"Well, even Jiamin’s rice cooker cooked soup yesterday afternoon, and the person hasn’t come back yet." I feel more and more uneasy and urged, "I accidentally broke the key in her house yesterday, so come to Dongxiang Community and let’s go in and have a look."

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Chapter four hundred and nine Cheating man
After about forty minutes, Lin Muxia drove to the cart door. She wondered, "Ling Yu, I wonder how you can have her house key?"
"Luckily, she turned to the key in her water meter cover." As I walked into the corridor, I explained, "It’s brittle when it’s rusted, and it can be broken with a little effort. I feel that she doesn’t even know this key."
"You talk about her situation carefully" Lin Muxia curious way.
I hesitated and briefly introduced, "Lian Jiamin, a 29-year-old husband, cheated on her during pregnancy and divorced after childbirth. She was alone with her child. When I returned from a mental hospital yesterday, I saw a car accident in the north of the city near the city center. Because there were few pedestrians, no one noticed the process. I carefully found that the clothes and blood of the deceased had left milky white liquid, and then I took it to Identification Bureau to give it to Lao Zhang. After the test result was Lian Jiamin’s milk, I came to her house and found a pot of stewed bone soup. I don’t know if it was a baby’s body
"Stewed soup? Didn’t return all night? "
Lin Muxia blinked and squatted in front of the door. It took a few seconds to take out the very thin metal clip from the handbag, and then she took out the broken key. Then she blew a sigh at the keyhole and some rust was saved. At this time, Lin Muxia took out the lock wire and put it into the keyhole door. The quality was average. She rubbed the lock with her fingers and successfully opened it!
I pulled the door, and the smell of meat disappeared all over the house, and it was replaced by a strong pungent smell.
"No, it’s full of gas!" Lin Muxia exclaimed lest there should be an explosion. She dragged me away from Lian Jiamin’s house and quickly retreated to the third floor.
Bang! At the same time, the violent roar sounded like the sky were to fall!
My eardrums hurt, and I felt that the whole building was shaking steadily. When my hearing recovered, it came to snow and burned. We rushed to the entrance of 41 and saw the door panels flying and crashing into the wall. All the glass in the living room, room and kitchen was shattered all over the place. The fire was quite fierce and the smoke choked my eyes.
I quickly took out my mobile phone and dialed 119. I was going to run into Lianjiamin’s bedroom and push out the stroller. When Lin Muxia reached out and stopped, "Don’t go too dangerous until the fire is put out."
Have no place to live and wait and see.
Then we went door to door and evacuated Building 5. Only Lian Jiamin lived in Room 42 on the same floor. No one responded to the crowd. After waiting for ten minutes, a fire truck drove into Building 5 in Dongxiang Community. The squad leader set up a ladder to organize the fire fighting. He asked me, "Is there anyone in the explosion room?" Is there anyone who hasn’t come out of the whole building? "
"No" I said.
"Oh, good"
The squad leader tried his best to direct the fire. When it was discovered, the fire didn’t reach it. It was quickly put out. Lin Muxia and I walked into Room 41, covering our noses. The messy appearance was visible. Even Jiamin’s family was like a coal cave. We stepped on the ground water and came to the kitchen. The rice cooker was flat and twisted, and the debris fell to the ground.
Lin Muxia put on gloves. She bent down to check carefully and shook her head. "The soup in the rice cooker was cleared before the incident. Before you left her house yesterday and came to us, she must have come back and deliberately released the gas in the tank. Once someone triggered the fire, it detonated."
"The bone soup is gone, and the stroller …" I splashed into the bedroom where the corpse was hidden, and the stroller with the refrigerator disappeared inexplicably.
The seventh year and I never left the room. When did Lian Jiamin sneak into 41? I suddenly flashed in my mind that the woman who entered 42 last night could she be Lian Jiamin! 41 and 42 are through? Then Lin Muxia and I searched the ruins of her house for a secret door, and finally found something fishy. The wall is about one meter high and one meter wide, but it is actually a low door with the same tiles around it, but it will make a muffled sound when it is knocked.
She easily pried the lock in front of Lin Muxia’s 42 door, and there was no smell of gas this time. We walked into the room and decorated it well, but there was no sign of human habitation. There was something similar to a doorknob next to the toilet, which could be twisted to open the secret door next door.
I’ve searched every corner, and even Jiamin’s refrigerated stroller is not there. Is she moving away like the bottom of our eyelids?
When I ran to the building, I woke up and slept in the co-pilot’s seventh year. "Have you seen a woman’s building in 42?"
Seven didn’t bother to open his eyes. He said in a daze, "There is one."
"She pushed a stroller? Or big bags carrying things? " Lin Muxia then asked
"no!" Daqi asserted that "women have nothing on their hands"
Lin Muxia cocked his head and thought, "Ling Yu, come with me." I went around with her to the 41 building in front of Building No.5 with a rope. She laughed. "Even Jiamin was careful enough to take the rope and drop what she needed."
"I forgot to tell you that after the death of six suicide patients in a mental hospital, the forensic doctors examined the bodies of all the people and left them in the mental hospital that night. The next morning, three dead people lost part of their limbs and were cremated. The forensic report was not recorded. This was the seventh year who told me." I stopped for a few seconds and speculated that "it is very likely that the deceased lost his forearm when she appeared at the scene of the car accident. It is also because of her work that her home is so close to the crime scene."
"There is no one living around the mental hospital. The wind can’t be so far on the night of the murder." Lin Muxia thought hard and she analyzed, "If she really cut off the limbs of mental patients, the truth about suicide in mental hospitals may also be related to her."
My eyes are full of mist. "Why did she steal physical strength? Special soup to drink? This is human flesh! "
Lin Muxia pulled the door and said, "Now let’s go to the traffic police brigade to check the road monitoring of Xiangqian Road. Maybe Lian Jiamin is still there."
On the seventh day, Lin Muxia and I arrived at the road monitoring center of the traffic police department. When the seventh day said that the 42 women’s building was about 3: 00 in the morning, we turned back from this time. The picture showed that at 3: 05, Lian Jiamin pushed the stroller out of Dongxiang Community. Because the video was not clear at night, it seemed that there were many things in the stroller.
In the dead of night, the street lamp is dim, and even Jiamin has been walking along the road to the north. There is a place where it is very strange that each line is fifty or sixty meters. She stops and lifts her short sleeves to show her bulging chest and makes a gesture of releasing milk.
I’ve seen spitting and urinating everywhere. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone milking anywhere.
I looked at Lin Muxia puzzled and asked, "What is Lian Jiamin doing?"
"Who knows?" She shrugged her shoulders.
The video kept switching pictures. Lian Jiamin came to a fork in the road. She looked around and there was no one else. Then she sneaked out the baby boy’s body in the stroller, lifted her clothes and kept the baby boy’s mouth close for half a minute. Lian Jiamin seemed angry. Her left hand stuck the baby boy’s neck, and her right hand slapped him a few times. Then she kissed two baby boy’s faces and stuffed him back into the stroller.
Lian Jiamin squeezed milk for dozens of seconds to tidy up her clothes.
She continued to push the cart to the north, and it didn’t take long for her to get out of the suburban area of the north of the city, and then she was photographed by the road monitoring method.
….. pit liver claw number.
Lin Muxia drove away first. I sent the seventh grade to the North Branch and returned to die. I knocked at the office door. Lin Muxia sat in front of her head and looked up Lian Jiamin’s information. She suddenly clapped her hands and said, "I found something!"
"What clue?" I drank the saliva way

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