"the spirit!" The lone star finally couldn’t sit still this time. The eyes of the original hole of the direct stone pillar were full of horror. He had been observing the cloud sword just now. The strange fluctuation of the cloud sword made him a little familiar. Just now, when the waning moon asked Lin Luo who to talk to, the lone star suddenly thought of the spirit.

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"What? Really clever? " The waning moon looked back at the lone star, and his hand couldn’t help trembling. The hair of the dusty animal was turbulent like a waterfall.
The spirit of the instrument is very powerful. The two elders are all white. Although they have many spiritual treasures in Xingyue Palace, there is one spiritual treasure, that is, the palace ruler, the star, who is crazy about the knife, but the star is crazy about it and nourishes it in the blood pool all day. At ordinary times, others can’t see it.
When a spiritual treasure has a spirit, it means that people have the power of thinking to multiply the waning moon. It is said that the original spirit disappeared tens of thousands of years ago because of the failure of cultivation. Since then, the principle of the spirit has never been born. A spiritual treasure weapon has a chance to generate a spirit.
Yunxiao couldn’t help but have a headache when he heard the problem of Lin Luo’s divination. It’s really a disgrace to the monks that Lin Luo has been repaired like this, but then he was relieved that Lin Luo is a pure heart and his mood has changed because of repair. This is the most precious thing.
There is a saying that a good Tao is also a Tao, and all kinds of changes are a Tao, and all kinds of changes are a practice method, and the same is a Tao heart. Although this is simple to say, it is very rare to really do it. A monk is not a great man who can do this.
"It’s a long story. Let’s tidy up these two before we talk about him!" Yunxiao naidao
Lin Luo nodded. "It’s up to you, Laoyun. You can have a new body. Come on!"
The sky is full of breath, and this fellow is waiting for his own hand. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to appear at this time, but I still feel a thrill to the enemy, and I can’t help but ask Lin Luo to help him a few words.
Lin Luoxin agreed, "My spirit told me to tell you that two little dolls were born by Chineydy, a former ancestor of yours. Although my master fled, he died of further depression due to this trauma. I also slept for thousands of years. Now it’s time for me to take revenge!"
Lone star and waning moon smell speech and their faces changed greatly. They also called them little dolls indignant. But when they heard his name Chineydy, they finally realized that Qi Ling was telling the truth. Don’t say that when they called themselves little dolls, they were not even refined!
The waning moon paused and shouted, "What about that? I can beat you at the beginning, but I can beat you now and still let you sleep for thousands of years. "
After that, the waning moon’s hands waved and danced like a horse, free and easy, and the waning moon’s central body remained motionless, with arms swinging and practicing. When sweeping the dust, it was required to be harmonious and harmonious, and when it was transported, it was required to be natural, smooth and continuous. Now the waning moon has been considered a small success.
Dust-dusting and waning moon control is like a huge wave screaming and flapping at Lin Luo, who is carrying the potential of sudden collapse. At this time, Lin Luo has a very tacit understanding with Yunxiao Sword. A flat stroke is as simple as that, but the whole wave is divided into two halves, and the surging tsunami suddenly stops.
Lin Luo draws this sword and almost wants to scream in the sky. This feeling is too refreshing. I am free and easy. Who can stop me from being sharp? This is the sword to the top.
The waning moon gawked at himself, and there was still a foot of dust on his whole face. A look of anguish made his face even more eventful and terrible, and then the waning moon roared and tossed to dust again.
"I’ll do it!" The lone star said lightly, the waning moon stopped, and the manic mood was instantly calmed down. It was heartbreaking to look at the dust.
"The star should be careful that his swordsmanship has reached the boundary and there is a spirit to help him. Remember to be careful." The waning moon woke up, but the name of this star made Lin Luo feel very hurt. I secretly wondered if the lone star would call the waning moon’ Xiaoyue Yue’
Chapter 156 Fire
The lone star nodded gently when he heard it, and then he slowly came from the stone pillar. Suddenly, there was a gust of wind behind him, and then a huge shadow rose from behind. It was actually a bird.
"It’s a pheasant!" Ear to the sky exclaim
Lin Luo one leng frog isn’t it? When did this era become such a powerful bird?
"The big bird in the North Sea is thousands of miles high, with its left foot on the north side of the sea and its right foot on the Hainan side. The black whale eats barefoot and vibrates its wings. When flying, it sounds like thunder and the wind vibrates the world." Yunxiao introduced Lin Luo word by word
I have to say that the sky is not the same place, but it is still there, just like it has become an encyclopedia now.
Lin Luo was dumbfounded, although it was exaggerated, but this day the chicken showed its wings and there were more than ten feet of purple blood carvings. Compared with it, it was like an eagle and a hummingbird, and a par on the chicken’s back was more than enough.
"But this day, although the chicken has a large body, it lacks flexibility. It is clumsy to deal with low-level monster beasts and monks. One wing can sweep away, but it is much less powerful to senior monks." Yunxiao Road
That can’t be underestimated. Lin Luo looked at the chicken and couldn’t help secretly horrified. This momentum alone made his mind shake and cooperated with the lone star power. Lin Luo said that it was very stressful.
Lone Star Chicken’s back sword refers to Lin Luodong’s eyes suddenly enlivened, as if his spirit returned to his body when he was fighting with a spiritual sword in his hand, and he was wandering in the sky at other times.
The pheasant raised its head with a red beak and sang loudly to the sky. When Lin Luo heard the crow of the pheasant, the whole person was petrified and then burst into tears.
"Whoa whoa whoa …"
After the cock crowed, it rushed to Lin Luo and flapped its wings, causing a gust of wind to blow the whole hillside trees to the east and west. However, Lin Luo seemed to be a different person since hearing the cock crow that day. The sky was also amazed. You know, when ordinary monks first saw this day, the chicken was absent for a long time, and the fighting spirit disappeared for more than half, but Lin Luo was able to instantly scream at the foot that made the gods cry without retreating half a step, which made the sky fall in love with Lin Lopez.
Yunxiao, where do you know what Lin Luo is thinking? If you know, you have to take out your fangs.
"His grandmother grow again big fly again high not his mama or a chicken? Old people can kill chickens from the age of five and die twenty years ago. I can still be scared by you without a thousand chickens! " Lin Luo’s idea fully proves the truth that advanced JN is JN, even if it is inlaid with gold.
Lin Luo flew against the harsh chirping wave of the pheasant. Although the chirping can be harsh to others, it can make people dizzy, but it is one of the reasons why Lin Luo has a strong spirit, but more importantly, he was infected with the crow in his previous life.
Strange light flashed in the lone star’s eyes. He recognized Lin Luo as a figure. The spirit sword in his hand shook and fluttered and stabbed Lin Luo’s lone star. The spirit sword was a five-spirit sword, and its body was transparent and glowing with crystal green light. Lin Luo also waved a huge cloud sword and wrestled with the lone star. I don’t know when the purple blood carving flew to Lin Luo’s foot as a mount. A purple blood carving was threatened by the momentum of the pheasant, and it became more agile after several rounds. It was as good as Lin Luo’s. At this moment, the pheasant got up and danced from time to time, and One day, the chicken’s back was angered by this little thing that it never looked at. It didn’t listen to the lone star’s control and swayed its huge body. air billow lifted the lone star and Lin Luo to stagger, and both of them simply flew to a higher place to fight.
Lone star boasts a deep understanding of spiritual swordsmanship, but he didn’t expect that Lin Luo’s swordsmanship is even more mysterious. Lone star swordsmanship doesn’t take any advantage. It relies on rich combat experience and Lin Luo’s equal fight, but Lin Luo is getting more and more brave. This is the first time that he has played such a hearty lone star after fencing. It seems that he has rich combat experience and fighting skills to feed Lin Luo. Lone star looks at Lin Luo’s face and looks even more frightened. After they put together a move, their bodies are in a wrong position.
"What’s the matter, old star?" Lin Luo seems dissatisfied with the sudden stop of Lone Star. He is in a good mood.
Lone star took a look at Lin Luo, and his eyes were full of hot fighting spirit at the moment. The whole person entered the best state. How many words could he spit out with a piece of Lin Luo’s mouth, but it was still two words.
"Very good"
After saying this, the lone star closed his eyes and the whole person seemed to be in a state of meditation.
But Lin Luo found that the lone star seems to be a different person. No, he doesn’t look like a person. Without human feelings, it is like a stone, a cloud, a star, just like a lonely mountain, floating in the sky and inlaid with the sky.
Suddenly, the lone star’s eyes are full of color, but this kind of hole is different from a hole. This time, his eyes seem to be shining in the edge of the sky at night. The lone star sword suddenly stabbed Lin Luo with a fine composition, but it made Lin Luo hide from the lone star sword as if it were a meteor, with a sense of loneliness and loneliness. Lin Luo’s whole mind was pinned down, and there was a growing tip in his eyes.
"Lin Luo wakes up!"
Suddenly, Lin Luo was awakened by a roar in the sky. He suddenly remembered the sword wall of Master Yan depicting the last sword word, and the word ninety was the largest sword word. The whole person suddenly woke up, and then the right hand sword split from an oblique angle and finished watching the lone star’s deadly sword.

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