Out of the enlightenment hall after JiYingXue three people hurriedly to meet up.

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"how about it? How’s the apprenticeship going? "
"Well, it went well … the teacher elder sister Ying Xue recommended me that … it was …" Xiao Fan didn’t know that it should be in shape.
"It’s really amazing, isn’t it?" Jiyingxue laughed badly.
"Elder martial sister, you know that you still want me to worship his teacher?" Xiao Fan asked with a wry smile.
"Don’t look at his temper like that, but there are definitely several advantages to worshipping his teacher!" Qi Yingxue said solemnly, "First, although he was lower than his elders, his strength was not bad. One thousand years ago, he was ranked first among the 200 elite brothers at that time!"
"Second, he doesn’t have to be at home with him in an informal way, and others are generous. If you want to learn, he will definitely teach you a few things and never hide anything."
"Third, he is very defensive. Although you have a younger brother, I heard that he had a younger brother hundreds of years ago. Although he was fierce to that younger brother, he was better than his father. Unfortunately, that younger brother never took an apprentice after he fell in an accident."
"So that’s it!" Xiao Fan suddenly realized.
"Well, you can go back to the door and find your own hospital. I hope you can go to Yingxue Peak in three days if it’s convenient. I have a little thing and I want to ask you for help. Can you?" JiYing snow hesitated a slowly said …
"Er … the teacher elder sister Ying Xue has something to ask me for help? I don’t know what can help the teacher elder sister? " Xiao Fan really asked one leng.
How can Xiao Fan not be white about the truth that people eat people by means of people and have short mouths?
This Jiyingxue saved himself and went all the way to be nice to himself. Before Xiao Fan was always puzzled, it was not enough for Zhang Ling to give himself reasons. This time, he suddenly realized.
"Let’s talk about it in three specific days. I hope that the younger brother will not refuse!" Jiyingxue smiled.
"Don’t worry, senior sister, I’ll report it to you on my own. I’ll visit Yingxuefeng in three days!" Xiao Fan fists a hug way
"So good, then I’ll see you in three days!" Jiyingxue said that her feet suddenly blew a small whirlwind followed by several cyclones and conjured up a long sword. She flew straight up and disappeared from sight in an instant.
"What can I do for her to study so advanced?" Xiao Fan couldn’t help being suspicious.
"Well every belly! No matter how good she was to you before, you can’t help but be cautious and careful to go further! " Malaria said earnestly
"I know, but I have to play it by ear when I get there!" Xiao Fan nodded his head.
Xiao Fan was assigned to a house after Zhang Ling and Huo Qing came to the door.
Everyone has a separate house, a retreat room, a Dan room, and a magic training ground. What’s more, there is a spiritual spring well, and an acre of spiritual grassland is full of vitality.
If my brother is in a refugee camp, his residence is the foreign mansion!
Chapter 3 Master Brother Gu Ning
"This place is good!" Xiao Fan took a deep breath in his own house and was very emotional.
A few years ago, he was still alone with the main saddle, never thinking that he would have his own house one day, and he was even more respected as a disciple of Chengqingyang Sect.
You know, if a fairy practitioner moves his heart, even at the lowest level, in the early days of gathering gas, the monarch of any dynasty will be a guest in the mortal world.
In most mortal dynasties, most of them are not proficient in learning art, or those who are advanced in looking for immortality are eager to live a full life with only their remaining life.
"Xiao Fan, brother, come to me if you have something next to me in my house!" Huo Qing said that he left.
My daughter’s house is another mountain, and Zhang Ling is leaving there.
Three days passed quickly.
Xiao Fan got malaria from the ancestral hall and learned a spell. Because of his intentional poison crystal body and various attributes, it is also very easy to understand the principle of never leaving the same family. You should be familiar with these spells several times before you can cast them out.
There are hundreds of peaks in Qingyang Sect, most of which are directly shaped by Yuanli and distributed to elite brothers for practice.
It can also be seen that the treatment of brothers in different realms is so different!
Therefore, the ten highest peaks in the back mountain of Qingyang Sect are even more purple, which is the practice place of the top ten elite brothers in Qingyang Sect!
"Hum, this is a really good place to practice. It’s much better than your shabby house now!" Malaria murmured
"Don’t worry. Sooner or later, there will be a mountain here that is mine and the highest ten!" Xiao Fan confidently said that he walked towards a mountain with a snowy peak.
Yingxue Peak is the name of Qi Yingxue before it changed its name, but when Qi Yingxue became the owner here, it was the most famous among the ten peaks!
Because her master is the only female elder in Qingyang Sect!
Even more, because of her talent and intelligence, she reached the realm of Hua Dan in less than a hundred years, and after two hundred years, she was one step away from the broken wall period!
Moreover, the position of Qingyang in the third place has never changed!
Xiao Fan suddenly felt a happy feeling when he stepped on the snow peak, which was a rare relaxation in his body.
"I didn’t expect so many magic flowers to be planted here. This kind of flower was very rare tens of thousands of years ago. I didn’t expect it to be so worthless at this time!" Malaria suddenly said
Xiao Fan didn’t notice that there was a pale white flower planted all over the mountains. The flower had three leaves and the middle stamen was rare. The faint fragrance in the purple gas emanated from these flowers.
"This kind of flower was rare at that time?" Xiao Fan casually picked a flower and toyed with it.
"Well, the name of this flower, the more magical flower, has the effect of purifying the mind. You know, people in the right path pay great attention to exorcising demons. When they reach the Yuanling period and the Conformal period, they will face two natural disasters. After all, the immortal cultivation is going against the sky and is doomed to be punished by heaven!"
"And these two times, the heavenly streets were robbed by demons, and the power of heavenly robbery would expand the demons of the immortals and lead to self-destruction. However, in order to survive the demons safely, we must find his auxiliary means. This magic flower is a good thing to suppress demons!"
"oh? When I want to cross the sky, I should come and ask for some magic flowers! " Xiao Fan suddenly enlighted picked his eyebrows way
"You? What do you need this thing for? " Malaria or said

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