Chi-you immediately stopped asking about the black light emitted from Wu Ming’s arm. The alienated body in the Central Plains constantly exudes distorted consciousness, but it is constantly compressed when it is swept away by the black light.

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The first Yuan God and the second Yuan God in the Mud Pillow Palace came out of a dark cocoon and were sealed inside, but Wu Ming never expelled the power in the body, and that consciousness was getting stronger and stronger, and this seal could not hold it for long.
Chiyou looked at Wu Ming’s two Yuan gods, and there was a divine light in his four eyes. He was surprised and said, "You magical power."
"It’s some Yuan gods who split up into small soldiers and laughed."
Chiyou didn’t expect that what he saw was not as simple as the three gods.
"Since you have made up your mind and want to know what you are doing, don’t be so grateful for saving your life. I won’t forget it."
Say Chiyou rushed into the clouds and disappeared in Luzhou, the northern capital.
Wu Ming watched Chiyou leave the demon palace. What would he think if he knew that one of their demon ancestors was gone?
Then he also drove the clouds to the North Tianmen.
"live! Fang Yao dares to come to my North Gate and be presumptuous! "
I’ve heard that the heavenly king is holding a treasure umbrella and drinking heavily. The heavenly generals are armed with knives and halberds.
Wu Ming immediately cast a change method to change back to his own appearance and laughed. "I heard that the heavenly kings were pardoned and temporarily forgot."
The gods didn’t relax, and the heavenly king looked back at Tianmen. The image was still a monster, but Xian Di was real.
I heard that the heavenly king was stunned for a moment. It was really a multi-eyed true gentleman. How did the true gentleman look like this?
There’s no chance that Xian Di will be robbed.
"Zhenjun, who are you?"
Wu Ming laughed bitterly. "There are some mistakes in practice, and this ghost looks like it. I have come to ask you immortals to cast spells."
After some explanation and chatting, I heard more about the heavenly king, so I put Wu’s name in. After all, there is no problem with immortals, and it is time for Tianmen to keep the future and deny people.
After Wu Ming entered the Heavenly Palace, he couldn’t help but recover his terrible appearance. He dared not stay as a monster and went straight to Tianshi Mansion. Tong opened the door and suddenly got a fright and ran into "Master has come to a monster"
Zhang Tianshi walked out of the door and saw Wu Ming in a daze. Then he recognized it and said, "How did you become like this?"
Walking into the courtyard, many children’s handmaids are hiding in every corner to watch Zhang Tianshi hum for a while before they disperse.
The master and the apprentice came to the temple seat, and the famous Wu, Yu Bo, told the teacher that everything was done.
For a long time, Zhang Tianshi said, "Chiyou is my Terran predecessor. You saved his freedom today. It is a merit measure. It is feasible but very dangerous to say that body double should be robbed. If you can’t take back the real body at the right time, the robbery will not be heavy, and the fruit will be damaged and the ghost will flow."
Wu Ming is not bold. He actually wants that evil thought to control himself into a yellow flower, and the centipede spirit should be robbed, while his first and second gods escape from the hidden darkness for disaster. Once that evil thought should rob Wu Ming, he will take the opportunity to take back his body, and at the same time, he will also liquidate the cause and effect to see who will fall into the well.
This is a little worse than danger, and it may be a thousand years of mourning!
In addition, the difficulty is how to make the evil thoughts go to the robbery?
Wu Ming’s coming to heaven is to ask for help. It is best for the teacher to weave a dream to deceive it and curb its evil nature. Just stay in the yellow flower view honestly.
Zhang Tianshi pondered for a moment and said, "It’s not easy for you to ask like this, but that vision is very strange. Even if there are not many people with this mana this day, go and find the old gentleman."
Wu Ming nodded his head, and he didn’t trust the teacher, Tao Zu, for such a thing as life and death.
They went out of Tianshi Mansion and passed by Wu Ming, the residence of Xu Zhenren, and asked, "How can chickens crow and dogs bark so quietly in Xutianshi Mansion?"
Zhang Tianshi laughed. "His chickens and dogs still wear incense halls and eat every day."
The two speakers came to the front of the pocket palace.
Tong hurried into the bulletin, and soon invited them into the palace. The old gentleman’s alchemy room was about to open the furnace for alchemy.
In the alchemy room, Kuimu Wolf is rubbing the silver spirit of Dan furnace and commanding with his head held high.
"That, that, that, that, make some effort."
The old gentleman sat in a distant chair and drank tea slowly, while Jin Ling waited on him.
"Master Zhang Tianshi is here."
"Visit the Taoist ancestors"
Chapter 43 The original trajectory of human-god is awesome
Dolly and Silver Spirit Kuimu Wolf are very curious. It’s really ugly to look at the monster next to Zhang Tianshi.
"The Kuimu Wolf is uglier than you," Yin Ling said.
Kuimu Wolf # ‵’ Convex
The old gentleman glanced at Wu Ming and smiled. "What are you thinking about coming to my palace?"
"Cough grandmaster saved a senior to this point and still hope grandmaster is pitiful." Wu Ming cried, "What face do you want in the future?"
"He, he, he is multi-eyed!" Silver spirit, pointing to the name of Wu, stammered that Jin Ling and Kuimu Wolf were shocked.
Although the immortals are mostly good-looking creatures in the three realms, and they don’t pay much attention to appearances, Wu Mingqian was also a graceful feather scholar. Now, the contrast between the appearance of this unsightly monster is not great.
"Duomu, you finally show your true colors. What kind of monster are you?" Three people gathered around and asked
Wu Ming stretched out his hand to pull aside the silver spirit and looked at the old gentleman pitifully.
The old gentleman tugged at the corners of his mouth and ordered, "Kuimu Wolf, you don’t have to burn my stove again."
Kuimu Wolf immediately thanked him and went back to heaven to be reinstated.
"Now that I don’t have a furnace burner, you can burn the furnace for me and I will solve your problem." The old gentleman said to Wu Ming.
Wu Ming naturally promised Zhang Tianshi that he would no longer speak when he saw this. The old gentleman spoke for a while before turning back to Heaven.
According to the instructions of the old gentleman, the furnace was turned on, the fire was added with carbon, and the wind was forced.
The flames were blazing, and a trace of impurities were refined by fireworks. Suddenly, two flames were left in Wu Ming’s eyes, and the scene of Sanqing Hall gradually emerged.
Yanhuashan Huanghuaguan
The miraculous ancient bodhi tree exudes a bright Buddha’s light, like the moon in the water, carrying ten golden bodies suddenly disappeared, leaving an open garden in the same place, and the name and deeds of the multi-eyed true gentleman in the Three Realms were forgotten by some people in the blink of an eye.
For example, there are three identities, namely, the Three Altars’ wonderful method to protect the Tao, the South Relic to honour the Buddha, and the Nine Mysteries to slay the true king.
This is what Wu Ming hopes, so that he can give it in secret and let some people completely worry about it. How big is a centipede essence?
Just out of the flaming mountain, Tang Priest and his disciples are all Zheng.
"It’s strange how the old pig seems to have forgotten something?" Quit muttering
Monkey laughed. "What do you remember except eating?"
Jie suddenly realized, "Monkey is right, Master, it’s time."
The young Taoist in Sanqing Hall got up and bowed to Sanqing.
"Thank you for your sincere practice and early success."
When the Taoist priest walked out of the temple door and saw this jade pavilion in Qionglou, he couldn’t help admiring, "I have been practicing for thousands of years, and now I have such an inheritance. It’s a pity that no one in the view takes care of it and needs to recruit a few children."
Then walk into the backyard and clean up the clutter.
"Where did this come from? Yeah, why don’t you stay? This packet of powder "
Most of the things were moved away by Hong Haier, the bear. Now Huanghua is watching the rack, which is big but there are not many things left.
The Taoist priest was also very satisfied after checking the whole view, and then he grabbed a few mountain spirits and ghosts from the mountain to enlighten the children, which added some popularity to Huanghuaguan.
Then it is daily chanting, monasticism, burning pills, refining medicine, or walking in the mountains to kill demons. If you meet such powerful monsters, you will undress and expose your eyes and let out golden yellow fog to kill the enemy. Today, you have not lost.
Nine a figure staring at the view that figure is amazing.
"Old gentleman, this means is really powerful. If I didn’t appear, this would be the real monster with a hundred eyes, right?"
But in fact, there are many evil thoughts besides that. Now, in the yellow flower view, Wu is also a hundred-eyed demon king. The multi-eyed monster is that it doesn’t know that it has an identity.
I have learned the Buddha’s law to practice centipede essence for thousands of years. It seems that there are still seven school sisters who are now practicing in this Huanghuaguan Dojo.

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