Liu Yu thought about it and then looked around his eyes. "You stay. The winner is now under siege and Jiangdong’s generation will behave if you have those guys abroad."

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Winning keqin is a bit disappointing, but it turns out that the winner is the second time. If it weren’t for her carelessness, these killers would be hard to get rid of. She has added overseas witches to keep an eye on this place, and there is no guarantee that there will be a second group of witches who will continue to invade it.
Before leaving, Liu Yu turned back and asked, "Oh, by the way, how did you get banned?"
She’s a god. It’s hard for others to get into her.
Liu Yu also seems to be embarrassed by Rosaro’s eyes, but she is a little proud at the bottom of her eyes. Is it that she has moved back to a game in front of the transcendental Chinese cultivator?
"This is me, Li Yin Ge, approaching her and imposing the curse that the killer king asked from the witch."
Witch again?
Liu Yu has to face up to it. As Sharo said, these witches don’t value their own individual strength, but the ability they have in their hands can even seal off the sacred land, which shows that they still have something unique.
After winning the game, they soon got the plane flight to Lorrell, USA, and when they were in the first class, their eyes almost landed.
On the other side, Chacra came to pick him up. As soon as he knew that Liu Yu was coming to the horse, he came to Luolaier City. It was already ten years ago that they met. This time, Liu Yu was able to come to America, which really surprised him, but he hurried to meet him.
After the plane, Liu Yu saw a row of men in black in two rows. At the end of the road was a Rolls Royce. Before Chacra, Liu Yu bowed warmly. "Master Liu welcomes you."
Liu Yu said lightly, "Put away your routine. I don’t like it."
Chacra bowed and waved at the back, and those men in black left Liu Yu in advance and approached Rolls-Royce Chacra personally. Salo was shocked and had some nightmares.
Chacra is so grovelling in the face of the master Liu of China, just like a dog meeting its master. It seems that she still underestimates Liu Yu’s ability.
Chacra personally smiled in front of the car and asked, "Master Liu, do you want me to protect that …"
"Is this the lady? It seems that you are also a killer. "
Sally leng, but soon calm down to her identity is not how mysterious, Chacra identity nod can be found out clearly.
"Yeah, it’s her," said Liu Yu.
Chacra added, "Well, let’s go see a friend of mine first. He has connections with witches and maybe he can help us."
Although Chacra is the leader of the killer world, the witches are still not easy to provoke assassinations, but these witches are too strange. He also has to be careful to activate the same land. He must pay attention to it, so the next person they are looking for is Chacra’s eyeliner witch. If something goes wrong, he can report to Chacra immediately.
Liu Yu doesn’t object that it’s not a bad thing that he first knows the details of the other party by staring at the blood stone this time.
Chapter 93 An ancient tomb
The car passed through an urban area and then arrived at a square, where there were not many people. There was also a newly built real estate nearby, and Chacra made an appointment to meet that friend here.
After the car, Sharon took out a Rolls-Royce umbrella, which is valuable. China can equivalent to 10,000 RMB. After the fight, she personally played an umbrella by Liu Yu.
Chacra made a phone call, and soon the man appeared. His name was Luo. He looked like a 30-year-old man who was thin when he woke up, and he looked like a pig and cattle breeder in that dress?
Chacra introduced him when he was in the car. He was a witch letter. A person was responsible for transporting some food to them every month. Of course, he got a lot of money from it. It was many years ago that Chacra accidentally saved him and his family. Only then did he willingly become Chacra’s eyes.
There is no danger in this. It’s nothing if the witch doesn’t pay attention to Chacra. But now Liu Yu is interested in this witch organization, he will naturally cooperate.
"Hello, Mr. Liu, I’m very sincere. If you need the organization drawings of witches, I can do it. Of course, it’s nothing if you want them to have diarrhea."
"Relatively speaking, I suggest you take the drawings because it is not so easy to go in there."
Luo was very enthusiastic and kept explaining the situation to Liu Yu.
In that place, Liu Yu was not very worried about whether she could get in or not, so she went to the angel chalcedony. He’s-he’s not very worried
"You need to tell me where their restricted area is. It’s the highest restricted area."
Liu Yuzhi said it without beating around the bush and said too much.
Luo leng and then looked at Chacra as if to say that your friend is really not afraid of death.
Well, he’s in charge of the clues, and he’s also said that if Liu Yu insists on it, he can also recruit the "highest forbidden zone …"
Then he took out a drawing from his pocket. This drawing was written by himself according to memory. No one else knew that the witch organization’s lair was clearly marked. The terrain was huge. Besides, Liu Yu saw that it was an ancient tomb.
Finally, Luo pointed out that "Sir, if you want to know more secrets, it seems that you can go here."
"here! Maximum restricted area! Even the witch king can’t easily step into "
Liu Yu nodded. This drawing has been recorded by him. The map in his mind appears completely.
"But it’s not easy to get into the ground. There are strange species outside. Guarding these will be monsters that you have never seen before."

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