Chiba and his party have entered the hinterland of the water country, Zhongren Village-Wuyin Ninja Village is a mysterious Ninja Village in a deep lock and dense fog, and the scale of Wuyin Ninja Village is second only to Konoha and Shayin, two mysterious Ninja villages. The island country is surrounded by developed marine fisheries and is rich in all kinds of marine fish.

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"Well, my name is Chiba. You can call me Chiba’s brother. That face stinks. Everyone else owes him one million and two hundred men. Just call him a jerk. Stop water. That woman is very old and grumpy and still in menopause. You can call her Grandma Ye Naiyu!"
Hearing Chiba’s introduction to stop water and calm his face, he shook his face. He had an impulse to give his brother a knife. Yakushi Nonou even sobbed at the corner of his mouth, wishing that he could stab a few times with a bitter hand toward Chiba.
Bai bowed politely to the two men and shouted, "Stop water, my brother, Aunt Ye Naiyu!" Ignore chiba’s instigation
Although Chiba and his party feel a little strange to Bai, it is the first time that he has laughed since he killed his father and escaped. He feels relaxed all over. Brother Chiba, they don’t seem to care about their demon abilities at all.
Chiba feels like a failure. The first step of training (misunderstanding) Bai failed.
That’s right. Chiba’s first step in entering the water country is to find a small village where it is always snowy in vain. People in the village are afraid and hate the blood boundary because of the war. The white mother has the blood boundary and kept this secret for a long time. The white family lived a peaceful life until Bai was also found to have inherited this ability. The white father discovered this secret and led a group of villagers to kill the white mother first. When the white mother was about to kill the white poison, she was frightened and killed the place. Someone became an orphan overnight and begged in the streets of Baishui country.
And another talented child, Hui Ye Jun Ma Lu, ventured into Chiba to take him away because of the madness and paranoia of Hui Ye clan.
After all, it’s a big deal to pick up a white one, and sometimes risk Chiba and others being exposed to a crazy family, so you are not responsible for yourself and others who stop water.
After all, the water country is in a period of bloody fog, and it does not conduct foreign diplomacy, let alone accept prisoner exchange.
"Be careful when things are done. We have no support this time. Everything depends on ourselves, and Konoha will not admit our origin after failure."
Chiba suddenly serious way
"That we are going to enter the fog hidden village? !”
Yakushi Nonou questioned, "If you enter this country to spy for a long time, it is different from our country, but the water country never conducts diplomatic activities. Although it makes it difficult for them to know the outside news, it is difficult for foreign spies to enter their village."
Chiba suddenly shouted at the water stop. "Do you remember the second water country? !”
Water stop heart move way "murphy …"
Chiba explained, "The second time I led the team to attack Wuyin Village with the help of the teacher Shui Shui and Fei Fei, the troops were able to get the exact route of the other side because there was a traitor at the opposite high level, and this ninja who betrayed Wuyin Village and took refuge in Konoha was none other than Wuyin Village’s proud seven-person team leader-Suikazan Fuguki-the owner of the broadsword and the muscle!"
Yakushi Nonou was shocked and looked unbelievable. That’s equivalent to the identity of the captain of Konoha’s dark department. I didn’t expect that so many people in Wuyin Village had defected. She didn’t know that Wuyin Village was in chaos at the moment.
Chiba shook his head and said, "At the time of execution, Suikazan Fuguki surrounded three ninjas in Muyeyin Village, fire nation-Matt Kay, Ignorant Fire String, and Ebisu Kay’s father, Matt Dai, with seven people who endured the knife, loquat ten Kun, Kuriarare Kushimaru, Akebino Jinin, Lishi and Kurosuki Raiga. The seven-person battle made Kay take the opportunity to escape and Matt Dai eventually sacrificed seven people.
Chiba told a lot of facts, and there is another example that was not told. Later, Suikazan Fuguki gave the members of the Intelligence Department of Makoto the guardian information (when the Intelligence Department was intercepted by the enemy, no matter what means, it was necessary to prevent the information from falling into the enemy’s hands). When Makoto was besieged by Konoha Ninja Sennaiibhi, he chose to kill all his teammates to protect the information.
What’s ridiculous is that the ghost shark is desperate to protect the information at the expense of killing a girl who has a good impression on herself. In an instant, Suikazan Fuguki sold the information to neighboring fire nation
"Reliable? !”
Asked water faint always feel Chiba action some unreliable.
Yakushi Nonou is also a face of puzzled beautiful eyes looking at Chiba and changed to a clean pair of white eating lollipops bought by Chiba without looking at the adults to discuss.
"Alas, maybe! He is the springboard for us to enter Wuyin Village to stop water. You also know that several years ago, in the Kyubi no Youko incident, Kyubi no Youko’s pupil came out, and Uchibo’s bloody eye hooked the jade, which made the village and Uchibo not harmonious and full of cracks. On the one hand, the radical group in the village’s high-level group kept trying to crowd out, marginalize and even eradicate the Uchibo family. The Uchibo family always wants to enter the Konoha Power Center in an attempt to revive the Uchibo family. "
Stop water more not white doubt way "that with into the water state? !”
"I got information that Shuiguo is the birthplace of Xiao organization and their leader is uchiha madara! He is the one who manipulated Kyubi no Youko to attack Konoha to retaliate against Konoha and implemented the policy of blood fog. Four generations of Shui Ying in Wuyin Village are the three-tailed pillars. It is said that he can perfectly control the history of bijuu’s pillars, and the first generation of Huoying Thousand-Handed Pillars and uchiha madara can perfectly control bijuu. I suspect that four generations of Shui Ying may be controlled by uchiha madara? !”
"What? ! Uchiha madara? "
"How is that possible? ! How could he still be alive? !”
Stop water Yamatonokusushi wild is yu smell speech have exclaimed a face of incredible expression.
Chapter 15 Suikazan Fuguki
No wonder the two were shocked by other ninjas, and Chiba said that uchiha madara and the first generation of "Ninja God" created the first Ninja Village together.
The first generation of Huoying Qianshouzhu was called "Ninja God", and uchiha madara was on a par with Ninja God, so you can imagine how powerful it was.
The strength of the angle quasi-shadow is only a hundred miles away, throwing a bitter man at the first generation of Naruto, who claims to fight with the first generation of Naruto, and is trusted by employers who hire ninjas from outside.
So you can see how powerful uchiha madara is? !
Stop water. Yamatonokusushi’s wild is the imagination of Yu Fa.
Chiba see two people shocked expression is also a wry smile-this is the most castration actually slightly castration BOSS is Uchiha Obito; It is really the layout of uchiha madara to restore it; Tracing back to all this is a black trick. It is to restore Ootutuki Hagoromo’s mother, Daikiki.
If we tell Shuiping all this, they will probably blow their heads off on the spot.
Three views are ruined!
Of course, the truth is not important. What matters is strength. Without strength, everything is empty.
On the surface, Chiba is to alleviate Uchihiro and the village high-level officials to prove to the three generations of Huo Ying that the Kyubi no Youko incident was not caused by the Uchihiro family and had nothing to do with them.
It is also selfish to increase your strength by taking part in the coup in Shuiguo.
By the way, disrupt a Uchiha Obito layout.
Hum, I haven’t rushed Xiao organization in Chiba yet, but Xiao organization actually sent someone to assassinate them first.
"Let’s go and try to get into Wuyin Village before dark."
Chiba and others outside Wuyin Village came to contact Suikazan Fuguki. After a while, a ninja in a black cloak came in and a flicker appeared in front of Chiba.
The tall orange long hair is Suikazan Fuguki, the captain of the seven people who endure the knife in Wuyin Village.
"Hum! Konoha paid so little attention to me that two teenage kids who were sent so young didn’t take me seriously. "
Watermelon mountain puffer fish face hides cloak sound calmer than it is, but it is slightly dissatisfied.
At this time, the value of Yakushi Nonou appeared. "I am the former captain of the Konoha medical team in Yakushi Nonou, and I have been in the secret department for several years!"
"Walking miko? This is more like a sample. "
Suikazan Fuguki eyes flashing a strange mans hidden cloak corners of the mouth slightly raised.
Konoha, former captain of the medical team, member of the secret department
It’s kind of interesting
"Then who is this kid? !”
Suikazan Fuguki suddenly asked.
"This is our way to find a blood-bound ninja, which is your water country, so that we can cover up our identity."
Chiba explained that this is the result of three people’s consultation, and it is not at ease to put Bai outside. If things are exposed, Bai Xue may be able to save his life.
Suikazan Fuguki nodded and picked the hat and looked up calmly at Chiba and others and took out a pale yellow scroll to unlock the seal, which was a ninja system and a mask.
"Just wear a mask and follow me. Don’t talk. This child is the target!"
Suikazan Fuguki lightly charged some time and then the tone was slightly aggravated.
"The most important thing is not to look around. Wuyin Village is different from Konoha!"
Chiba and other people nodded at each other, followed by Suikazan Fuguki entered the village of Shuiguo Wuyin.
It is very serious to check and register ninjas at the entrance to the village, but Suikazan Fuguki has arranged scrolls and other things in advance, which is also thrilling
Walking into Wuyin Village all the way, Chiba followed Suikazan Fuguki’s lesson and didn’t look around, but his huge body concealed it and he was still able to observe the surrounding situation from the corner.
Well, Wuyin Village is different from Muye. First of all, the climate is different. The fog cage here is humid, and many rooms have stoves and other moisture-proof things.
Houses are built in a waterproof style with a unique style
More importantly, the ninjas walk in a hurry, and they don’t talk to each other or say hello. They are all strangers in the same team.
There’s no enthusiasm at all, not even polite greetings.
There is a ninja constantly, and a ghosting image jumps in one direction.
Even if Suikazan Fuguki is the owner of the saber-resisting seven-man squad leader, no one comes to greet him.

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