After only three rounds of attacks, the mask of Dan Qi Tang suddenly broke inch by inch like a mirror.

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Seeing this organ, he said, "Let’s go."
A few people walked into the Dan hall and looked around the fire room.
"Break the ten fire chambers on the left first."
There are not only thirty-six fire chambers in the Danqi Hall, but also many temples, which are places where the alchemist of the palace talks about Taoism or the alchemist talks about Taoism. It is very likely that the Baiyun Gate Dan Dao is the bearer of Taoism.
In addition, there are places such as secret libraries.
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 2
And the secret library is divided into several kinds of pills, elixirs and refiners, and the raw materials are put into instruments and elixirs.
Ten alchemy fire chambers are divided into three levels, twelve first-class fire chambers, five second-class fire chambers, one third-class fire chamber, the worst third-class fire chamber, and the best ten refiner fire chambers on the right.
Of all the fire chambers, two three-step fire chambers are the most attractive.
Guanqin is a second-order medium array mage. Twelve first-class fire chambers were easily broken and banned.
They did not enter the twelve fire chambers, but continued to break the prohibition of the five secondary fire chambers.
The three forbidden teams are responsible for creating a safer environment for people after the ban is broken, and at the same time, they are also responsible for finding the treasures in the important places.
Yu Chongbao’s treasures are made by the Godsworn.
According to Baiyun Gate, there are two extremely exquisite Dan furnaces, which are respectively suitable for an alchemist.
If it’s true, then it’s probably Dan Qi Tang.
Three hours later, five secondary fire chambers were banned, and the third-level fire chamber in the center was not stopped.
More than six people in Guanqin Dengjun observation fire room are in charge of peripheral alert.
Deng Jun is a 70-year-old Jiuhuazong.
He is a refiner, and the refiner knows some array methods more or less, which can assist the organ from the side.
After a long time, people reunited.
Qu win quickly asked "? Such as cracking the ban? How long will it take? "
Deng Jun said, "Whether a pipeline friend is an array mage or a professional like her."
"We don’t have a forbidden token, and then the real strength can also find the weakness and break the ban skillfully."
Wen Yanling asked, "What a clever way?"
"I have carefully studied the 36 fire chambers. It seems that each has its own law prohibition protection, but it should be a whole.
If we want to break the three-level fire chamber law ban, we must first break all the first and second-level fire chamber law bans before we can break the three-level fire chamber law ban. "
Lee Tae Mountain Road "If so, it will take a long time."
Guan Qin smiled bitterly. "We are capable of doing this. The builder of the fire room should have thought of this problem. This is deliberately done so that the Baiyun Gate support can arrive before the third-level fire room is broken."
Qu Ying laughed. "It’s not a problem for us to build these fire chambers and the ancestors of Baiyun Gate probably won’t think that Baiyun Gate will be destroyed and no one will come to support here."
Yet a few people ha ha a smile at one another.
Ling Youdao said, "You can arrange the pipeline friends."
According to the arrangement of Guanqin, people are scattered and broken first, and the remaining 17 first-class and second-class fire chambers are banned by law.
Then divided into two teams, four people from each team rushed to an alchemist’s fire chamber and a refiner’s fire chamber respectively. At the same time, the two teams broke the ban on two tertiary fire chambers.
And the most important thing in this is that if there is a slight deviation at the same time, it is impossible for the two teams to break the two three-step fire chambers with white strength.
"Let’s move"
People acted according to the plan, and they easily broke the first-level fire chamber ban. A little effort also broke the second-level fire chamber ban, and finally ended up in two third-level fire chambers.
Guanqinling Youdao Xie Fei Conway four people each occupy a position.
Xie Fei is an elder of Linggui Island and a monk in the middle of Tsukiji. Conway is an elder of Aoki Zhai and a monk in the middle of Tsukiji.
Guanqin always pays attention to the sun above her head. When she reaches a certain position, she suddenly says "Do it".
In an instant, four people immediately attacked an alchemist’s fire, and the outdoor law banned it. Seeing that the ban was big and small, it was shining.
At the same time, Li Taishan’s victory over Deng Junni should attack the fire room of the refining device, and the outdoor ban of the fire room also emits light.
The law prohibition lasted only two or three breaths, and then it collapsed.
See this person immediately closed attack.
Ling Youdao four people rushed into the fire room of an alchemist, while Li Taishan and others rushed into the fire room of the refiner.
The fire room is not small. When you cross the corridor, you will see a stone gate. The roots of the stone gate can’t stop them.
Then see ling Youdao sleeve with a wave of his hand shek mun rises slowly.
Before it was finished rising, Ling Youdao’s organ went into the fire room, and you can know that the room was decorated by two people step by step at the central Dan furnace of the fire room.
It’s really aggressive to hold down the Dan furnace with both hands and look at each other and refuse to give up.
"Ling Daoyou, if you don’t have me, you can’t break these prohibitions, let alone get the treasures inside. This tripod furnace will be kept by my daughter."
"Pipeline friends joked that even without you, we can certainly break the ban. It takes more time, so this tripod furnace doesn’t have to be kept by Daoyou. Lingmou is the same."
When the room was quiet, Dan furnace suddenly flew up and slapped the lute to Ling Youdao, and then punched her with a fist.
"unter den! Knock! Hey! "
Guanqin even took three steps back and looked at Ling Youdao with a full face of shock.
"Good strength!"
Ling Youdao conveniently grasped the Dan furnace, and the Dan furnace became smaller and smaller, and the waist bag was tightened.
Seeing this scene, the lute gnashes her teeth but can endure.
Dan Qi Tang has only explored a small part. She can’t turn against Ling Youdao at this time, otherwise it will be a struggle between snipe and clam.
Xie Fei Conway saw the whole process. Although the organ is not good at fighting, it is also a monk Ling Youdao in the late period of the preconditions, but it can easily repel the strong strength. The two became more and more afraid of Ling Youdao.

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