Li Chu sent Liu Zhu to the gate of the compound. Liu Zhu asked the man to drive. He said to Li Chu, "Don’t worry, Xiao Chu, this matter will be solved smoothly."

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"Liu Shu, to be honest, I have nothing to worry about my own safety, mainly because I have my wife and children and my sister. My main concern is them."
"We’ll take care of it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. If there are any problems behind it, I hope you can tell me at the first time not to investigate something in private. I can’t afford it."
Li Chu nodded. "I know that Liu Shu didn’t tell you the first time when he found someone following me. It’s also unclear why he thought about us. I won’t do it again after checking."
Liu raised his hand and patted Li Chu on the shoulder. "From your parents’ point of view, we are all family. We will do our best if you and Xiaoqin have something."
"Thank you, Liu Shu!"
"It’s not so polite to call me uncle. Go home and let Minister Wang go to bed early."
At this time, the waiting car also drove up and looked at Liu Zhu pulling open the door to prepare the car. Li Chu stopped him again. "Liu Shu, if possible, can you arrange for me to meet Jiang Cheng?"
Liu Zhugang was just preparing the car. When he heard Li Chu’s words, he stopped and thought for a moment and said, "I’ll see. I’ll arrange it if possible."
Say that finish blunt Li Chu waved and sat in the car.
Li Chucai turned and walked back until the car drove away.
He really wants to meet Jiang Cheng and ask him personally why he wants to do this.
At the same time, he is puzzled that the two men should be looking for what he Jiang Cheng did not directly tell them their identity.
What is it if Jiang Cheng wants to help those two people avenge his sister but find someone to follow him?
These questions seem to be answered only after seeing Jiang Cheng.
Alas, I don’t know that Jiang Li is involved in this matter. There is no hope that she won’t, right?
When I got back to Wang Shu’s house, it was almost two o’clock in the morning. When things had been solved, they didn’t delay any more. When I got back to Wang Shu’s house, I asked Aunt Wang Shuhe to rest quickly and four people left.
"Brother-in-law, take good care of my sister during this period."
"I know that I intend to pick her up every day recently."
"Is it necessary? I guess Liu Shu will sweep them up in a moment." Li Qin said in the back seat of a bicycle that her husband was worried about his safety and said that he would pick up and drop off classes every day, although he was still dissatisfied.
"Sister, listen to my brother-in-law’s arrangement, and things will be completely solved."
"Little Chu, you should also pay attention to it." Wang Wen looked at the little brother and told him.
"I know that it’s not a matter for my brother-in-law to let Brother Six go back to work and ask for leave."
Wang Wen looked at his cousin Wu Xiaoliu and said that the so-called arrangement will do.
"That line of small six, you will go back to work tomorrow. Your sister-in-law also asked someone to introduce you to a printing and dyeing factory. See you later."
"Hey hey" Wu Xiaoliu smiled and said "Thank you"
"You’re welcome. Everything is family." Li Qin gave a dismissive hand.
"Congratulations, Brother Liu is going to get married."
"It’s still early, and people haven’t seen it yet." So Wu Xiaoliu’s mouth is almost behind his ear
This marriage foundation can be achieved if we can meet each other these days.
Because the matchmaker will introduce both sides clearly when he matches the media, if the woman can agree to meet the man, it means that she is satisfied with the man, and it will be a matter of not being a jerk like Yu Zhu in the future.
You can talk about it casually after falling in love and getting married.
We all have a rough life. If we are really unlucky enough to touch an asshole, the woman will usually swallow it and few people will take the initiative to divorce.
Just like Jiang Li, if Jiang Cheng hadn’t come back and forced her to divorce, it is estimated that she would still make a living.
No one can say whether this situation is good or not. Of course, domestic violence certainly doesn’t mean that the party who commits domestic violence is an animal, but many people have spent a generation in this kind of fighting and scolding, and in the end, no one can live without anyone.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Letter
Wu Xiaoliu went to work early the next morning, and it’s time to return to normal these days.
Ding Qiunan, who came to the hospital, has already bought breakfast and waited for him in the consulting room.
"Didn’t eat early?" Ding Qiunan skipped to her husband like a little girl and took his satchel and hung it on the wall hook.
"Have you eaten?" Li Chu conveniently rubbed his wife’s head.
"Oh, shit!" Ding Qiunan waved off her strange big hand and "messed up my hair again."
"I’ve already eaten, so hurry up and eat. It’s getting cold."
Li Chu thought about it for a while and told his wife what happened last night.
"If Liu Shu and others arrested those two people last night, would this matter be completely over?" Ding Qiunan asked
"Well, you can say that, if you want to arrest people, the rest is interrogation."
"That’s great. I can finally rest assured." Ding Qiunan clapped her hands happily. "Oh, by the way, you can go to the ward later and see if Qiaoyun will be discharged today."
"What did the gynecologist say?" Li Chubian asked over dinner.
"The doctor says it’s almost over, and there’s no point in resting and staying in the hospital."
Li Chu nodded, "ok, I’ll go and see if it’s better to go back and save aunts and run around every day."
Wife, how was your rest last night? Do you want to sleep for a while? "
"No, I slept well last night. I’m telling you, Li Chu, our daughter-in-law is very good."
"What ah how daughter-in-law" Li Chu said with a wry smile.

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