The fusion tentacles also moved, and they chased towards Koran at a faster speed. The front end of each tentacle split, and thousands of tentacles shot out like arrows!

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"no! The speed is not enough! " It was almost a breath when Koran realized that he was bound to be caught by the tentacles before rushing out of the abyss. The speed was too fast, and even if his propellers were in good condition, he could not get rid of them.
But Kelan has one last card!
He pulled the trigger gun barrel "vortex Ⅰ" torpedo was launched immediately-but the target of the torpedo was not the square fusion tentacle but aimed at Kelan’s head exit!
When the torpedo was away from the gun barrel for a moment, the metal claw of the diving hand was firmly buckled. The "Vortex I" torpedo made it take 6 seconds for the jet crystallization engine to complete the acceleration process. Koran felt a pulling force enough to tear his arms off. One second from the torpedo surface, he had already rushed out of the abyss!
"Mao! !”
Dull collision came from behind, and the tentacles of the fusion body had hit the metal mesh of the abyss and continued to chase after it. The distance between the two sides was gradually narrowing!
"If you chase it out, you will be in trouble …"
Kelan, this fusion, was trapped in the abyss hatchery, but now it seems that the hatchery is just a place for it.
Maybe it’s the fusion of alienated larvae in the egg shell that keeps them from leaving the nest, but if it’s provoked, it’s hard to say …
The jet engine consumes a lot of energy, and the crystal energy in the torpedo is soon seen. Koran has to launch a second torpedo, but he still can’t get rid of the tentacles that are chasing after him …
"This thing is too persistent …" Kelan hugged the torpedo with one hand and threw a series of special incendiary bombs at the rear with the other hand. After a second, a fire wall several meters wide was blown up behind him to block those tentacles.
Molotov cocktails have a good effect on the fusion body, but they still have a good effect on these derived tentacles, which has been confirmed.
The fire wall helped Koran win nearly ten seconds when he shot the light beam along the searchlight. Koran had already seen the edge of this submarine plateau.
Chapter seventy-six Giant Nautilus
Finally, through the last energy of the torpedo, Koran finally crossed the edge line of the submarine plain … but the fusion body didn’t stop there. The huge tentacles directly crossed the border and continued to chase.
All the propellers of the deep dive have been scrapped, and there is no third vortex torpedo. He has lost all power, and he can watch the fusion tentacles getting closer and closer …
Finally, the card has been dropped, but he still can’t get out of danger.
"… this seems to be really finished" Koran some looked up at the sea in despair and made the final choice.
He released all the air from the deep diving airbag.
With the overall buoyancy greatly reduced, Kelan quickly sank towards the deep sea-this is his only means of moving at present. Although this is a one-way ticket with return, it is better than being dragged back to the hatchery by tentacles now.
He would rather be crushed to death by deep water pressure than become the food of that monster.
Looking at the cliff not far away along the edge of the submarine plain, Koran feels like jumping from a cliff-in the old era martial arts novels, the protagonist who jumped off the cliff won’t die, either he was accepted as an apprentice by a reclusive cliff master or he met someone with a beautiful figure and a good body, but his IQ was not so good, and he liked to be a girl …
But the problem is that … those protagonists don’t have thousands of times the atmospheric pressure when they jump off the cliff …
There are no real masters, no stunning beauties and no physical attack cheats here … There is despair and death here.
"… still can’t escape?"
The sinking speed is fast, but it is still much slower than the fusion tentacles. The distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer … Kelange will be captured by the tentacles before he is crushed to death by water pressure.
At this time, many giant creatures appeared in Kelan’s field of vision. These creatures had spiral carapace with a diameter of more than 30 meters on their backs. With dozens of strong tentacles protruding from the carapace, they clung to the cliffs outside the sea platform, forming a very spectacular scene-there were more than 100 individuals just where the searchlight lights could reach.
"Hey … there are so many giant nautilus here? !”
Although it is the first time for Kelan to see this creature, it is no stranger to human beings-in the past 50 years, more than 100 ships have sunk in the sea, resulting in half of the shipwrecks. This giant cephalopod looks like an enlarged nautilus.
These creatures usually live in waters of 500 to 1000 meters deep, but sometimes they go hunting in shallow waters. They are extremely ferocious and especially like to attack human ships, and they will attach themselves to the bottom of the ship to launch attacks. Unless the ship is destroyed together, most weapons will do nothing about them.
In human records, the giant nautilus often appears alone, but this place is inhabited by such a huge ethnic group that even Kelan can’t help but exclaim …
Perhaps the target was too small, and Koran didn’t attract the attention of the giant nautilus. Instead, he broke into their habitat and the fusion tentacles alarmed these creatures. They quickly gathered together and almost madly attacked the fusion tentacles!
"This … this is ok?" Koran was startled to see these giant nautilus pounce. Their tentacles were covered with barbed spines. Every time they waved, they could tear a lot of flesh and blood debris from the fusion tentacles. In a blink of an eye, clouds of black blood fog filled the sea.

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