"Has the list of students who have strayed into the secret land come out?"

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"It’s all out. According to the number of signal receivers disappearing, we judge that a total of 35 students have strayed into the secret realm. In addition to the students who have returned to the base, he is also a field student. We have already taken them back."
"Thirty-five people …"
Liu Qingshan heard that thirty-five people were involved in the secret land, and his face became cloudy or sunny.
Everyone knows exactly what the representative of the Silver Mystery is.
In the best case, the energy response of this silver boundary comes from a silver treasure.
In this way, even if there are fierce beasts around, the guardian strength may not be strong.
In the worst case, the silver-level energy response in the immediate realm is emitted from a silver-level fierce beast.
If so, those students who are accidentally involved will be in danger.
Because the silver-level fierce beast is released into the wild, it is already a small leader.
There is bound to be a group of black iron or bronze fierce beasts following around.
For the students who generally have high-star black iron and low-star bronze pet beasts, a fierce beast with a silver level can crush them.
"Let the boundary-breaking group speed up the progress. Every second they speed up, the students have one more chance to survive."
Liu Qingshan looked at the list of students in his hand and couldn’t help thinking.
Qin Yueshuang, Liu Yuan … These students are thirty-five people who were accidentally involved in the land.
In the secret realm
I was very careful when I saw the former body Lu Yuan coming to explore.
Combined with the strange situation now, Liu Yuan has determined that he seems to be involved in the land of mystery.
The secret world is no stranger to people in this world.
Because the first time human beings meet fierce beasts, they meet them in secret places.
Due to the strong randomness and unpredictability of the arrival of the secret realm, the early arrival of the secret realm has brought great harm to mankind
At one time, a platinum-level secret land suddenly came to a big city, which was a disaster for people who didn’t pet animals at that time
A city with a population of one million has finally become a purgatory for people, and few people have survived.
The secret situation was reported by the media.
The purpose is to let everyone be careful. Once you encounter a secret situation, it is best to report it to the First Times.
And Liu Yuan is suspected to be involved in the land.
Otherwise, I can explain why I haven’t seen the wall of the battle camp after walking for so long.
Liu Yuan can sigh bad luck in his heart.
Who would have thought that a simple test would encounter a secret realm?
The odds are almost the same as winning the lottery.
Because I am not familiar with the land in front of me, I almost follow the direction of spiritual power.
The first rule of the secret realm is that where the spiritual power is strong, the secret realm key must be kept.
Otherwise, when Liu Yuan followed the direction of spiritual force, he soon encountered a situation.
"Xiaoyue wind blade!"
A vague figure in the fog is directing his pet beast to fight with a group of unknown creatures.
And this sound Liu Yuan accidentally felt a little familiar.
Without hesitation, Liu Yuan directly threw out his "exploration" while running in the direction of sound.
[… Template mismatch failed to add]
After the failure, a message appeared in Lu Yuan’s mind.
[carrion wolf]
[Attribute poison, dark]
"Grade bronze two stars"
Liu Yuan rushed out of the fog and soon saw a familiar figure.

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