The green ant slowly turned around and looked at the elder brother beside him. After harvesting the encouraging eyes, he immediately grasped Redjade’s little hand and looked at the familiar faces in front of him. His mind seemed to ring with the words of the master again.

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"Green ant Biyun Valley is over to you, and these sisters are over to you …"
The exhorting words seem to still reverberate in the ears, and the green ant’s eyes become more and more determined.
"Today … the green ant was taken over by the master. The master gave the Blue Cloud Order. Since today, the green ant has been in charge of the Blue Cloud Valley. Do you have any objection to this?"
Master confessed that even if it is difficult, it is necessary to complete a school of palm-ordering green ants to decide to take over.
"green ant palm order!" A group of elder brothers in the valley held a ceremony and responded in unison.
The recognition of the same door made the green ant’s mind tremble, but his eyes became more and more stubborn and tenacious. A little green ant held a blue cloud to make him vibrate and said, "The first blue cloud order … The green ant only ordered me not to call the valley owner Biyun Valley. There are no two valley owners."
"Follow the blue cloud order!" Neat response completed the handover of biyunling.
Dan Tai Valley Master is still deep in Redjade’s heart, in the mind of every eldest brother.
The common will resonated. In the eyes of Baiyun Tower, the popularity of Biyun Valley suddenly skyrocketed, and the light beam of fate passed through the clear dome and poured directly into the higher dome.
The intermittent resonance fluctuations caused the dome to oscillate together recently, and the cracks in the Fiona Fang Baili Dome actually repaired themselves.
This change made the Baiyun Tower sigh with emotion. At this moment, the small ant demon beside the green ant suddenly flapped its wings and hovered in front of everyone for two weeks. Suddenly, the demon body soared ten times and grew to six or seven feet.
The green ant took Redjade and jumped out of the small ant demon’s back. The small ant demon flew up with two people and a half very quickly.
Flying with two people to escape the small ant demon has become more and more skilled for a moment without any drag, which actually inspired the thunderstorm sound.
However, as the little ant demon realized that flying was faster and faster, the thunderstorm sound disappeared instead
Slightly adapted to the flying escape method, the small ant demon flew to the mountain wall on the east side of Biyun Valley, and the two tentacles flashed bright green awns again.
The green ant also produced a blue cloud, which made the little ant demon sit on the red jade plate and close its eyes and induce it.
Is this a search for the forbidden blue sky? Baiyun Tower secretly speculated.
It should be the general orientation and opening method, and it should be hidden in the blue clouds by the owner of Dan Tai Valley, otherwise the green ants would not be so sure to search this mountain.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Blue clouds Xianju
While the semi-green ants were searching, Baiyun Tower also showed its eye-catching.
A moment later, I didn’t even notice the fluctuation of the breath of the cave circle, but this blue cloud valley … seems to be based on a natural large array.
Is it a natural large array of Baiyun Tower or is it a mysterious means to see people decorate traces? It should be laid by the high-ranking strong people in Biyun Valley fairyland thousands of years ago.
It is sighing that the semi-green ant suddenly stopped, and it seems that it has found what it sees. With a wave of his hand, the green ant makes a green awn penetrate into a hidden array base.
As the strange shock waves spread out of Baiyun Tower, I immediately realized something.
The restart of this cave requires the blue clouds to resonate with the air conditioner to activate the entrance, and finding the entrance is only the beginning.
Carefully sensing the Baiyun Tower, realizing that this cave spirit power has been exhausted, it is necessary to pour the cave-matching demon element into it …
"Redjade depends on you …" The green ant propped up the entrance to the cave with the help of the little ant Yaoyao Dan Li.
Sitting on a small ant demon’s back, Redjade looked stupidly at the virtual flashing entrance to the cave and then looked down at her little hands. Her eyes gradually fluctuated.
Redjade’s two little hands, slightly unfamiliar, picked up the dharma tactic.
After counting interest, a group of pure red demon elements condensed and formed, and hesitated for a moment. Redjade’s figure flashed and fled to the entrance of the cave, and two small hands gently pushed the condensed demon elements into the middle.
The fiery red demon yuan flashed without containing qi qi and the cave seemed to fit perfectly, and the faint flashing entrance was stabilized in an instant.
As the Valley Master of Dan Tai said, the forbidden cave can only be opened by practicing the spirit-refining method, and now the human world will have the ability to reshape the demon scorpion and Redjade.
With Redjade’s small-hand pinch technique becoming more and more proficient, the majestic demon yuan poured into the cave continuously.
After reshaping, the demon scorpion Redjade not only re-condensed the strength of the demon body, but also soared a lot, and there was a Terran Yuanying realm for later repair.
That little demon body seems to contain all the demon elements.
Is feeling a breath wave swept through the crowd with a faint red light barrier mask flashed out and directly enveloped the Fiona Fang more than a dozen miles, not only enveloped the blue cloud valley near the rolling mountains were also shrouded in a part.
When the enchantment mask appeared, the whole Biyun Valley began to tremble, and a sense of separation appeared in Baiyun Tower.
Biyun Valley was isolated by this sudden manifestation of the boundary mask, and the original scattered aura gradually converged, and the boundary mask aura became more and more intense.
Just a dozen breath time wisps of fairy aura continuously derived.
Blue sky … It just appeared!
I didn’t expect such a change in the hidden mountainside of Baiyun Tower cave. It seems that I still underestimate the courage of the ancient high-ranking monks.
It turns out that the Blue Cloud Valley has been a part of the Blue Cloud Cave, which was sealed by the powerful avatar of the ancient fairy, and the cave array was integrated into the human world.
After thousands of years of natural evolution, the integration of Biyun Valley can’t even see the slightest flaw in Bai Dazhao.
After restarting the cave, the demon scorpion Redjade broke the seal of the ancient fairy by fitting the demon yuan very well, and conveniently promoted the reappearance of the blue cloud cave boundary, and the blue cloud valley was hidden from the human world.
With the fairy aura becoming more and more rich, the hidden magic circle in the cave has gradually emerged, and it has been sealed for thousands of years and reintegrated into the blue sky.
Cliffs on both sides of Biyun Valley reveal a place on the east side of the abode of fairies and immortals, and three Chinese characters are engraved on the door of the abode of fairies and immortals.
On the west side of the cliff, at the entrance of the cave house, Fujiman twined full of green Fujiman twined into its own position, which seemed to seal a mysterious place.
The green ant just found the entrance to the cave, which is the gate of Biyunju abode of fairies and immortals.
See small red jade also pour true yuan green ants into the gate, then gently shout stop and pull up red jade’s little hand to the front of the abode of fairies and immortals.
At the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals, there is a layer of virtual forbidden green ants waving blue clouds to make it easy to open them and walk towards the abode of fairies and immortals with Redjade.
Once in the abode of fairies and immortals, the small ant demon immediately changed its shape and re-formed into a palm-sized green ant. The two tentacles swinging from side to side on its shoulders looked much smarter than before.
Worried about the location of the abode of fairies and immortals, the Falun Gong banned the Baiyun Tower and followed the flicker into the abode of fairies and immortals.
The scene of stepping into the gate of the abode of fairies and immortals was somewhat unexpected to Baiyun Tower.
It’s a cliff cave, but when you walk into it, you see a small attic with two corners.
As the circle slowly started, several candlelight lights lit up in the attic.
The attic is quite a few feet, and most of the walls in Fiona Fang are decorated with forbidden frames except the high and large window lattice.
There are ancient books and jade slips, but it’s true that there should be magical powers of practice and technique suitable for the fairyland in Biyun Valley.
A few small clouds floating slowly in the attic reveal a few fairy rhymes.
The green ant floated up and tapped a small cloud to pull up Redjade and jumped to the second floor from the circular entrance two feet in the center of the attic.
Baiyun Tower also flicker, and the second floor looks like a circular leisure place. There are many cases in the window, including tea cases, chessboards and cases, and there is still an unfinished painting.
Seeing the green ant tremble in such a scene, this is the practice place of the predecessors in Biyun Valley thousands of years ago. If there is no monty, it should be waiting for leisure
The mind seems to feel something. The green ant raises his hand and flicks open all the windows in the attic.
In a flash, the attic was full of brilliance, and the full moon shone through the window, accompanied by the breeze and the moon, but it was a vast sea of clouds.
Three people are in this attic, floating in the blue clouds and the sea of clouds.
Baiyun Tower looks around. There are more than ten small attics with different shapes floating in the sea of clouds in Fiona Fang for more than ten miles.
"Sisters are here …" The green ant runs the demon force through the gate of the abode of fairies and immortals and shouts to the brothers of Biyun Valley.
For a moment, the figure flashed into the blue clouds and looked at the sea of clouds and the moon scenery.
These younger brothers gradually got out of the shock of the master’s taxiing and finally recovered to the past.
Accompanied by the ink elders are also excited to say that the clear moonlight here is suitable for demon pet cultivation.
It seems that there are still some difficulties in accepting Redjade’s appearance. The ink elders could not help but come to Redjade and secretly look at it.
Chapter one hundred and six Wash spirit fairy pool
Redjade immediately felt something, then turned around and looked at a word and blurted out, "I’ll leave all the big and small things to you in the valley of the ink elders …"
The immature voice speaks with majesty.
This is a ink elders just stood on the spot the whole attic a quiet.
"Follow the grain master’s order!" Elder Mo leaned down and responded with uncontrollable trembling and joy.
It seems that I didn’t expect myself to be able to speak that kind of words fluently. Redjade couldn’t help but look up at the green ant’s eyes full of vacant meaning.

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