"how about it? I’ll make it myself. Do you want it? I’ll let your father practice it when I go back. Oh, how could I forget? Your father is a four-refiner, and he is not qualified to forge a magic weapon! " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick actually poking fun at it.

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"Smelly look down on how to tear your mouth later!" Zeng Qiong was so angry that he immediately pinched his hands again and took a shot forward. "Ice and fire roar!"
Soon a huge lion’s head, half ice and half fire, came towards Xiao Fan!
"I didn’t expect you to be good at ice properties!" Xiao Fan once again chopped the lion’s head with a wave of burning wounds at the corner of his mouth. "But … I don’t look down on people with this magic trick, do I?"
"Hum, who told you this was magic?" Zeng Qiong suddenly smirked.
"What?" Xiao Fan’s eyes shrank to see that the beheaded lion’s head did not disappear but kept surging.
Followed by Zeng Qiong’s hand, a little gust of wind blew the two lion heads together again.
After the violent peristalsis, the two and a half lion heads actually changed into two humanoid monsters with ice on one side and fire on the other!
"Gao Xianshu Wanyin Magic Corpse!" Zeng CuO laughed proudly. "This time, you will die. Every one of these evil spirits has a strength comparable to that of a fairy!"
"Are you? That’s right! " Xiao Fan said, with a wave of his hand, he lifted the sword and immediately stopped the two monsters!
Who knew that the cut-off monster would creep again and become four!
"Ha, ha, ha, don’t waste your energy. The more you chop, the more they will become exhausted!"
"exhausted? Not really, is it Every time they divide, your breath will be slightly weaker. I want to see how much strength you can maintain! " Xiao Fan licked his lips and said
"Yeah, although you try! Let’s see if my strength shines first or if you are killed by these evil spirits first! " Zeng Qiong said nothing
"I depend …" Xiao Fan had to admit that the truth was as Zeng Qiong said!
The key is that these things are playing more and more, and each one has the strength of a fairy. This damn high fairy magic is really unique!
"It seems that the last killer is not working!" Xiao Fan bitten to grind his teeth, and then he suddenly leaps into a foaming flame.
"Hum want fire property to deal with Wan Yin demon corpse? Don’t waste your energy. This magical corpse of Wanyin has fire power in the original, and it is also the strongest skyfire, which is epidemic to all fire attributes! " Once dome disdain shook his head a way
"The strongest skyfire? The strongest? " Xiao Fan don’t laugh "I still dare to say the strongest in front of the flame? Keep your eyes open and watch carefully. Let me tell you what the strongest flame is! "
Said Xiao Fan finally released the fairy fire!
"What? This … this turned out to be a fairy fire! " Zeng Qiong gasped, "You can fuse the immortal fire … you are a soul-melting person!"
"Right!" Xiao Fan said, with a wave of his hands, the four Wan Yin magic corpses were suddenly filled with fairy fire, giving out shrill cries and instantly turning to ashes!
The immortal fire is the strongest in the celestial world, and fire man can stop it!
"Mom, it’s no wonder that you can refine the pole fairy, and both the alchemist and the refiner have such high attainments. It turned out that there was fairy fire to help!" Zeng Qiong gnashed her teeth and said
"That’s it!" Xiao Fan is outspoken.
"Fairy fire … I haven’t heard where there is a fairy fire crystal recently …" Zeng Qiong suddenly opened his eyes suddenly and violently. "Is it … is it the one that my father got?"
"Congratulations, you got it right again. Who said your brain is not very good? This is not quite clever! " Xiao Fan sneered and said
"Damn, I finally understand … it’s you! So it was you who killed my second brother! " Zeng Qiong’s forehead veins stood out constantly jumping up.
"Yes, I killed Zeng Rui, Jin Liuhe and Jin Qi in my hands!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick a way
"I’m always going to cut you to pieces!" Zeng Qiong’s face was flushed and he was furious to the extreme. "You … who are you?"
"It doesn’t matter if I tell you, anyway, a dead man will know!" Xiao Fan said faintly, "You can call me Xiao Fei, and you can also call me … Xiao Fan!"
"Xiao Fan!" Once dome double pupil collapse "Xiao Fan … you are Xiao Fan that suddenly disappeared Xiao Fan! Jiuyang Xianjundi! "
"Exactly!" Xiao Fan said to burn wounds have wreathed in layers of fairy fire ready to once dome cast a slay.
"Well, you finally let me be overwhelmed!" Zeng Qiong suddenly grinned. "Then get ready to die! Your head has done a great job! "
With that, his eyes suddenly disappeared and turned pale with a roar.
At the same time, the clothes have burst and become crimson, and several black lines appear on the skin!
His strength has soared again and suddenly disappeared!
"Bang!" Compared with a heavy punch mixed with several attributes, Wei Wei violently blasted Xiao Fan’s lower abdomen!
"jump!" One mouthful blood gushed out and Xiao Fan’s body was smashed and flew out, smashing the huge frame and flying around ancient books!
"So fast! How strong! What has this guy done? How is it so similar to the magic trick that I taught Zeng Xiong that can make people instantly violent? " Xiao Fan straight mouth with pain waste a lot of effort to get up.
However, before he finished getting up, Zeng Gong attacked again.
This time, Xiao Fan’s extreme footwork of the highest plough is too great, and often every ten attacks, Xiao Fan will be hit hard two or three times.
"I can’t go like this, I will be defeated!" Xiao Fan gnashed his teeth and suffered pain while thinking about countermeasures rapidly.
Although Zeng Qiong’s display is not magic violence, it is a more powerful high fairy magic madness!
To cast madness, the performer must instantly burn half of the Shou Yuan and then lose his mind, which makes the ability of all aspects of his body soar several times.
"Sky flame barrier!" Xiao Fan finally flashed a once-dome attack and raised my hand in front of him and released a fairy fire barrier. At the same time, with the help of this short time, he suddenly and violently retreated to the other side at the fastest speed.
"roar! Kill! Die! " At this time, once the dome was finished, it was a violent killing machine. The muscles of the body swelled wildly, and the figure also increased several times. After a few punches smashed the fairy fire barrier, it was once again rushed towards Xiao Fan.
But at this time Xiao Fan still won the precious time.
"I don’t have the strength to fight with you anymore. I will solve you by this finale. You will become the first victim of Ssangyong Burning!" Xiao Fan’s two-handed method definitely pinched all the immortal forces in the department and were instantly drained.
Two kinds of fairy fires are rubbing wildly and colliding with each other, and the gas around them is also burned up in an instant!
Seems to be out of can is in a state of rage, once dome also suddenly stopped.
Followed by two fire dragons Xiao Fan shoulders leaping straight to hover and play with each other in half a day.
"Shuanglong burns out the enemy!" Xiao Fan made two fire dragons suddenly let out a roar and immediately intertwined with each other to turn a flaming meteor into Zeng Qiong.
Everything everywhere turns to ashes in an instant!
Even those ancient books that have been blessed by several enchantment spells are also buried in the sea of fire!
Although it’s a pity that it’s a bit of a windfall, Xiao Fangen can’t consider so many things now, or he keeps fuelling his last strength to control Ssangyong Burning.

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