Now it’s good! The worry about the empire’s territory is stable at first, but it is followed by trouble

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When the Emperor of Dayan Empire was wounded and the God was about to fall, it seemed as if there was a hand fiddling with Yunyue and he didn’t want to give Dayan Empire a break.
Dispatch troops, Eye Nebula State, 100,000 trespasses!
Although the sun is thousands of miles away from the empire, it is definitely an important mouth for Xingyun State to open the imperial gate.
Once the sun is breached, the vast territory of Dayan Empire seems to be broken from here, and then Xingyun State can station millions of troops like a torrent, and then Dayan Empire will really be exposed to the eyes of the enemy
The empire is in danger!
Two cabinet cabinet old sighed deeply.
On this occasion, looking at the whole Dayan Empire, there are only a handful of Meng Yiren who can lead troops to support the Yang Shoujiang, and this armor-clad general who protects the country of Dayan Empire can lead troops to reinforce the Yang, but it is definitely the last choice for the empire to really do nothing to retreat.
It is well known to all the ministers of the Manchu Dynasty that there is no White House God guarding the Dayan Empire. Once the general of protecting the country leads the army away from the capital, the whole White House gate will even face disaster.
The truth is really so cruel!
Although Yan Lingwei, a Yuwen valve, is an imperial spear, the mysterious guard is not able to travel through thousands of troops to defeat the horse army. Yan Lingwei can complete the empire well and perfectly, and pull out a poison nail in the heart of root cutting Dayan Empire, but he can’t go to the battlefield.
Can’t end the battlefield!
This is the shortcoming in the compilation of Yan Lingwei when it was established!
All the courtiers are in chaos.
More and more discussions are going on, and more and more people are holding their own opinions.
The two old ministers who were appointed by Yanbailou to assist Yanbeichuan in handling the court affairs are also sad.
Dayan warrior!
For a moment, these short but powerful five words echoed in the minds of the two cabinet veterans like summer clouds!
"Chang Huang Dian?"
Speaking, this cabinet veteran is the Dayan Empire. Today, there is only one of the civil and military officials in the court, the only one who has the surname of Sima Yuan Wen.
Sima Wenyuan used to be a great teacher of Dayan Empire, that is, the enlightenment teacher of Yanbailou, the current statue of Dayan Empire.
But it’s a pity that this old cabinet minister is well-educated but doesn’t know how to practice.
To put it bluntly, Sima Wenyuan is an old gentleman who has read more than ordinary people.
If anything, it’s Mr. Biexue’s school is far away, and he’s in Miyagi.
That’s all!
Otherwise, Sima Wenyuan’s respected prestige in today’s ruling and opposition parties is definitely not just as simple as Fuzheng civil servants.
Sima Wenyuan’s eyes were fixed on the eunuchs who served the emperor in Yanbeichuan.
How dare the eunuchs in the small palace dare that the elder of the Three Dynasties has a bad temper? A teacher’s adult knelt down in horror at each other’s eyes.
A foreman eunuch said in a trembling voice, "A teacher is calm!"! Long emperor he long emperor he … Not palace "
The foreman eunuch privately glanced at the maid-in-waiting beside him.
Finally, I dare not hide anything.
"No palace? Where should it be? Where is it? " Sima Wenyuan blew his head off.
"Dongsheng Prefecture!"

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