When the words were finished, the barefoot Taoist Lang smiled, and the whole person’s body was like smoke and fog, and then it dispersed, and I didn’t know how to escape to Fang.

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"It’s weird is this barefoot road flyover is a statue of Jin Xian overlord? I also heard from the demon queen that many Jin Xian overlords described the wilderness. Can you be impressed by this person? " Lu centrifugal doubts.
"Master Chu Yun what is the second step? This eccentric Taoist seems to know a lot of chasing! " Centrifugal think since Lu can chase it once, it is not impossible to intercept it again.
When the figure flashes, the mind waves are like soft silk, and they are scattered in an instant to find each other’s departure. Then, the strange light flashes from the eyes of the land, and the demon’s eyes are displayed, which directly presents a far-off scene. The whole body flashes silver and jumps away.
This demon’s eye-catching skill is naturally learned with the demon, and the combination of jumping skill is simply envy.
Catch a breath of each other, and you can find out what the other person is doing according to the demon eye observation technique, so you can chase directly by jumping. Usually, you have to go to places where you have been, and you can display jumping, which directly makes up for the shortcomings of jumping.
"Hey? Xiaoyou is coming again? How to pursue the road? " Road flyover barefoot asked with a smile.
Lu Li’s face sank. He didn’t expect that this jump would take a huge amount of money. It was Wan Li who jumped more than this. It seemed that he had come to the far west. It was a strange land far beyond the territory of the western regions, emitting an ancient and desolate atmosphere.
When the barefoot Taoist saw that he was silent, the whole person’s face suddenly turned serious and heavy. "There are words in your heart that confuse me. You are more confused, so it is also my expectation to pursue it."
"Can you help me out?" Lu Li still feels that the identity of this person is very suspicious.
The barefoot Taoist laughed at the smell and casually said, "I’m not good at answering questions, but I know a person who knows everything about this world. If you can accomplish what he asks, he can tell you even if you want to know the way to heaven."
"What?" Lu centrifugal vibration this barefoot road flyover discourse is too shocking.
Stepping on the heaven is a departure from the master Chu Yun’s belief that there are not many people who know, but this barefoot Taoist actually says things, which means something.
Seeing the doubts in Lu Li’s eyes, the barefoot Taoist laughed. "Are you planning to prove the authenticity of my words?"
When you are in the extreme west, even if it is thousands of miles away from the territory of the western regions, it is no wonder that it is so barren
His eyes were confused and then associated with past experiences. At this time, the first thought was that he met the mysterious female words of Ling Wa Nan in the sea area.
Lu Li didn’t know the details of Ling Zhanfeng’s daughter, but the words of the day really touched Lu Li greatly.
"Even if the daylights out of the flesh is left, there is a forty percent certainty that the lotus can be brought back from the dead-"This is the first time that the female words sounded even joking in the monk’s ear and would not believe it.
However, after experiencing a deadly robbery, the domain owners joined hands with each other and felt that the mystery of this world was far beyond their imagination.
Let’s say that the limit that a monk can do is to make people have a lot of imagination, not to mention many secrets in the wild.
At first, what I thought was just that I became a master of Xianxia and traveled to the three realms. The swordsmen lived a free and unfettered life, and I wanted to come to Xiangyun at will, which was somewhat similar.
Can be accompanied by the progress of the Golden Wonderland, many mysteries outside the wilderness, such as the mysterious ancient land, the mysterious origin of the exotic masters, the secrets of the nine realms and ten countries, and the experience of many strong people outside the country, which makes the land feel shocked.
Chu Yun, the great master, is not much to say, but the ancient master has the ability to make the gods cry. Recalling his purgatory experience that day, if an ancient master really got out of trouble, it would be like a child’s play to smash one side of the world.
Think about it. It’s a little scary that III has too many experiences of enlightenment, such as poor dreams, and many experiences have made Lu Li no longer immature
Chapter seventy-three The extreme west
"This is the extreme west, so if you bring me here, the man in your mouth is not far from here, right?" Lu Li kou Dao
Barefoot Taoist priest took a rather inquisitive look at the land and sank, "Xiaoyou, are you sure I forced you to come here instead of yourself?" To be honest, I was quite surprised when you showed up for a moment. "
Such a statement is speechless, and then he smiled and shook his head. "Yes, so I am abrupt. I don’t know what my name is?"
Road flyover barefoot smell speech don’t like oblique glance way "small treacherous meet many times also said that my predecessors how to become a cabinet? Tao is very unhappy. "
Lu Li heard a strange smile and blurted out, "I teased you once and you didn’t hear it, which made people secretly happy."

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