Most of them are mined by various continents and oceans.

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There is a medicine tripod in the backyard.
"Bear, you and ginseng doll, they go and get the carbon."
The bear outside the door couldn’t help but change his face. "Master is going to cook those bird droppings again!"
"Go quickly"
"oh oh"
Immediately, the three of them rushed to the warehouse, and there were many mountains of burnt charcoal in Niu Shan, Yuan Da.
Bear two ginseng dolls each took a pile and sent it to Dan’s room.
"Go, don’t go near here."
The three little guys ran away, and they certainly won’t come near.
After closing the door, Wu Ming put charcoal for quenching.
Take three jade bottles from the shelf, each of which contains one thousand kilograms of bird droppings.
Nowadays, it is not surprising that there are such treasures as Gan Kun and Huang Hua, watering the flowers and feeding the tiger with manure.
Poured into the tripod, suddenly a pungent smell came out of generate.
"Oh, look at the sample and teach Bear how to make an alchemist."
When the small fire boils slowly, it will be added to the mother river and then handed over to the heat.
Wu Ming was afraid that the toxicity would spread and harm the people in the mountains, so he closed the door, but the smell was too strong and he had to close the five senses.
Sit quietly in front of the tripod and retreat while adding charcoal fire.
It’s the water vapor that permeates Wu’s body.
It’s been a long time since the immortal body was invulnerable to fire and water, but it’s wet with the water vapor, and it’s hard to remember the time.
In a trance, I suddenly heard it.
"I’ll teach you a word in the door? But please ask the fairy to help Luan to ask Bu Yi if she can know how to get lucky and avoid evil. "
Another smell: "Can you live forever like this?"
"can’t, can’t"
"Don’t learn! Don’t learn! "
Wu Ming Xuan opened his eyes as soon as he got there.
This is Samsung Cave!
Sure enough, I saw the ancestor sitting on the high platform and sitting in front of the immortals. It was a monkey scratching its head.
The patriarch suddenly turned his head and glanced at Wu Ming, then sat down. Bodhisattva smiled and asked Wu, "Teach you how to flow in the door?"
After Wu asked if he could live forever, he shook his head and refused
Wu Ming sits in the distance and all the immortals can’t see him.
He said the static gate and the dynamic gate.
"Can you live forever?"
The founder said, "There is a shadow in the water for a long month. Although it is seen, it will be heard in the end."
"Don’t learn or learn!"
Wu Ming looks funny. This belongs to the monkey’s fate law. If you dare to be choosy, you will be thrown out if you don’t learn it. It happened that if the monkey really learned these deviant ways, it would be a real fate.
For example, the three tigers in the original work
It’s true that you can break through the side door and see the moon and cherish the road of life
Wu Ming suddenly had some enlightenment.
The ancestor jumped on the high platform and pointed to the enlightenment with a ruler. "What are you doing if you don’t learn like that?"
Bang bang bang!
When he came forward, he hit Wu Tou three times and went to the public to get started.
"You’re a Po Hou. Master has blessed you with spells. Why don’t you learn this and then learn to be picky?"
"It’s extremely true that all the other disciples learn these things. Why don’t you learn them?"
"I don’t know when he will come out after all this excitement. I’ll wait for the sermon!"
The public complained that he was really a wild monkey, and no one left him.
Wu didn’t have sex with the audience, and people didn’t scold or annoy them, but they all smiled back.
One otherness and the other have broken the mystery of the founder’s plate.
Wu Ming walked over to watch.
"Little brother, are you also looking for a way from your ancestors?"
Enlightenment suddenly said
Wu Ming was stunned. "Can you see me?"
Okay, you’re the main character. You’re amazing.
"Seek skill without seeking Tao"
His own way is to learn seventy-two changes. The bodhi old zu said that if he could find this place, he would not count seventy-two changes.
Wu didn’t say much about it, but he left.
Playing outside the hole, hoping that the sky will scratch its head and make it impossible to sit still.
Wu Ming doesn’t join in the fun. There are many jade pavilions in Qionglou, so let’s enjoy it.
At dusk, the public woke up and slept in the catnap bed until about the time when they got up, secretly dressed, stole the front door and stopped by the back door to see the door, which was half a joy.
"The teacher really told me to go quickly."
Wu Ming hid from the distant tree and saw it, but he didn’t rush in
Tree meditation

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