At this time, Hu Qian stared at Hui with her already red eyes, and then she saw that she was so brimming with pain in her heart that it was extremely difficult to move herself to Hui step by step, and the bronze arm that ran through her chest was already behind her.

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From Hu Qian’s eyes, Hui read the pain in her eyes, the hatred in her heart, the self-determination and what she believed in.
In the end, Hu Qian was ready to hold her dagger high, and when she wanted to wave it in front of her, her life stopped and she stayed here forever.
Look at this crazy ordinary woman in front of her eyes, look at the traces of blood and tears on her cheeks that slide down the corner of her eyes, and look at the firm belief in her eyes. Only then can we clearly understand what strength is worthy of the word faith.
Chapter four hundred and seventy ABBA
As the world of mortals rolls away …
Like raining day and night …
Don’t ask …
Without asking …
Not asking questions …
Do not ask …
Ask whether to do it …
Ask your conscience to be ashamed! ! !
This is the Jianghu.
As the saying goes, people in the Jianghu can’t help themselves. It seems that this sentence can’t be said like this. After all, Jianghu is not ordinary people fighting and killing, nor is it a pleasure and enmity recognized by swordsmen. It seems to her that Jianghu is a miniature social body and a complete structure of flesh and blood. Jianghu should be worldly and should smell life.
Especially when Hu Qian formed a film group, she firmly believed in this idea in her heart.
Jianghu is not killing Jianghu, but the way of the world.
Yeah …
A pot of wine and a knife. Isn’t that the world of mortals?
In other words, since Jianghu is a place full of human feelings, now Jianghu is full of love, hate, joy, chagrin, excitement, sadness and so on.
After all, the word "worldly wisdom" is "worldly wisdom before worldly wisdom".
Hu Qian is such a woman.
You know, Hu Qian was just a wild girl in the countryside before the tide broke out. The most important thing she has to do after opening her eyes every day is to make trouble in the fields or catch crickets, or pull out a few sorghum stalks and then tease the cicadas.
When you are tired of playing, Hu Qian will go home and gulp down the food prepared by Niang, and then steam the dry cakes into a bamboo cage, and then put a big sweet stream into the bamboo cage, so that you can happily go out and look for ABBA who is still busy with farm work in the field.
At that time, although Hu Qian was poor, she was also worried that she needed to eat enough every day. She didn’t make a living at all, but she was worried. After all, her family regarded her as the palm of her hand and her little cotton-padded jacket, but she was also very happy.
However, fate played a big joke on young Huqian.
The scar led millions of sea red spirits to land from the East China Sea suddenly, and in just a few months, they successively captured several counties of Longhuan, and Xuchuan County, where Hu Qian lived at that time, became the front line of the war.
In this way, due to the sudden disaster of war, Hu Qian’s family lived in this small village, and each family could hastily pack up the accompanying dry food and then fled towards Tancheng overnight.
Hu Qian’s identity changed rapidly from a rural girl to a battlefield exile just as young as others in the village. She was able to carry a heavy bag of luggage and join the exile team going to Tancheng City.
Along the way, from time to time, some people will join this fleeing team, and before Hu Qian goes to the suburbs of Tancheng, there are already tens of thousands of people in this fleeing team.
The more people there are, the more contradictions there will naturally be. Especially in this special period, the selfishness of human nature is displayed to the fullest.
In the face of this, most of the war exiles, the government of Tancheng, did not even hit the East Gate or distribute some emergency relief food to these exiles, so they watched helplessly as the exiles in the city evolved from initial nervousness to violence and mania.
One of the exiles, Hu Qian, is even more exhausted, because she hasn’t been able to sleep for a night since she joined the team that fled to Tancheng with her parents, especially when she was young, when she witnessed people fighting with a small piece of long-haired dry cake, she was scared. She constantly exerted her strength and then hugged herself tightly with small and medium-sized cloth bags. After she felt those on her chest, she was in pain with dry cakes, which would make her feel a little bit in her heart.
At first, because each family would prepare some dry food, the barbaric act of robbing food, although it would happen among exiles, was not too frequent. However, when Yoon, the governor of Tancheng, refused to open the gate and let Tancheng accept these refugees from the war, the situation was completely out of control after the exiles refused to distribute relief food in Tancheng.
Because of the tide of red tide, more and more people choose to flee to Tancheng, and with the gathering of the city, more and more exiles are coming, and with the preparation of dry food by various families, barbarism and chaos are breeding at the foot of Tancheng.

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