to find that there seems to be some abnormality in this feeling of mountains and forests?
A faint sense of depression and suffocation is spreading in the mountains, as if something is causing danger to oneself and the whole Weishan.
"How is that possible?"
I can’t believe that Pei Wendegen, staring at the mountain forest not far away, can’t imagine that if this abnormal crisis is true, what kind of disaster can cause such a crisis?
After all, even the scenes of ghosts coming out and tigers roaring in Mulian Temple failed to bring such a strong sense of crisis to Pei Wende.
[Mountain fire? Earthquake? Or a storm? 】
There was a flash of speculation in my mind. Pei Wende’s heart had a sense of foreboding.
The only thing that is fortunate is that the faint sense of depression and suffocation has not yet reached the point where the law ends. Pei Wende can feel that the whole Weishan is resisting this upcoming crisis.
And Pei Wende has a wonderful intuition that this crisis may not only be a crisis for himself, but also an opportunity.
Chapter 10 Strange Mountain Forest Disaster
It was a short hesitation. Pei Wende saw that it was still early, and with some curiosity, he hurried towards the most inconsistent direction in his perception.
Pei Wende doesn’t deny his exuberant curiosity, just like knowing others likes to call him Pei Curious and Pei Bold.
But this time Pei Wende was more worried than curious.
Worried about what kind of crisis this depression and suffocation will bring?
After all, Weishan is not a small place to live, and there are not ten villages around it.
In case there is any wave, the whole Weishan disaster can be discovered earlier, which is tantamount to saving lives.
[The key is the old monk and Hui Ji. They didn’t seem to notice this? 】
[or is this really not something worth paying attention to? 】
Pei Wende had to give up thinking that it was difficult for ordinary people to catch up with the speed. The mountain forest sprinted and ran wildly, and soon left the mountain path and entered the depths of the jungle.
This is the change that practice has brought to Pei Wende in the past month.
Regardless of magical powers and physical fitness alone, there was an extraordinary physical fitness, and now he is directly moving towards non-human level.
It is no exaggeration to make a comparison, even if Pei Wende weighs twice as much, the tiger’s physical fitness alone may not be much better than him
Pei Wende’s great difference in the proportion of body muscle and fat with reference to the training methods of later generations has simply refreshed this world cognition.
Don’t say that the level of people who are muscle demons and lean meat in comics at least maintains a body fat rate of around 10% all the year round. In previous lives, they were all professional fitness enthusiasts.
The key point is that Pei Wende’s brawn "quality" has risen sharply since he practiced the Lingyou Zen Master to breathe the Dharma, which is beyond the normal category of "human".
Previously, Pei Wendegen made push-ups similar to "One Finger Zen"
Don’t say that Pei Wende didn’t even dare to think about similar things before.
Pei Wende’s stereotype is that Bruce Lee’s martial arts master who pursues the limits of the human body can reach the realm and that ordinary people like himself don’t have a dime
But now Pei Wende can barely do that if he borrows some skills.
"Is this it?"
It didn’t take long for Pei Wende to reach the most incongruous place in his perception.
This seems to be a forest burned by flames, and Pei Wende can feel an amazing heat far away.
And it can be seen from the withered leaves of the blackened trunk around it that it has just been burned without flame not long ago.

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