The first floor was too busy, and the Baiyun Tower flicker. On the second floor, I took a photo with my school sister.

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See Oriental pool to curious eyes Baiyun Lou conveniently handed the jade slips in the past.
Oriental Ziyan took the jade slips and looked into it, but she couldn’t help smiling. I didn’t expect the big brother to have such a playful side.
Baiyun Building is taking a photo with Xiao Chaoyang and chatting with Xiao Panglou. He handed a message to the master elder brother.
"There’s something wrong with Du Jie, the Purple Cloud Sect," Xiao Pang said.
Xun Fu wrote that Du Jie, a disciple of Zixiao Sect, was suspected to have gone wrong.
Seeing the message, Baiyun Tower was also a shock, but I didn’t feel particularly dangerous, so I felt a little relieved.
However, since I got this message, Baiyun Tower is still going to send a trip to Zixiao.
Talk to Xiao Chaoyang about going to Zixiao School and chat later.
Before leaving, it suddenly occurred to me that Baiyun Tower took out a black gold medal symbol from the boundary of knowing the sea. It was a gift from the former mountain leader, saying that it was a gift from the Lord of the Great Xia Kingdom, which could be used to start a school.
Read this and hand the card symbol to Xiao Pang, saying that the card symbol should be handled by himself.
Then I entrusted the small bamboo building to the Oriental Ziyan, and asked Qingyun to go to the cave later. If it is possible, I can return and go to Kunlun together.
At this time, the return journey is already more than half, and it is not far from the hospital, but it is closer to Zixiao School.
Baiyun Tower and the younger brother and younger sister greeted each other, and immediately escaped from the sword, and the golden light was cast in the direction of Zixiao Sect, and a golden light was half flashed and disappeared.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen LeiJie injury
After this period of time, the topographic map of Daxia country was released and sorted out, and it was redrawn by Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce with a large sum of money. All the major repair schools were marked with strange mountains and strange waters.
A complete geological map also has a few people who own Baiyun Tower, which is No.1 Middle School.
The exact location of the major sects is now well known to Baiyun Tower.
Less than half a wick sweet time has fled for hundreds of miles.
I sensed that the Baiyun Tower, a tall mountain near the Zixiao Sect, received the spirit of escaping light. After a slight exploration, I sensed the Zixiao Sect, a dangerous mountain peak more than ten miles away.
Past halls and pavilions are built on peaks or cliffs. Baiyun Tower is not good at trespassing and comes to the mountain gate in a flash.
Shan Tong, the guard at the mountain gate, knew that it was a high-order monk who visited and dared not delay to report to the mountain quickly
Soon a younger brother flew to the gate and turned out to be Tian Yi’s younger brother
Brother Wen Zhibai made a special trip to visit Master Tian Yi, and he couldn’t help but be grateful when a series arrived.
In front of Baiyun Tower, help Tian Yi to escape and ask about Lingxiao’s situation.
It turned out that Lingxiao also planned to follow the mountain leader to fix the truth near the conference. Before leaving, he suddenly sensed that Armageddon would come, so he sent a message to the mountain leader that he should go to Zixiao to send 49 Armageddon to prepare.
If you go to Zhongzhou at the time of robbery, it is estimated that it will not only attract all the demons, but also add to the trouble.
The mountain leader quickly replied to the message and told Lingxiao to leave Zixiao to send peace of mind. If Du Jie succeeds, he can also add a big boost to the exorcism in the future.
Tian Yi also learned that Master Du Jie had just attended the challenge meeting of the Fix-the-Truth Conference, and then hurried back to Zixiao Sect before flying boat in Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, which was just the time for Master Zun’s four or nine days last night.
Lingxiao came to Du Jie last night, and it was fairly smooth. After the mountain leader gave Yuan Ying Dan a gift, his strength increased greatly, and he broke three rounds of thunder robbery, but he barely survived the fourth round of thunder robbery and was hit hard.
It is very difficult to recover from the thunder disaster. It is very strange that there is no chance to fall after the Armageddon.
Now Lingxiao has barely broken into Yuan infant period, but it will still be closed because of the injury.
The situation of Baiyun Tower is generally clear, but it is really intriguing that the celestial apocalypse is so strange that I can’t help but look up at the dome outside the cloud.
Duoxiangyi Baiyun Tower has already perceived the spirit of the sky, and in a short time, it has taken Tian Yi to escape from a stone house on the top of the mountain.
I didn’t see the master elder brother in the school at the meeting of repairing truth, but Tian Yi learned from the master before that the master elder brother’s practice was unfathomable, and it was really extraordinary when he saw it today.
And just listen to keep Shan Tong about white brother or royal sword fly to Tian Yi is even more amazing. After all, no one in Zixiao Sect can fly with royal sword except his brother.
Think of the fix true meeting, brother Bai’s generous hand will solve the demon scorpion’s natural disaster, and he is full of expectations for this master elder brother.
The Baiyun Building outside the stone room bowed down and gave a ceremony "My brother Baiyun Building came to visit Lingxiao’s predecessors"
Sensing this, Lingxiao didn’t work to cultivate Baiyun Tower and asked directly.
"Oh, it’s the cloud tower. Come on in." There’s a tired sound inside.
It seems that Lingxiao was also badly hurt, otherwise both of them went to the stone door, but they haven’t sensed outsiders yet.
I saw Lingxiao sitting on a stone couch through the door of Baiyun Tower.
Tian Yi knows that Brother Bai’s arrival may be the master’s chance, which dare to interfere with each other and close the stone door and sit in front of the stone house to protect the law.
Two carved stone windows let in a few rays of sunshine, and Lingxiao’s pale face added a little vitality.
Baiyunlou Tianyantong’s exploration shows that Lingxiao Xiu has definitely broken into Yuanying’s territory. However, due to the severe injuries of dharma body and soul, Yuanying has not yet been condensed. It can be regarded as one foot stepping into the fairy and the other foot returning to fairyland.
Just a thought Baiyun Lou andao at this time is not to explore the reason or to help Lingxiao predecessors recover their injuries and condense Yuan Ying to talk about it.
Just now, I have found out that the injury of Lingxiao is a broken meridian and it is difficult to recover from it.
If another person comes to help these injuries, it is estimated that they are all helpless, but there are ways to deal with them for Baiyun Tower.
At this time, when it is not other people’s fault, Baiyun Tower will be injured briefly, and Lingxiao immediately knows that the eldest brother in the front yard is really shocked by the healing method, and he nodded and should come.
It’s quite a spirit to let a college student who has never seen both sides help him heal.

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