Increasing virtual incentives is a disguised form for Huang Xiuyuan to give profits to employees, such as Lin Baijie and Jiang Hailin, who naturally won’t cheat themselves.

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Another thing happened to Huang Xiuyuan.
"In addition, the employee representative meeting and the board of directors should also develop as soon as possible. We should abandon the heroic historical view and gradually transition from my personal-centered enterprise model to the board of directors and employee representative meeting-centered enterprise model."
"This ….." Lin Baijie some accidents and some hesitation.
Huang Xiuyuan, the soul figure of Suiren, and Suirenji are deeply bound together, which can be said to be inseparable from each other
This business model depends on the ability to be a family member. If you meet a cheating heir, the business may decline rapidly.
Although Huang Xiuyuan is still very young, there have been no descendants, and many executives are really worried in their hearts.
"I know what you think! But there are some things we still have to plan ahead and get caught off guard by an accident. "
Lin Baijie sighed, "I respect your decision."
They discussed for more than three hours.
Before you know it, Huang Xiuyuan and Xiao Yingnan are left in the office of the willow twig outside the window. He looked at his watch and found that it was almost eleven o’clock.
I took a sip of slightly bitter tea and prepared to get up and go to the private room.
Always silent, Xiao Yingnan suddenly said, "It’s normal for Chairman Lin and them to worry. If you have no offspring for a long time, it will be very troublesome."
Huang Xiuyuan stopped. "What did they say to you?"
"Chairman, I know that you can’t have children naturally because of that medicine, but there is still no problem to be a test-tube baby." Xiao Yingnan said with courage after taking a deep breath at last.
"I am willing to be a test-tube baby."
"…" Huang Xiuyuan’s eyebrows are wrinkly. "Yingnan, you should know that I can’t give you fame and happiness because of the consequences."
"I have no regrets."
Looking at Xiao Yingnan, whose face was red and determined, he didn’t immediately agree, "Do you want to talk about it for another month! When I give you a month, I will agree if you still insist after a month. "
"Good" Xiao Yingnan nodded his head.
The combination of the two is very normal and suitable.
After all, Huang Xiuyuan’s secret Xiao Yingnan was exposed to too many secrets.
Without a close connection, everyone is not at ease. Only by combining Xiao Yingnan can the final gap be eliminated. Huang Xiuyuan has no crisis of future generations.
Chapter four hundred and forty-four Person of the Year
The day after New Year’s Day on January 2, 2013
Dakuku building
The annual economic figures conference is called here.
In the studio, 12 entrepreneurs who won the annual economic figures this year gathered in the first row.
Huang Xiuyuan, who has been on the list for three years, was surprised by his first attendance.
But they don’t know that Huang Xiuyuan here is just a robot in body double, and he is still in Shantou-Meiying camp.
Wow, haha, the boss of Tuanzong came with his daughter Zongli. He sat on the right hand side of Huang Xiuyuan and on the left hand side was Sany Heavy Industry Xiang Wenbo.
"Manager Huang, you are a rare visitor!" Boss Zong joked and then took his daughter and said, "Manager Huang, this is my daughter."
Although Zong Li doesn’t like the way of the world, she still wants to make things worse. Huang Xiuyuan is a model of Chinese entrepreneurs.
The mood of Huang Xiuyuan in the field is complicated, with admiration and admiration, as well as awe and fear.
"It’s a great honor to meet manager Huang, and I want to learn more from manager Huang." Zong Li said with a smile.
Huang Xiuyuan bluntly pointed out that "Ms. Zong has studied abroad, so we can consider a manager-assisted management. After all, my personal ability is limited, so I rarely manage the company directly."
Zongli was said to be slightly embarrassed.
Aside from the boss, Nai laughed, "My daughter is too proud and too straight, and then she wants manager Huang to take care of her more."
"You’re welcome."
When several people were talking, the first economic figure of the year spoke on the stage.
This man is a new face. He is an internet upstart, Qi Gangren, who just rose last year. His name is Hengguang Games, and his main business is online games.
The rise of Hengguang game is also beneficial to the lack of protection and good internet environment by the people and the network management center, and Hengguang game can become a Chinese food for Internet manufacturers.
Because time information does not attach importance to the game industry, the game industry in China was occupied by Penguin, Netease and Sohu.
However, with the decline of penguin face and the release of a large number of small and medium-sized game companies on the platform of Supertrust, it has sprung up like mushrooms after rain.
The constant light game aimed at the target, focused on some high-quality games, and bought a lot of second-level recommendations for time information.
After launching three popular online games, they took a ride out to sea with time information. The company’s daily running water reached 2.7 billion, which is the most profitable game company in China at present.
Holding a glass medal in one hand and a microphone in the other, Qi Gangren said with a little excitement, "… I am very honored to be the economic man of the year, and I am also very grateful to the company and the network management center for their help to the Internet industry."
"Hengguang can be developed with the efforts of the company and the help of the Internet environment, but now Hengguang is still too weak. In the future, we will invest heavily in new technologies for VR, information, animation and web development."
In the bottom front row, Xiang Wenbo turned his head and said with a smile, "It seems that he wants to recreate the rise of General Manager Huang!"
Huang Xiuyuan replied with a smile, "It is better to invest in technology research and development than to invest in usury and leek cutting. It is always far-sighted."
As soon as people around you listen to the implication, they know who this statement is about.
Boss Zong, the president of Zheshang Chamber of Commerce, said with a wry smile, "This matter of Mr. Huang Xiaoma is really inappropriate. His subversive theory has a great impact on the real economy."
Huang Xiuyuan shook his head. "If you want to destroy people, you must make them crazy. If you often walk by the river, how can you not get wet shoes? He can always subvert everything by himself, but he doesn’t know that some things can’t be moved."

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