"It’s so rigorous, it’s almost impenetrable. A fly flying over can tell whether it’s male or female … unless it’s in Dandao, it’s difficult to sneak in." Mo Xiaocheng murmured.

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Amanda heard him jabber and couldn’t hear what he said, so she asked, "What did you say, dear?"
"No, I admire the beauty of the manor." Mo Xiaocheng casually said.
The whole manor building is a retro style, similar to the ancient English architecture in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and full of wonderful feeling of time traveling to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
There are hardworking gardeners around the cobblestone path with massage function to repair flowers and plants.
Walking into the retro manor is completely new, as if from ancient times to modern times. The roof is no longer retro, but full of modern technology. The ceiling, lamps, carpets and surrounding walls are different.
For example, Arisha casually pressed a button, and the ivory walls on all sides immediately turned pink. Then, a large screen of nearly 50 inches suddenly appeared on the flat wall, which turned out to be visual.
At this time, it was just a few days ago that the video of the Los Angeles Wushu Competition was replayed.
Arisha laughed. "Mr. Mo Xiaocheng, you won the championship in the Los Angeles Wushu Competition a few days ago. It’s very good."
Mo Xiaocheng waved his hand, "I happen to be seven points lucky, three points strength is not an achievement, and among many masters, the highest victory in my martial arts realm is also one less than one less than one less than one."
Amanda naturally knew that Mo Xiaocheng, who pretended to be her boyfriend temporarily, was the champion of martial arts competition. She had secretly investigated Mo Xiaocheng before she came, and she also knew that he was the first master in the sea when he was in China.
Combining all kinds of Moxiao City, she left an indelible impression in her heart. It seems that Moxiao City is full of mystery, which attracts her to explore step by step.
Arisha usually has a modest China people like Mo Xiaocheng. It’s really opportunistic to see Mo Xiaocheng so modest and win the championship. Her beautiful eyes glanced at Mo Xiaocheng and said, "I wonder if Mr. Mo Xiaocheng can fencing?"
Mo Xiaocheng smiled and said, "I know a thing or two." Naturally, he recognized that Arisha wanted him to play with Aaron.
"It so happens that Aaron is also a master of kendo. Why don’t you have a good competition with Aaron at another time?"
Aside Aaron also said, "It’s Mr. Mo Xiaocheng. You are a master. I’m looking forward to being able to compete with you in fencing. I heard that your China sword is the king of soldiers, and all martial arts people know fencing … Mr. Mo Xiaocheng, your martial arts and fencing must be high-powered, right? I have won several fencing championships in Britain and I believe I won’t let Mr. Mo Xiaocheng down. Haha. "
Mo Xiaocheng also smiled. He practiced sword less on weekdays, but he usually practiced guns. But that doesn’t mean that his swordsmanship is not high. On the contrary, his dancing sword is like a dragon, which can repel his elder brother.
In particular, when he came to the realm of divine change, he was more like a duck to water when he danced with a sword. It was so natural and powerful that he simply stabbed, picked and split.
Moreover, he could see that Aaron’s theory in front of him had reached the level of strength and would never change. Even if he practiced swordsmanship in the womb, he was confident of winning.
Because martial arts is a fast, accurate, ruthless and sand-scouring skill, in the end, all martial arts are qualitative, simple and heavy. Although Mo Xiaocheng is not yet in the final state, it is more than enough for him to beat Aaron.
In the evening, Arisha specially asked the servant to prepare rich dishes for Amanda Moxiao City. The long and big dining table was filled with all kinds of delicious dishes, which made people’s index fingers move when they looked at it.
So many dishes, not to mention four people or ten people, I don’t think I can eat them.
"Dear Amanda Moxiao City, come and taste these dishes?" Arisha pointed to a dish, "This is a French snail, which I specially asked someone to bring from France. The plane was very fresh."
English people eat less without chopsticks, mainly knives and forks.
After eating a meal talking and laughing for nearly three hours, it was already more than nine o’clock in the evening, and then a question was placed in front of us.
Do MoXiao City and Amanda sleep separately or together?
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Men and women ShouShouShouBuQin
Yes, whether it is one room or two rooms has become a question. In name, Mo Xiaocheng and Amanda are lovers, but in fact, the two couples are fake. If they are divided into the same room, they are afraid that it is not appropriate to have a lonely man and few women in the same room. Who can predict what will happen?
"One room."
"Fannie and Freddie"

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