Ma Wenjie exultation immediately kowtowed to Li Yuanji, saying that the king of Qi is a good minister of Datang, and he will become a mainstay of Datang in the future. Datang can’t do without the king of Qi!

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Although I knew that Ma Wenjie was kissing his ass, it was cool to kiss his ass. He laughed and backed off. Soon after, there was a severe gasp in Li Yuanji’s room. Ma Wenjie smiled coldly at the family interests. He had already thrown caution to the wind.
While Tang Jun was on hold, Tai Yuanzhen sent messengers to Li Yuanji. When he heard that it was Wang Shichong’s messenger, he immediately dared not neglect and summoned him quickly. The emissary told Li Yuanji’s Zheng Emperor Wang Shichong that he had married many soldiers and horses to attack Nanyang, and now it is less than 200 miles away from Nanyang.
The emissary received a letter from Wang Shichong. When Li Yuanji saw Wang Shichong’s words, he looked very humble. It was faint that Tang Zun was very satisfied with Li Yuanji’s heart. Wang Shichong was not an idiot. He knew that Tang would unify the heaven and hurry to hug his thighs. Let Tang calm down the sky and let him be a safe prince in the future.
Li Yuanji asked the emissary a few words and saw that he was able to cope with it without any flaw, which made people take him to rest.
After the emissary went, Li Yuanji quickly called his confidant Xie Shufang, who had long been eager to fight. He encouraged the King of Qi to send troops to take Nanyang Muruo, and Jiang Mo also agreed. After all, judging from the intelligence collected these days, the Sui army really met with big trouble. It would be inconvenient to not attack until December when the snow fell.
If we can take advantage of this time to take Xiangyang, because Xiangyang is a big city, Tang Jun will not worry about the food problem, so we should stabilize Xiangyang’s advance, attack and retreat, and defend it!
Li Yuanji looked at the generals, big and small, and well-documented in succession. He also smiled and immediately waved his hand to make the soldiers prepare to send troops to attack Xiangyang the day after tomorrow!
Chapter 524 into the set
The news that Li Yuanji sent troops from Junyangcheng reached Yang You’s ears for the first time. He immediately reached the order. Sui Jun of Gucheng County suddenly fled like a frightened bird. Tang Jun once again took Gucheng County without bloodshed.
Gucheng County fell into the hands of Tang Jun, and the gate to Xiangyang was completely beaten. Gucheng County, Li Yuanji seized more than 20 merchant ships. In addition, there were five small warships. After the warships, Li Yuanji looked confident. He moved food to merchant ships to save manpower.
At this time, 30,000 Tang Jun elites led by King Li Yuan of Jiangxia have arrived in Wu. Among the 30,000 elites, 5,000 are from Liangzhou war horses, and many of the war horse messengers are Turks and Tuyuhun. Li Yuanken will put this army into the battlefield to prove his love for Li Yuanji.
Li Yuan, King of Jiangxia, arrived in Wu Hou and heard that the King of Qi had sent troops to attack Xiangyang. At this time, Li Yuanji had arrived 50 miles outside Xiangyang, and Li Yuanji chose a camp near Hanshui River.
Although Li Yuanji was heavily armed, he didn’t attack rashly because he knew that Xiangyang was a big city, and the widest part of the strong moat was more than twenty feet, which was enough to make the warship very smooth. He wouldn’t attack easily until he mastered the control of Hanshui River.
In the face of Tang Jun’s attack, Xiangyang City was obviously a little flustered. Nanyang Manager personally patrolled the city and looked at Li Yuanji with a big army outside the city. His heart sank and his face became very ugly.
Han Shizhen’s expression was angered by Li Yuanji in Li Yuanji’s eyes. Han Shizhen sent people outside the city to insult what was ugly, from the ancestors of the Korean family to Han Qinhu, and from Han Qinhu to Han Shizhen. He also said that Han Shizhen was not Han Qinhu’s own child but his mother’s servant’s family.
Han Shihe was furious, but he still didn’t go out of the city, just like a family. Li Yuanji was even more proud. This time, he called Han Shihe a turtle and asked Han Shihe to visit the newborn children in Chengdu as soon as possible.
Tang Jun laughed and Li Yuanji’s meaning was obvious. This means that all Korean families are tortoise wives and others are having an affair!
In the face of such insults, Han Shihe still didn’t leave the city. Li Yuanji sighed in his heart. He also knew that Han Shihe was a hard nut to crack, but he didn’t expect Han Shihe to face such a great shame and he didn’t go out of the city to solve it.
However, Han Shihe’s turtle tactics gave Li Yuanji more time. He built a temporary dock by the Hanshui River to modify the original warships, and at the same time prepared to modify some merchant ships to gain the advantage of Hanshui River.
In addition to wantonly refitting warships, Li Yuanji sent Muluo to block the Xiangyang Southern Union so that he could come from the besieged city. After the reinforcements of Jiangxia King Li Yuan arrived, Li Yuanji troops reached 60,000, and more than 50,000 soldiers and horses besieged Xiangyang, and 10,000 were scattered in important areas of Yincheng County and Xiyang County.
After the troops became more abundant, Li Yuanji held a series of activities. He once again sent someone to urge Wang Shichong to send troops, because seven days have passed and I haven’t heard the news of Nanyang County coming to war. What was Wang Shichong thinking?
In front of the sand table in Yang You, Xiangyang City, he pointed to the North Road of Nanyang County. "According to the news, the Wang Shichong army has not yet set off and still stays in Luoyang!"
Du Ruhui smiled, but Yang Ying laughed. After all, he was older, and his mind was delicate. Yang Guang once stayed with him and learned more or less about this kind of political struggle.
Yang Dong asked, "Since the puppet Zheng He and the puppet Tang Dynasty have reached an agreement and the Li Yuanji army has arrived in Xiangyang, why doesn’t Wang Shichong attack?"
Yang You coughed, "The other day, Wang Shichong sent a real mission to Tai Yuan, which was not well-intentioned. His purpose was to weaken the strength of our army in Nanyang County, so that it would be convenient for him not to send troops to Luoyang in the south, so as not to arouse our army’s suspicion. Once there is an opportunity, he will kill Nanyang in the shortest time."
Han Shihe laughed. "Since Wang Shichong doesn’t leave, why don’t I urge him to do the same?"
Yang You smiled thoughtfully. "So I’ll be grateful!"
"hey!" Han Shizhen said and stepped aside.
Du Guwu’s eyes flashed "Can you take a step?"
"Don’t worry, Li Yuanji hasn’t attacked the city yet. I’ll wait for him to attack the city and tell him what the consequences will be when he is in a dilemma."
Master Dugu frowned and worried, "But there are not many military forces in Xiangyang City. Now there are 50,000 people in Tang Jun. Once Li Yuanji has built siege equipment, I’m afraid it’s not easy to resist." These days, Li Yuanji sent an army to build temporary cars, blunt cars and other things. It is said that military masters also urgently made catapults.
"Might as well Li Yuanji those small means I don’t look in the eye, jack. You are responsible for the importance. It is necessary to master all the information of pseudo-Tang and pseudo-Zheng so that I can decide when to launch a fatal blow."
"At the same time, you tell Hou Jun that he must be careful to hit the dog. He is an important step and there must be no mistakes!" Yang You told again.
"hey!" DuGuWu division replied.
After the meeting, there was tea in Yang You’s room. Now there are about 10,000 people in Xiangyang City to defend Xiangyang and Fancheng. It is just enough for 10,000 people to let him go. There are quite a few people in the city. However, because Xiangyang and Fancheng are facing each other across the Han River, both places are indispensable. The threat of ideal city’s loss to ideal city is enormous
Now Sui Jun is superior to the tall city, and there are more than the Tang Jun water army, which makes Li Yuanji discouraged. Li Yuanji’s caution surprised Yang You, because as far as he knows, Li Yuanji is an impulsive young man.
Since Li Yuanji didn’t want to send troops, Yang You felt it necessary to wake him up. After all, Yang You will also want to go home for the New Year in 2008. His grandmother, mother, several aunts, and his wife and children are all Yang You’s thoughts.
Thinking of this, Yang You called Xiaogui and asked him to urge the man to say that Li Yuanji must attack the city as soon as possible.
Ma Wenjie, the Tang Jun camp outside Xiangyang City, was beaming with a letter and quickly approached the Zhongjun tent. At this time, a beautiful woman in Li Yuanji was unhappy when she heard that Ma Wenjie was coming.
However, although Li Yuanji recognized that Ma Wenjie had disturbed his own good deeds, he also knew that there must be something good for Ma Wenjie to let Li Yuanji quickly summon Ma Wenjie after the maid retired.
After Ma Wenjie came in with a happy face, he first kowtowed. "Beizhi Ma Wenjie has seen Qiwangdian Chitose!"
Ma Wenjie’s humbleness and flattery made Li Yuanji very happy. He waved his hand and said, "Wenjie, what good things do you have to tell me?"
Ma Wenjie raised his eyebrows and piled up a flattering smile. He climbed a few steps on his knees and held a letter in his hand. "This is the letter written by Cai Yun, the owner of Jiangling Caijia. Please read it in the temple!"
Li Yuanji took the letter and met with the name of Ma Wenjie, which was obvious. What was it in Cai Yun’s letter to Ma Wenjie? Let Li Yuanji full of curiosity.
Take the bamboo paper out of the envelope. Li Yuanji can’t help but look at it carefully. His face is a joy. Cai Yun is a big family in Jiangling City. It is naturally very clear about every move in Jiangling City. He said in his letter that because Lin Shihong captured all the counties along the way, the soldiers had reached Jiangling.
Threatened by Lin Shihong, Sui Jun is making a lot of knots in Cai Yun. It is expected that there will be a war in Jiangling in three days. Because the Sui army has 50,000 troops in Jiangling and Lin Shihong has 70,000 people, it is hard to say who will win or lose this battle.
In the letter, Cai Yun compared the forces of the two sides, from the army to the water army, from equipment to morale. He thought that the battle of Jiangling might last for half a year. After all, Jiangling Jingxiang is one of the best cities and close to the vast Yangtze River. It is very important that whoever can control the Yangtze River will have the upper hand, while Lin Shihong’s navy is a little short. Therefore, this battle will be a protracted war.
Cai Yun also knew that Tang Jun sent troops. In the letter, he suggested that Datang take Xiangyang while Sui military forces supported Xiangyang, and then rest the military forces. When Jiangling Sui Jun and Chujun were tired from long-term fighting, it was time for Datang to recover Jingxiang in one fell swoop.
Li Yuanji mused that he has been speeding up the construction of equipment and refitting ships these days, and great achievements have been made. Cai Yun said that the Chu army would arrive in Jiangling in three days. Judging from the date of Cai Yun’s letter, Jiangling must have been in a fierce battle by this time.
Li Yuanji’s flickering expression didn’t escape Ma Wenjie’s eyes. He has given up his life and the interests of the family. Is it dignified for the family to continue to live and die? In front of Li Yuanji, he looks just right than humble Ma Wenjie, and flattery always makes Li Yuanji very comfortable.
When Li Yuanji hesitated, Ma Wenjie spoke again. He said that he had contacted Ma’s brothers in Xiangyang City, and all Ma’s brothers said that they would be willing to respond if Tang Jun was killed.
Although Sui Jun treated the people well, it was built to harm the interests of the aristocratic family. They had enough and decided to resist the anti-Sui line together.
Li Yuanji’s eyes pondered for a moment, and his heart could not hold back for a long time. The other day, it was due to some shortage of troops. Now King Jiangxia came to support the troops with 30,000 troops, and there are already 50,000 siege troops. Besides, he also has a highly mobile cavalry.
Siege equipment and ships are almost built. Li Yuanji thinks he has enough strength to capture Xiangyang! He got up and asked QinBing to announce that the generals would discuss the invasion of Wang Shichong. That bastard Li Yuanji has stopped thinking about him and waited for Datang to attack the whole Nanyang. Let him regret it!
Chapter 525 Prelude
The west wind is blowing fiercely, and the flag of Xiangyang Chengtou spouts straight. Han Shihe Chengtou looks at the distance with bright eyes, and he has got a report that Li Yuanji has led military forces to slowly kill Xiangyang City.
Yang You, with Yang Xian, Yang Dong Du Ruhui and others, also set up Chengtou and stared at a bunch of people who gradually appeared from afar in Tang Jun, with different expressions and different minds.
Tang Jun was killed! Li Yuanji is stepping into the trap according to Yang You’s expectation, so this world war I will end in an ending. What kind of results can the Sui army achieve?
Li Yuanji demolished the camp ten days ago and moved to Xiangyang again, and then two camps were built on both sides of the Hanshui River. Because Tang Jun made the necessary preparations, he easily and quickly built the camps. Li Yuanji, king of Qi, led 30 thousand troops to the south bank of Hanshui River to attack Xiangyang, while Li Yuan, king of Jiangxia, led 20 thousand troops to the north bank of Hanshui River to attack Fancheng.
Because Sui Jun was timid or Han Shihe was timid, when Tang Jun built the camp, Sui Jun did not attack, but watched Tang Jun gradually build various facilities. Later, Li Yuanji quickly built several towers and gradually formed a siege attack on Xiangyang. Li Yuanji also gave full play to his advantage of 5,000 cavalry and completely blocked the road south of Sui Army.
Yang You has been watching coldly when he acted outside Li Yuanji. Who says Li Yuanji can’t fight? You see, he is so cautious, and he has built several towers and sent several scouts to prevent Han Shih-shih from asking for help, and at the same time to guard against possible reinforcements from the south. So cautious, at least one person has read the soldiers.
Yang You didn’t make any motivation. He had his own channels. Even after being besieged by Li Yuanji, Sui Jun kept close contact. In this case, will Yang You bother Li Yuanji’s siege?
Now that the siege of Li Yuanji has come to an end, the city outside Xiangyang has been covered with Tang Jun towers, which will surround the whole city of Xiangyang impenetrably, and then it will be a siege.
Li Yuanji rode a horse with great pride. This time, he was so well defended that he could never fall into the trap of Sui Jun. The arrow towers around Xiangyang City told Sui Jun that there was no way to escape!
Behind Li Yuanji is a face of smug Xie Shufang, Murrow and others. The beaming expression is very ugly than Liu Zhenghui’s expression, because he feels that the more smooth it is, the more dangerous it is.
Sui Jun has been sitting still these days. It is impossible to be afraid of Tang Jun, but there should be an attempt. But what is this attempt? Liu Zhenghui didn’t know what he was worried about.
Ten thousand Tang Jun, with a lance in his hand, is eyeing up Xiangyang City at the forefront of the army. Before Li Yuanji rode to the podium, he looked at the distant Sui Jun general, Han Shiheng, with a dignified face. Li Yuanji smiled in front of him. How could Han Shiheng, a well-trained soldier, not worry?
Yang You smiled when Han Shihe looked dignified. Li Yuanji put on such a gesture to attack the city. Although Bai Li Yuanji will attack the city sooner or later, Yang You was a little surprised. Did Li Yuanji wait for Wang Shichong? Yang You knew that although Wang Shichong had ordered all the military forces, he still didn’t leave.
What did Wang Shichong think? Yang You knew very well that the false Zheng He and the false Tang Dynasty didn’t believe each other at all, and it was this kind of unbelief that made Yang You find the fighter plane. When Yang You thought about it, Dugu Martial Arts quickly came to Yang You’s side and gave a ceremony, "Li Yuan, who is in pursuit of Fancheng, is also ready to attack Fancheng."
Yang You nodded and said, "Let Zhang Zhenzhou Navy always stand by!"
"hey!" Du Guwu division replied in a hurry to leave.
Yang Dong looked a little excited. He had seen the cultural struggle between Yu and Li, which made him remember it vividly, and this time it made his blood boil.

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