Some second-order elixirs are more than 100 years old, but they have to be more than 200 years old. Natto is a second-order elixir, but it cannot be more than 300 years old.

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An elixir is a second-order Chinese elixir if it is more than 300 years old and less than 400 years old.
It is a second-order panacea when the drug age is over 400 years and less than 500 years.
The minimum threshold of the third-order elixir is over 500 years. If the elixir is over 500 years, it is the third-order elixir.
The age stage of the third-order elixir is 500 years to 700 years, and the age of 700 years to 900 years is the third-order Chinese elixir, and the age of 900 years to 1000 years is the third-order elixir.
In more than a thousand years, the elixir has broken through the category of the third-order elixir, but it is the fourth-order elixir that makes Brother Yuanying feel excited.
The three kinds of elixirs of Tsukikuki fruit, chalcedony, zhitianxin grass are all third-order elixirs, and it is over 500 years old to refine Tsukiji Dan.
Zhong Zhu Ji Guo can be replaced by Da Yao Yao Dan.
Although few people do this, it is not without it.
Although it is possible to cultivate a fake monk Dan, it can be used to refine Tsukiji Dan instead of Tsukiji fruit, and the refining rate is higher. Maybe seven pills can be refined, at least five or six new generation monks can be added.
But in terms of growth value, the latter is obviously better.
Ling Youdao can’t come to refine Zhujidan since it has not been more than 500 years since picking this plant.
He packed the chalcedony with roots and soil and prepared to transplant it into a sapphire glass bottle.
The hourly velocity there is ten times that of the outside world, and it is believed that this strain of chalcedony will be more than 500 years old before long.
By that time, you can come to refine Zhujidan.
Of course, if you want to refine Tsukidan, you need to find his panacea.
"It’s a worthwhile trip to get a chalcedony cheese."
"When this strain of chalcedony is mature, you can get three seeds at least, so you can plant three strains of chalcedony."
"The hourly flow rate of sapphire glass bottle is ten times that of the outside world. It takes 500 years to mature chalcedony cheese."
Ling Youdao is a little excited at the thought of here.
The higher the repair, the slower the monk approaches, and the more difficult it is to practice, and the higher the order of Dan medicine is.
And the high-order elixir needs the high-order elixir, and the high-order elixir is less and less refined, and the elixir is naturally less and less.
If you are a senior monk, you can take drugs every day. I believe that the increase is faster than before.
Then ling Youdao found some elixirs, but they were all second-order, and even the second-order elixir did not appear.
Suddenly, I longed for the imperial sword to fly
Ling Youdao asked before he left, "What’s the matter with Yan Ran? Did you find a third-order panacea? "
Smell speech mu Yan ran excited nodded his head.
"Well, I found a spiritual plant with several fruits on its surface, and that spiritual plant definitely reached the third order."
Ling Youdao immediately said, "Go and show me."
Although Cang Li Ling’s family has then real people sitting at home, there are not many third-order elixirs in the family, and each one is very important.
Two royal sword mu Yan ran the way and soon reached the edge of a spring.
There is a clear water in the spring eye, and a spirit tree grows next to it. Some roots of the spirit tree extend into the spring eye.
He saw that the spirit tree was three feet high and covered with pale yellow leaves.

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