Lu Xuedong explained his solution, that is, to burn a multi-layer directory for glass discs.

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If it is a one-square-decimeter glass disc, this glass disc is partially cut into one area and one area directory area, which records the information directory of his 99 areas.
When specific data is needed, the directory area can be searched first, and then the reader locks the corresponding area to achieve the effect of reading the target data quickly.
Although it takes up 1% of the area, it is more cost-effective for a large number of glass discs to sacrifice this amount for faster reading speed.
You can find the required information accurately in a few seconds. In addition, if you are doing a large database, you can also set up a master directory disk to specifically determine which glass disc contains what information.
"This method is good." Huang Xiuyuan affirmed this solution.
Lin Baijie thought of another question: "Will Guozhong Glass CD and existing hardware experience be inconsistent?"
"Don’t worry that readers and recorders can switch to various formats of hardware. After all, everyone’s foundation is derived from binary," Miao Guozhong explained.
After listening to the explanation, Lin Baijie had a preliminary commercialization evaluation. "It seems that the glass disc technology is relatively mature, and I will let the technology transformation team make a detailed evaluation and come up with a perfect commercialization plan."
"But it is certain that glass discs will replace tape reels." Huang Xiuyuan also nodded in agreement.
As far as the current media market is concerned, 1 mobile hard disk needs 34 yuan, 1 solid-state hard disk needs 1 yuan, and 1 tape needs 34 yuan.
According to the evaluation of the Ministry of Scientific Research, 1 glass disc is about 5~7 yuan.
Whether it is quantity or quantity, data stability, service life, reading speed, and matching glass discs all kill the tape.
If you can’t modify the recording, even the desktop hard disk will be slaughtered by the glass disc.
Huang Xiuyuan made a decision to "produce a batch of time information and then prepare to launch the market"
"Is Huang Zong’s glass and optical disc industry classified as a dragon totem or not?" Lin Baijie quickly asked
"Row to the dragon totem!"
Miao Guozhong suddenly got excited and entered the commercialization, which also means that their team has a glass disc patent dividend and it is estimated that they can also get shares in the company
His tone is a little shaky, and it is more difficult to suppress excitement. "Mr. Huang, please name the glass disc!"
Huang Xiuyuan pondered for a moment and said a name "Then call it Glass Dragon!"! Glass creates a dragon. "
"That’s a good name." Lin Baijie laughed.
Finally, Huang Xiuyuan encouraged Miao Guozhong and others and told them to continue in-depth research and development in a modifiable and more massive direction.
If the glass disc can be modified and burned, the desktop brain data will definitely have a glass disc all over the floor.
Lu Xuedong inspected the glass disc laboratory and took Huang Xiuyuan and Lin Baijie to his laboratories to learn about the current progress of various scientific research projects.
After a whole day’s investigation, Huang Xiuyuan had a rough understanding of the scientific research progress of Suiren Company.
In the evening, he returned to the office after having dinner with Lin Baijie and others to think about a recent scientific research worker.
Zhang lei knocked on the door.
"Come in"
"General Manager Huang’s invitation email to the United Nations Climate Negotiation Conference" Zhang lei handed over a printed invitation email.
Huang Xiuyuan didn’t fight, but put it aside. "Are you inviting me to Bonn, Germany?"
"When the meeting was held, it was from January 1st to April 14th."
Huang Xiuyuan ordered, "Just say that I can’t arrange my trip, and let Li Guizhao continue to lead the team to attend Li Guizhao. Say less and watch more communication with the official team, and don’t promise and express opinions at will."
"I’ll tell Vice President Li Bai."
Suddenly Huang Xiuyuan woke up and said, "When we get to the local area, let them not go out alone and do a good job of recording and video recording with the visitors, so as not to be jumped by the fairy."
"White" Zhang lei nodded quickly.
Soon Huang Xiuyuan was left alone in the office, thinking calmly.
The wind in July is noisy and hot.
The night outside the window is so dark and obscure.
There are moons and stars in the night.
There are also scrap metal in the dead pond and the scavenger rat.
As the night grew deeper and deeper, there was a flash of thunder and lightning, followed by a flurry of rain beating against the glass window. This morning, the night rain was long and distant, and Li Guanghui cut through the long darkness.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Glass dragon (2)
Hongcao Town, Shanmei Urban Area
Not far from the headquarters of Suiren Company and the scientific research area, about 2 kilometers away, a semiconductor base covering an area of more than 5,000 mu has leveled the ground.
A large number of concrete frame and steel structure workshops have been built in the middle third area, and Pengcheng Zhongjian Company and several other engineering contracting companies are building step by step.
Last year and this year, Jiang Mingzhang, a special line with Suiren Company, won 1.3 billion contracts, a large number of instruments and equipment and laboratory construction, all of which are money.
Moreover, the price of Suiren Company is relatively good, and there is no default in project payment, which is simply the dream of engineering contracting enterprises to seek cooperation.
Now, the inspection company in the semiconductor base under construction must satisfy Suiren Company if Jiang Mingzhang takes the seat himself.
The name of this semiconductor base is Dragon Totem Semiconductor Base.
The president of Longtengteng Company is the vice president of the head office, and Zhang Weixin, the technical executive officer, is appraised by Zhang Jing of the semiconductor micro-circuit laboratory.
Zhang Weixin and Jiang Mingzhang and others discussed the engineering and equipment and came to a factory building that has been put into use.

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