Next to the virtual vibration, the yin scattered people came out of the case and smiled. Li Xun glanced at her heart but thought that if the little girl was to be taken away, the yin scattered people would have to be separated from him for a while, and the distance between them was likely to exceed 10 million miles. This doubt was an adventure.

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But then I thought that his strict control over Yin San people was an experiment if he felt bad and forced her to take it back. Otherwise, it would be really embarrassing to cram for help in the future if there were similar situations.
He made a conclusion in his heart and added, "If everything goes well, send her to Wuyin Xuan, where there is water butterfly orchid and watch me."
See Yin scattered people ChuiShou should Li Jue long one breath in my heart, but I thought that I was still bedridden, and I didn’t want to talk any more. My eyes were leaning against the chair, and the people scattered in the shade knowingly moved behind him, and my fingers rubbed his head and shoulders, and my priorities were all unsatisfactory.
Li Jue, who was waited on by Yin San’s ingenious technique, felt comfortable and groaned unconsciously.
Wait until the pleasure appears more smoothly before he says again, "Thank you for your hand that night …"
He refers to Shan Zhi’s leaning to the mountain wind in front of him. That’s what Yin San wrote. It’s really unnoticed.
Yin San people don’t care about this. The hand keeps laughing. "I didn’t expect you to be soft-hearted when you were soft-hearted. What is the reason? He is very similar to you? "
Li Xun’s head tilted back slightly, and his eyes were like a blade. He suddenly remembered that he was angry because of his single wisdom and decided to write the forbidden scriptures a few days ago, but his cheeks twitched and he smiled. First, he was somewhat emotional and somewhat self-deprecating
The cloudy and scattered people’s eyes turned and all his expressions came into their eyes. Suddenly, they changed the topic and said, "If you divide the monks in this boundary into two categories, what should you do?"
"Men’s and women’s training" Li Xun is obviously not interested in talking and lazy.
Yin San people laughed brightly. "If there are two kinds of mistakes, they are either white or confused about what they can and should do." You don’t have to say anything if you are confused. Do you think you are white or confused? "
A little interested and dissatisfied, Li Xun hummed, "Am I white or confused in your eyes?"
"It’s the easiest thing to find out." Yin San smiled and released his hand like a jade tube, pointing to a tall tree branch outside the window, and several bird nests were quite conspicuous in the winter snow. "Did you break these bird nests?"
Li Xun glanced at how many chicks were there, then frowned and said, "What’s the point?"
Yin San people heard the words and laughed. "Don’t those birds become noisy when winter goes and spring comes?"
Unconsciously turned supercilious look Li Xun is really happy with anger "chat to death! I don’t care if they are idle! "
"oh? Even today, if there is a crow croaking on your head when you are depressed, don’t you care? "
Li Jue raised his eyebrows. It’s really hard to say what the result will be, but it also has nothing to do with those chicks who still don’t know whether they can spend the winter. He can think about it for several layers, and the more he feels that cuhk has a mystery, the more he can’t help thinking about it seriously.
"She said I didn’t know how to calculate short-sighted? Or is it that the demons are indispensable for decision?
Or is the realm still low and you can’t see the middle mystery? "
All these thoughts seem to have some truth, but none of them can make sense. His mind turned around and returned to the question of "white and confused". "If I really destroyed those bird’s nests, would it be confused or white?" It must be stupid, but it seems that there is no harm in doing it … Disadvantages? "
He suddenly had a glimmer of light in his heart. "I didn’t see any harm, but it didn’t do any good. The world is still this bad thing. If I think about it, it will be white and confused."
It happened that these things can be seen everywhere and avoided, so what should I do to benefit me? "
I’m afraid this thought is a hundred times more complicated than the article just now, but Li Xun thinks more and more confused. He feels that this seems to be the way to deduce the magical power of the cat. He now realizes that I’m afraid even fur is not natural, and the more he thinks about it, the more confused he is, and finally he is at a loss.
Yin San’s strength is slightly heavier, but the tone is more and more from "you and I are always harming others and benefiting ourselves, but this is still necessary to distinguish clearly that things are never black and white, and naturally they cannot be simply divided into’ benefits’ and’ disadvantages’.
"If you can’t tell things clearly, it’s hopeless to know the truth yourself."
Li Jue pondered for a moment before laughing. "According to you, the water mirror Sect’s means of spying on the cat’s nest, seeking advantages and avoiding evil has made them all a bunch of confused eggs?"
"Otherwise, how many times do you think of water mirror cases for yourself? Most of the world is still the outsider who knows the same thing. From another point of view, it is very different. Speaking of it, this is also the way to save your life! "
It’s just that Li Xun couldn’t help laughing as soon as he came out. "People say it’s okay, but it’s ridiculous for you to say this word. Hey, it’s not just lip service!"
Yin San people don’t mind smiling at Li Jue. "If you want to save your life and talk about breakthroughs and soaring? In fact, you have to stay in the fog and hide for thousands of years to ensure that no one can resist you. That is the highest way to protect yourself, but will you?
"What we say is by no means a life-saving method, but a truth of changing one’s life in spite of difficulties."
That’s a rare tone! At this moment, the scattered people will never be puppets at the mercy of others. Even if Li Xun needs an idea to make her go up in smoke, but seeing her speech tolerance at this time, she has forgotten the subtle embarrassment of the two.
"White people may not be able to soar, but they must all be white people. Even if he has Zhong Yin’s repair, he will die sooner or later."
Yin San’s lips are cold and staring at Li Xun’s face with a smile. "Where do you know the difference between white and confused?"
At first glance, it was an inquiry, but just now she made it so clear that if Li Xun couldn’t answer it again, he could draw his sword and kill himself. "The key to not being profitable or unfavorable is not being able to distinguish clearly and not being able to distinguish clearly …"
This tongue twister seems to understand that Li Xun can’t help but want to laugh and scatter people, but he nods slightly and primly. "There is also a section where everything is limited by the world and the person is limited by the world. After all, it is still difficult to distinguish between less and more, so it can be extended to distinguish how to do two things; What if you can’t tell? "
Li Jue interrupted her with a wave of his hand, and his face was Gherardini. "I see. You mean I should be cautious when I treat Shan Zhi, but I should not be cruel when I am cruel, so I will not humiliate myself at both ends of the first mouse, right?"
Yin San smiled gently and moved to his shoulder like a snake with ten fingers, then gently rubbed it through several warm channels to activate meridians, and then said, "This is a small matter after all, but it’s rare that you can connect it. It’s not all that simple. Take ten thousand steps back. Even if these things are clear and white, can you guarantee that all of them are well done?"
"There is one thing that is badly done, and how many changes are involved in the interest exchange immediately? Not to mention the majority, what should you do if you can’t distinguish the interests? "
Li Xun pondered for a long time, but he couldn’t find a way to withstand scrutiny.
It’s a little sly to laugh at people who are scattered in yin. "It’s simple and not much, that’s all."
"Not much?"
Li Xun wanted to laugh, but he didn’t laugh after all. At this time, he had vaguely felt some unspeakable pressure behind these three words.
"The so-called" not much "is more plain, that is, things that are sure to do and things that are not sure to hide!
Knowing the priorities and knowing the limits of one’s own strength can be described as wisdom. "
Speaking of which, seeing Li Jue’s lips and teeth slightly parted seems to refute her and said, "Of course, there are some things in the world that can’t be avoided, but they can’t distinguish the interests. At that time, it is the greatest price to do it directly, that is, don’t you do it yourself?" If you have the ability, you will see God if you have no ability! "
Li Xun’s eyes widened and he didn’t know whether he should applaud this "fallacy"
Yin San people continue to smile. "Of course, when you encounter this kind of trouble, you still have to have such a kind of consciousness. The less parties involved, the better, the shorter the solution, and the cleaner the things are!
"Simply say a word to kill variables as much as possible and control the development of the situation in your own hands.
"If you can continue this method for a hundred years and a thousand years, you will feel that the world you are facing is cleaner than it is from the outside, and it is polluted by the dust of the clean glass outside the body, which is also the ultimate way to rise!"
Listening to her talk about soaring, there is a so-called "Tao" contaminated by clean glass. Li Xun also forget it. What’s the strange smell coming out of this practice?
Li Xun thought it over again and suddenly said, "Most of this is still your conjecture, otherwise you wouldn’t have fallen into this field!"
Yin San people seem to be unaware that the finger strength has not changed. It is cool to say, "Everything is difficult. Everyone knows these truths not from the womb."
"If you want to emerge from the millions of monks, you should not only practice" three transformations and two realities ",but also roll around and hone the world. When the strength is enough, the truth is clear, but the dust silk is also contaminated with thousands of ties, how can it be easily broken?
"I was scattered by my sister, rebelled by jade, and provoked Zhong Yin by retrograde, and Zhong Yin was involved in you so closely, but I didn’t say it was because of you."
At this point, her hand stopped suddenly and smiled brightly. "Of course, I admit that when I met you, I really couldn’t tell the trouble clearly, but I didn’t see through the interests until the end of my hand was clean. It’s true that I fell into this field!"
Li Xun knew that she was flattering, but she also had a big heart. Ha ha a smile. She reached out and took hold of her jade-necked beauty. She pressed her lips and twisted her lips, but her heart was clear.
"Interests, variables … how many things I have done in the past 70 years can meet this standard?"
That’s a really depressing answer.
After several days of intermittent snow, it finally stopped completely, and it was a clear sunny day. It was surprisingly clear, and even a trace of clouds could not be seen. It was so dazzling that Li Xun and his party were far away from even Xiashan and flew quietly.
Matsumoto was grounded because of a single-minded matter, which made Zongmen unprepared to lead a team to Luonanchuan. He had to stay and deal with Zongmen’s affairs, and his left-behind strength was damaged. Before going to the Water Mirror Conference, he bowed his head.

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