Guanyin Bodhisattva said that the West Sea was remote, which was also a euphemism for Guanyin Bodhisattva’s speech. Actually, the dragon in the West Sea was self-contained and had no communication with the outside world. After just over ten years, they didn’t react at all. What happened in the Three Realms? If nine head worm hadn’t attacked the West Sea and the West Sea Dragon King under the banner of Heaven, he wouldn’t have heard of the name of Heaven.

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The Dragon King of the West Sea was in a stable mood because of the words of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Sometimes Moan Taibi looked at the sky and asked, "Are you the Buddha?" Nine head worm attacked the West Sea on your orders? "
God said that the situation was "nine head worm arbitrarily flaunted my banner, and he and I didn’t. I came to Xihai this time to deal with this matter."
After that, he also made a special statement: "Personally, I am very willing to get along with the dragon."
The dragon king of the West Sea suddenly felt his heart thumped for a day. It is definitely not a good thing for the four seas dragons to say such a thing.
Courtesy requires something.
God, that’s a lot to ask for with such a big shot attitude.
"Tianshi Zun, our dragon ancestors made great wishes to Heaven many years ago, wishing that all beings in the world would never intervene in the three realms."
The west sea dragon king is very unintelligent but very firmly said
Nine head worm is a trouble for the West Sea Dragon King, but it is not difficult for the dragon to make nine head worm disappear. It depends on whether it is worth it or not, but the sky is different and it is a great trouble for the whole dragon.
Maybe all the dragons may perish because of this.
It’s no joke that the magic goes up and the Tao goes down for 33 years. With the blessing of heaven, even the Tathagata Buddha has to avoid the edge of the sky, and his strength and terror can be imagined.
Moreover, the dragon has been really afraid of the so-called destiny of heaven since the ancient times.
The west sea dragon king dare not let the sky drag the dragon into doom again.
Chapter 29 Industry Fire Red-violet Nezha’s thoughtlessness
After a big robbery, the dragon is very aware that the disaster is terrible.
I think that the interception of Wanxian came to the DPRK in those days, and the array of Wanxian was even more powerful. As a result, the number of interception in heaven was so large that it could be ashes.
God saw the West Sea Dragon King, who was so timid and determined, and felt a little shy. "I am willing to get along with the Dragon because you are not in my way, and I have no reason to be enemies with you. It is not what I want you to do."
"I’ve come to Xihai to solve the problem of nine head worm, and one more thing is to ask the dragon for a treasure."
In order to prevent the West Sea Dragon King from thinking about heaven, he said his purpose directly with a calm face.
The Dragon King of the West Sea is troubled by nine head worm. Heaven can solve nine head worm. Naturally, he is happy. It is the day when he says that he wants to ask the dragon for a treasure. Suddenly, he is a little scared.
The dragon is rich in the four seas, and the Dragon Palace in the West Sea alone can take out several treasures to get rid of this peerless devil, and the West Sea Dragon King is willing to do it.
It is said that it is necessary to ask the dragon for a treasure, which is even not simple.
Combined with the truth that courtesy demands something from others, the West Sea Dragon King will definitely make it difficult for the four seas dragons to ask for this treasure.
The dragon king of the West Sea hesitated for a moment and then asked, "God, which treasure do you want from the dragon?"
"The fire is red-violet!"
On the same day, Guanyin Bodhisattva was shocked when she said the name of Yehuo Honglian. Moang didn’t show it, but the West Sea Dragon King looked horrified.
The dragon king of the West Sea looked at the sky in surprise. "Buddha, how do you know that the red-violet dragon has the fire?"
The fire red-violet is different from ordinary treasures. Only the four seas dragon king knows it, and the most important thing is to suppress the grievances of the four seas aquarium in the eyes of the fire red-violet in the four seas. In ancient times, some great demons were important to this heavenly way, and they found out where the fire red-violet was.
But now I actually know that the fire red-violet is in the hands of the four dragons.
Heaven said, "I have the extinct black lotus and the meritorious golden lotus, and I have a certain feeling for the red lotus."
It is not wrong to say that heaven would not have left the fire, red-violet and violet to his place if it had not achieved merit.
When the Dragon King of the West Sea heard this, he revealed a wry smile. This is really a dragon’s home, and it is extremely important for the four dragons to sit in a pot and fall from the sky.
A hundred years ago, the Dinghai Shenzhen ended its mission. When it was time to be born, the Suolong people simply sent the Dinghai Shenzhen out to form a good relationship with Lingshan Buddhism.
After all, at that time, Sun Wu’s position as the Buddha’s protector was decided by the king, and it was a fight to defeat the Buddha’s protector. The Buddha couldn’t bear this feeling, and only then would a small white dragon join the westward journey.
However, the fire red-violet is not the same as the anchor needle. Sending the anchor needle out that day just caused the waves to roll in the sea for a while. If the fire red-violet is taken away by heaven, the people of all countries will be afraid of a catastrophe.
God saw the West Sea Dragon King’s distress and gentle attitude, saying, "I know that the fire red-violet is very important. When I take it away, I will definitely make a million moves."
The West Sea Dragon King smiled bitterly and dragged the word "Buddha, this matter is very important. Xiaolong should discuss it with the other three brothers."
He didn’t want to promise Heaven, but he didn’t dare to refuse Heaven. He wanted to invite his other three brothers over first to discuss how to deal with it.
After expressing his intention, the Dragon King of the West Sea said to Tianhe Guanyin Bodhisattva with courtesy, "Please ask the Buddha and Master Guanyin to rest in my Dragon Palace first."
Heaven nodded and Guanyin Bodhisattva followed the people of the West Sea Dragon Palace into the Dragon Palace.
The reception hall of Moang hosted Tianhe Guanyin, and the West Sea Dragon King summoned the other three brothers to discuss today’s affairs with them.
After the arrival of the day, this trouble in nine head worm is nothing.
Nine head worm is an ancient alien, but their dragon is still an ancient alien. As the saying goes, a thin camel is easier to bully than a real dragon, but nine head worm is out of his mind.
Tian He and Guanyin Bodhisattva sat together to taste the delicious food in the Dragon Palace in the West Sea. By the way, I noted the situation of Nezha, the great god of the three altars.
Tianyuan god black lotus Nezha body what happened on her side nature from him.
Since Nezha was taken to the underworld, she has tried every means to escape. One day, the black robe ordered to pretend to hunt down Nezha, so that Nezha would not be killed by the underworld machine and strict guards. He specially arranged for Nezha to meet Ainava, and then he and Ainava co-starred in a play to send Nezha out of the underworld.
In the original plot, after Nezha escaped from the underworld, she was chased by the fake Nezha who pretended to be her. If it was normal, Nezha wouldn’t be so embarrassed, but although she had a special physique, the mana suppression was not so simple. She recovered her ability to act, but she did not have a magic weapon to fight back against the fake Nezha.
Nowadays, there is no fake Nezha to hunt her down, but there is a black robe to hunt her down in Nezha. Or, as in the original plot, she mistakenly entered Buzhoushan and saw the chess game between Tsing Yi and Mayi.
Not Zhoushan is Tianzhu. There is also an ancient god with extraordinary status in it-Gong Gong was sent to Not Zhoushan a long time ago.

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