Take the pagoda back to the abdomen slowly, let the abdomen turn gently, and concentrate on refining the King Kong Yuan God.

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The war with King Kong is really over, but the beast tide in Dima Fairyland is not really over yet.
The beast tide army in Senma Star Domain suffered heavy losses from the aftermath of the war between itself and King Kong, but the beast tide strength spread all over Dima Fairyland was still not weak, especially several powerful virtual behemoths caused great damage to Terran and friends.
King Kong has been destroyed, Sun Hao will stop there, and the Terran will eventually be able to drive out the beast tide, but it is estimated that it will still take a lot of time before and after.
King Kong has been destroyed. Although Sun Hao’s strength is greatly damaged, it should not be a big problem to take a few virtual behemoths.
Smiling and floating, Abel war star Sun Haolang said, "The holy king gave the latest position of the three virtual behemoths to destroy their remaining beast tide army and left it to Terran boys and friends to train."
When the Terran Friar heard Sun Hao’s words, his morale was suddenly boosted, which puzzled everyone for thousands of years. The beast tide army became less terrible. Didn’t you listen to the second ancestor? Those are reserved for Terrans to play around and train!
Witnessing Sun Hao’s amazing course of World War I, the higher the monks practice, the more incredible they will feel.
The holy king has now completely believed in Sun Haotao’s power in addition to worship or worship.
Sun Hao said this sentence to Abel Tower.
Although the holy king of Wan Li, who was far away, immediately got down on one knee after hearing this sentence, Lang said, "The holy king obeyed Dima Xianyu and all areas quickly reported the position of the three virtual behemoths. The second ancestor’s adult will personally slay them in the virtual …"
Soon, the trail of the unicorn swallowing gold was found in the border area of Senma Xingyu.
Before Sun Hao went to war, King Kong didn’t really attack Dima Fairyland. Before that, King Kong swallowed the golden unicorn beast and fought against Senma Ancient Tree for many years. Later, King Kong came to force Senma Ancient Tree to swallow the golden unicorn beast and abandoned Senma Xingyu to continue to attack Dima Fairyland.
After all these years, it is still in the void of Senmaying, but it has just avoided the aftermath of Sunhao and King Kong’s war behind Senmayang.
After getting the trail of the unicorn swallowing gold, Sun Hao stepped on Abel War Star and found the wormhole and drilled in.
In less than three years, Sun Haoxu stopped the gold-swallowing unicorn beast. The virtual behemoth is bigger than every virtual behemoth, and the gold-swallowing unicorn beast is not included.
However, the normal virtual behemoth is much smaller than a mainland. The body of this golden unicorn is less than half that of Abel War Star.
As soon as the war star became strong, Brother Sen Ma Xingyu was helpless. The beast was not an opponent at all. After three years of fierce fighting in the virtual space, Abel War Star once again cut through the virtual space and flew to Dima Xianyu.
Sun Haoqing Lang Yin spread all over Terran territory through Abel Tower. "Swallowing the golden unicorn and destroying the beast can send monks to recover Sen Ma Xingyu …"
The spirit of the Terran Godsworn is greatly enhanced.
The holy king reacted quickly and sent the Terran to break the virtual flying ship to deploy the elite Terran Godsworn to form an expeditionary force to recover Sen Ma Xingyu.
The main force of the original Senma Xingyu is actually that there are not many sites in the Elves Terran.
However, after the virtual robbery, the ancient tree of Senma, an elf clan, was destroyed, and its strength dropped greatly. The Holy King sent a virtual warship to form a Terran army, which is bound to gain more masters in Senma Xingyu.
Unlike Sun Hao Abel, the Expeditionary Force can’t penetrate the wormhole as fast as the War Star. It is estimated that it will be more than a hundred years before the virtual space ship will kill Senma Xingyu.
Sun Hao, who didn’t wait for the day ship to kill Senma Xingyu, got another good news. "The triangle flying lizard can kill Terran and send monks to Dima 23 to collect the triangle flying lizard resources in vain."
This information has not been generally told, but only a few principal terran monks, the holy king and Huang Linghou, who ruled Dima Fairyland, were shocked when they heard the news.
Boy, the virtual beast was killed, and the second ancestor of huge cultivation resources was thrown into the virtual! This is a big event, and the virtual beast is a treasure. Many resources can be obtained by the holy king, and we must attach great importance to it.
The holy king personally drove a Terran ship that broke the virtual sky and ran non-stop to clean the battlefield left by the second ancestor.
In less than fifty years, the three virtual behemoths have been destroyed by the second ancestor, and the powerful guards around these two virtual behemoths have also been wiped out by the second ancestor.
Suddenly, the Terran and the friendly beast tide war in Dima Fairyland occupied the wind and organized a counterattack.
Up to now, there is only one dark cloud chasing the pony through the snow, and it has not been destroyed.
Chapter II and III Recovery of Dima
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Among the five virtual behemoths, the strength can be regarded as medium. Compared with other virtual behemoths, this big one has two very remarkable characteristics.
A dark cloud chasing a pony through the snow is not as violent as his virtual behemoth. Usually, it rarely takes the initiative to go to the star field to wreak havoc. If it is not provoked, it is more likely to act freely in the virtual.
Second, this guy’s location is quite strange. There have been many places in Dima Fairyland, and the tide of animals around him is often not particularly fierce.
Sun Hao has been looking for this guy for many years. Sun Hao has been running around for more than a hundred years. Only then did he find the trace of dark clouds chasing the pony through the snow until he saw the huge pony. Sun Hao suddenly understood why this guy was always missing.
See Abel war star perceive Abel war star powerful this day colt unexpectedly instantly took 36 plan to escape without fighting, and a scream in the plan plunged into the virtual huge body unexpectedly disappeared instantly.
If it were his brother, he would be dumbfounded when he came over and encountered such a situation. A pony that big actually said that he had not seen it, but it was beyond the cognition of ordinary monks.
However, Brother dzogchen, Sun Haoshen’s time avenue, suddenly knew that such a good guy, this pony actually knew the time avenue, but it was weaker than his own way.
Pony Avenue is just a great achievement, but this guy has a great talent, and he can find and escape through the wormhole.
In other words, if his brother came over, he would probably be able to look at the empty stare
However, Sun Hao is the road outside the column. In front of dzogchen Sun Hao, the speed is faster than the shuttle. That’s really not enough.
Sun Hao, with a faint smile on his face, stepped on Abel War Star and went out after the colt. He sensed that the colt was absconding, and Abel War Star had gone out in the previous step.
Abel’s battle star has just appeared in the void, and it didn’t take long for the colt to emerge with its head swinging leisurely. It seems that it has run a long way, and its opponent should have been thrown to some unknown corner.
But than the accident, the horse just got out of his eyes and saw the mainland that was bigger than himself in the suspended virtual space and saw the mainland Sun Hao.
Afraid that you are running in the wrong direction? Hit it back again? It won’t be such an oolong, will it?
Without saying anything, the pony roared and plunged into a wormhole and fled again.
It wasn’t long before poked its head out of the void and went forward, so I was surprised to find that my opponent was waiting in front of me again.
Furiously, the colt continued to abscond.
Run away ten times in a row, and the result is the same every time.
Pony found that no matter how he escaped or hid, it seemed that all his opponents were waiting for him.
Even if this is its talent, after running for more than a dozen times in a row, it is also very tired, as if it were spitting out white gas and looking at Sun Hao with indecision.
This is too outrageous! You can’t escape yourself!
There is not much wisdom in the virtual behemoth, even if it is a spiritual superman, it is impossible for it to take the initiative to admit defeat or retreat.
But this dark cloud chasing a pony through the snow is an exception.
Mastered the avenue virtual behemoth actually went the way of the beast, but it happened that the colt could not come true. The right way beast failed to replace the heaven and earth when implementing the avenue. Sun Hao’s side has cultivated into the avenue of time, and there is one in the whole virtual world of dzogchen Avenue.
Then the colt can’t be repaired, and it becomes an embarrassing half-beast.
The beast is arrogant, and it is impossible to bend half the beast. It is almost the same.
Besides, the colt is also a wild horse, and its natural bone has the ability to respect the strong.
Like training a horse, the colt was continuously blocked by Sun Hao and suppressed by the continuous time avenue, and he felt that Sun Hao was full of time and strength.

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