And the day silt star Zhou Qing suddenly appeared here. Although Zhou Qing didn’t know who that man was just now, Zhou Qing was sure that that man was a fairy! Because the man just remembered the name of his master, Zhong Li, and no one outside can know what Zhou Qingcai judged.

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Although the man won’t let himself deal with Luo Suo, his Luo Suo and XuanXing are immortal. Zhou Qing won’t give up dealing with Luo Suo XuanXing.
Chapter 15 Return
In a secret room of Han family, a fog star, at this moment, the whole secret room is filled with purple halo, and Xuanxing is crossing his legs at this moment, and the purple fog is constantly inhaled by Xuanxing, and the surface halo of Xuanxing is getting more and more prosperous. If you look carefully, you will find that the color of the purple halo in the whole secret room is gradually deepening. Yes, Xuanxing is sprinting towards the second change of Yuanying at this time!
Xuanxing has been closed for 400 years. Before closing, he had already reached the peak of the early stage of the second-variant baby. After more than ten years, he successfully entered the middle stage of the second-variant baby. At the same time, the body of the baby also changed from lavender to purple, but his physical strength did not reach the fairy level as expected. However, Xuanxing found that his body energy had changed a little. Xuanxing felt that his body energy was higher than before! Yes, it is advanced, not just pure!
After discovering this, Xuanxing didn’t immediately stop practicing. He was ready to launch an impact on Yuan Ying’s second change.
Xuanxing has a feeling at this time that the second change of nine yuan baby is a transition from true yuan force to immortal yuan force. If you want to break through the third change of yuan baby yourself, you will soar to the celestial world!
Xuanxing guessed that his present situation might be similar to that of scattered fairy, that is, scattered fairy is between the half fairy and the true fairy. Even if he robbed scattered fairy for nine times, he still could not be the opponent of pick Jin Xian! Xuan Xing hopes to repair himself early to cope with future battles!
"To break through!" XuanXing heart way, of course, XuanXing cultivation period is impossible to have any idea. This idea is a flash, and my body purple Yuan Yuan keeps pouring into my baby, and my purple Yuan Yuan seems to never have enough to eat. It has been more than 300 years since I reached the middle stage of the second change Yuan Ying. In these three hundred years, I have been practicing constantly, and I can’t imagine how much aura XuanXing has absorbed from the outside world. If I practice now, I’m afraid I’ve already soared several times in Du Jie, but my body Yuan Ying has not changed a bit until now.
See XuanXing that yuan baby has been closed eyes suddenly opened to two purple light flash makes XuanXing those reiki suddenly surge up in the chamber of secrets.
Xuanxing suddenly felt a sigh of relief all over his body. "The physical strength is finally breaking through!" Xuanxing had this experience, controlled his excitement and continued to absorb the aura of the outside world.
As soon as those external reiki entered Xuanxing, they were easily refined by Xuanxing’s purple true elements, and then these true elements were continuously transformed in three parts.
Part of the true element is integrated into the skeleton and muscles of Xuanxing, strengthening Xuanxing’s body, part of the true element is integrated into Xuanxing’s five internal organs, making Xuanxing’s five internal organs more petite and full of vitality, and the last part of the true element is entered into Xuanxing’s infant body.
Suddenly, the external energy quickly poured into the secret room of Xuanxing Institute. At this time, Xuanxing’s Yuan Ying exuded a strong purple light and absorbed the external energy crazily. When it was not needed, Xuanxing was used to refining it. This is a characteristic of Jiubian Yuan Ying’s decision. Refining the external energy is super fast!
At this time, Xuanxing’s skin has become purple, and there is a constant oozing of blood in his pores, while his body is constantly strengthening, while Xuanxing Yuanying closes his eyes again at this time, but its color has changed to deep purple.
About two hours later, Xuanxing finally ended this 400-year-long closure! Xuanxing found that his physical strength has reached the fairy level, and he has successfully entered the late stage of Yuan Ying’s second change. At this time, Xuanxing is more convinced that he guessed because Xuanxing felt that his physical energy has changed a lot, but he still did not completely break through to the fairy force level.
At the same time, Xuanxing also found that the unknown bead in his body was still safely in his hands. The bead in Yuanying’s hand was no longer milky white but turned purple hundreds of years ago.
Suddenly, a message bead appeared in front of XuanXing. After checking the inside, XuanXing’s face immediately became gloomy, and XuanXing disappeared into the Korean family’s secret room.
Cold cloud star Xuanlin sent brothers to stay. Xuanxing suddenly appeared.
"It’s okay, it’s okay." Xuanxing comforted himself because when he just woke up, he found that skyshatter had sent a message to himself a hundred years ago, saying that he had met many masters and besieged Xuanxing. He immediately rushed over and didn’t come to the Korean family to say hello. Only when he got here did he find that skyshatter didn’t have anything.
At this time, skyshatter is drinking and chatting with the wind, and it’s whistling.
Is for the first time in their conversation, the wind suddenly felt a slight energy fluctuation behind them and hurriedly looked behind them.
"Xuanxing?" Xunfeng found Xuanxing suddenly appeared in front of him.
"Master" roared for the sky, and two other disciples got up and saluted Xuanxing with some excitement when they saw Xuanxing suddenly appear.
Xuanxing smiled and nodded to the two of them and looked at the raccoon wind. "Congratulations to the predecessors for successfully surviving the sixth Armageddon." Xuanxing saw the raccoon wind repair at a glance at this time.
"Ha ha, thank you. What have you been doing all these years? How many disciples have been thinking about you all the time?" Xunfeng was not surprised that Xuanxing looked like he had a baby repair because skyshatter had told him this.
"In recent years, I have been doing big brother together for the last 400 years. What happened when you sent me a message saying that you were in distress?" Although there is nothing wrong with skyshatter, XuanXing still can’t help but ask it out, so skyshatter told XuanXing everything that happened in these years, and Xiao Tian added it from time to time.
I didn’t expect them to collect so many disciples after listening to Xuanxing’s story. No wonder when I first came, I found many practitioners around me.
"Thank you for your help." Xuanxing hurriedly thanked Xunfeng. If it weren’t for Xunfeng’s help, his four brothers would definitely be bullied.
"This is all should you don’t mention it" raccoon wind gave a way.
After Xuanxing sent a message to Batian Linlin to let them come back and listen to what skyshatter said, Batian Linlin is now returning to his planet. Xuanxing felt that he had not done his duty as a master, and he had never been back for 600 years since he laid the foundation. At that time, he was still a child when he left. At the same time, Xuanxing blamed himself and spent more time with them when he decided.
Soon the bully Lin Lin came back and said that they were on their way back.
Xuanxing walked out of the room to see those disciples who released their gods. It seems that these younger brothers are very stable, and Xuanxing is not curious about this. It will surprise him if he can cultivate Ning Yuan’s foundation.
However, Xuanxing found that these younger brothers’ constitutions were all moderate, and a few of them had good constitutions. Xuanxing was very confused about this. He had given the foundation method to Skybreaking four people, and that method could at least raise their constitutions by one level. This situation is very unreasonable at present.
At this moment, Lin Linlin, the bully, has come back, and they also brought a child back together. After several people greeted him, Xuanxing found that the little girl beside Lin Linlin was not suitable for uniting. At this time, Xuanxing was a little white, and those younger brothers’ constitutions were not so good.
Finally, for the first time, several people told Xuanxing about their methods of accepting disciples, and Xuanxing admitted that their methods were really good. Sometimes understanding is more important than physique.
Looking at many disciples Xuanxing, I can’t believe that I was perfunctory and casually fabricated by others. Now Xuanlin has hundreds of younger brothers Xuanxing who believe that these younger brothers will be masters in the future! After all, his past life is the science of uniting the coagulation yuan definitely XuanXing very sure about this.
Chapter 16 Soaring Ma ()
Xuanlin School has more than 500 younger brothers. Of course, the founder of Xuanlin School is Xuanxing, and the four brothers, Tian Tian, Xiao Tian and Ba Tian Lin Lin Lin, are the first generation younger brothers, while the remaining 500 younger brothers are all the second generation younger brothers. Among them, more than 300 younger brothers were initially repaired by Yuan Ying, while the remaining nearly 200 younger brothers are all in the then Dan period. These younger brothers are all Ba Tian Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin, and they have just been taken back from the outside in recent years.
At this time, skyshatter and others are no longer accepting disciples. The four of them are really difficult to teach so many younger brothers. Let these second-generation younger brothers collect them later.
The number of Xuanlin Sect is not small. Naturally, it is necessary to find a planet with sufficient aura to set up the gate residence, but those places with sufficient aura have long been occupied by other sects. It is not easy for Xuanlin Sect to find a better residence.
When Xuanxing was upset about this matter, Qi Feng suddenly suggested that Xuanxing send Xuanlin to the site to set up a demon area.
Demon regional sphere of influence is very large, including dozens of planets, and these planets are now in charge of the wind by three brothers, of course, it is beneficial to divide one of the planets into Xuanxing, so Xuanxing ordered skyshatter and others to arrange their cousins to go to the demon region.
Xuanxing is still very satisfied with the division of the planet by the wind. The aura here is relatively strong, which is very suitable for practicing Xuanxing. Choose a mountain with better terrain. This mountain range is surrounded by five peaks, so Xuanxing asked skyshatter and others to organize his brothers to build some buildings here.
Because all the people are the people who fix the truth, the speed of the incident is very fast. In half a month, there are hundreds of wooden houses in the whole mountain range, and there are five halls located in the east, south, west and north, and there is also a hall in the middle.
The four halls were managed by skyshatter four people. The hall was prepared by Xuanxing, but Xuanxing didn’t have the mind to manage these places. Finally, the disciples here usually exchanged ideas or dared to fight.
Up to now, Xuanlin Sect has been formally established! The location of Xuanlin Sect is so special that it is within the scope of the demon area, so the geographical location of Xuanlin Sect has a great advantage over other sects in the fix-true world.
Three months later, Xuanxing suddenly received the news of Ganyuan, saying that he was on his way to the demon area and asked himself to find him. After receiving the news of Ganyuan, Xuanxing suddenly realized that his Ganyuan gathering day was running out, and the tenth Armageddon was coming.
Xuanxing led skyshatter, Xiao Tian and Ba Tian Lin Lin to the planet where Xuanxing has been for the first time. This is the core area of the demon area.
Because the three brothers of scaly Kun once told the demons not to hurt Xuanxing and others, Xuanxing’s mentoring and five people went smoothly to the small courtyard where scaly Kun had several people.
When XuanXing arrived here, GanYuan had arrived at his three brothers, who were talking. XuanXing introduced Xiao Tian and Ba Tian Lin Lin Lin to GanYuan, and he knew his other three younger brothers. He had never seen all four of them were GanYuan nephews, and GanYuan Ma was going to Du Jie, so it would be difficult for XuanXing to meet again.
So XuanXing mentoring, GanYuan, Scale Kun three brothers and nine people have been waiting for GanYuan Du Jie to stay in the demon area.

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