I can’t help laughing when I saw him. It seems that Liu Xicai is really a paper tiger. Since he is afraid of death, it will be easy. I tried not to laugh when I thought of this. I tried to keep a serious face and looked at him and said, "Get up quickly and lead the way. If you want to be honest and obedient, I will spare you. And if you get on the train, you must be honest, otherwise I will let you die!"

16 minutes, 43 seconds Read

"I will listen to you. I will listen."
Liu Xicai panicked from the ground up and never dared to say a word again. She looked at me and smiled at me. Although she didn’t say anything, I could guess what she was thinking. I am surprised even by myself now, let alone Xiaolian. After so many things, I feel like a different person. I am not like the former me at all.
Lotus and I are not familiar with the road here, but Liu Xicai is different. This old guy has a good memory of walking once. When he saw him walking around the Woods for a long time, Lotus and I were taken out of the Woods in less than an hour.
Out of the Woods, I still can’t see people in this desolate place. When I look around, it’s desolate. I can’t even take a car and walk on people’s legs. I’ve been walking for two or three hours. I’m thirsty and hungry now, but we haven’t eaten or drunk at all, so we can walk on.
I guess Liu Xicai is not much better. He is thirsty now. Finally, he really can’t stand it. He turned to me and Xiaolian and said, "Four dogs, can we have a rest here? I can’t walk any further."
I’m worried about the safety of Yi Genjin, and I’m so anxious that I’m boiling. How can I have a rest here? Looking at Liu Xicai’s face, I’m angry. "Even if I’m exhausted, I have to go forward. Now you know that when I’m tired, I’m so energetic."
Liu Xicai was very angry when he heard this, and then walked on. Now he didn’t dare to refute it at all, for fear of angering Nelly and me, and he would suffer some more.
After running all the way, we finally got out of this near-populated area. Xiaolian is better. Liu Xicai and I are both exhausted. Liu Xicai is already out of breath at this time. Let him walk for a while and have to fall to the ground. Although my legs are like lead now, I still dare not rest. Yi Genjin, the boss of the valley and Zhu Yedao are worried about their lives at any time. I don’t have time to rest now. After leaving the populated area, there will be a car. We stopped a car and went straight to the train.
I bought three train tickets to Jilin and got on the train with Liu Xicai. I warned Liu Xicai once again to let him share a little after the train, but I was still a little uneasy about staying with Liu Xicai. I wanted this old guy to strangle him as soon as he acted abnormally.
I don’t understand why I have such an absurd and cruel idea now, but I believe that if Liu Xicai really wants to play tricks, I can really do it. I bought some food and drink for Liu Xicai on the train bound for Jilin, and I also shared it. I asked Liu Xicai to sit by the window and I clung to him to prevent him from suddenly yelling.
Liu Xicai’s small eyes turn around from time to time. I don’t know what’s on his mind, but I can see from his eyes that this old guy must be up to something. When I think of this, I pay more attention to him because this train has a policeman. Once the police are alarmed, Nellie and I will be in trouble.
I looked at Liu Xicai around me and said to him, "Liu Xicai, be honest with me. If you want to play any tricks, I will have to pull you up before I die. Do you hear me?"
Liu Xicai nodded and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t give you any trouble."
"That’s ok. You can sit inside again." I said to Liu Xicai.
Liu Xicai is very obedient now. After listening to my words, he turned inside and ate something I just bought him.
I spent all this time worrying about what might happen, because I and Xiao Lian are both wanted criminals, and Xiao Lian’s life is in danger, and I’m not much better. It’s not a light crime to injure a prison guard and escape from prison.
Well, nothing happened along the way. We arrived in Jilin smoothly, and then after getting on the bus, Liu Xicai took Xiaolian and me for several trips to the place where his master was "cleaning up" in Zhuye Road.
According to Liu Xicai, it is not too far away from Helong Village, which makes me feel very surprised. After living in Helong Village for more than 20 years, I really haven’t heard of such a "master" nearby. It seems that the whereabouts of Zhuye Road are really weird and hidden.
Liu Xicai was very good all the way. He never played any tricks. Finally, Xiaolian and I were brought to a mountain about dozens of kilometers away from Helong Village.
From the train to the present, it was already the wee hours. When Liu Xicai took Xiaolian and me to this remote mountain, the old guy breathed a sigh of relief and said to me, "This mountain in front of Sigou is my master’s bamboo road clearing place. If there is no accident, my master and boss Gu have already stepped into the mountain before us."
I looked at Liu Xicai and saw that his eyes kept jabbering around. I really couldn’t believe what he said, but now I can believe him. Anyway, I don’t dare to go too far with this old guy. I converted the bamboo leaves and the valley boss on time. They left before us. They should have just entered this mountain. Now I can’t help but have such a question in my heart. This Liu Xicai won’t be caught by me and Xiaolian on purpose, is it to lead us both to this deep mountain?
I’m a little nervous at the thought of this. If that’s the case, then Boss Gu and Bamboo Leaf Road must have been prepared, just waiting to use Yiganjin as bait to catch me and Xiaolian.
At this moment, Xiaolian came up to me with a lot on her mind and asked me, "What do you think of Brother Four Dogs?"
I told Lillian about my worries. Lillian was silent for a while and said to me, "There is no other way to save Yi Genjin. We know that they are ready and we have to go into the mountains."
I nodded and Lillian said, yes, that’s right. Even if they have already set a trap for me and Lillian to drill in, we have no other way to go now. We can bite the bullet and go into the mountains.
Thinking of this, I no longer hesitated. I waved my hand at Liu Xicai and said to him, "You lead the way into the mountains!"
Liu Xicai walked into the mountains without saying anything. I don’t know what this old guy is thinking. He can’t wait to see his master, Zhu Yedao, and Gu Boss as soon as possible.
Chapter II Land
Liu Xicai took the road in front of him. Xiaolian and I closely followed the old guy behind him. At this time, our legs and feet were much more flexible. For Liu Xicai, it was good to walk on the mountain road. When he entered Helong Village, there was no shortage of mountains. The mountain road in front of us was not too difficult to walk. This would not be difficult for Liu Xicai.
I have been in the mountains since I was a child, and I can still cope with this kind of environment, not to mention that it is impossible for Liu Xicai to run when he walks up the mountain road like flying.
Liu Xicai didn’t say a word, but silently took the road ahead. At this time, it was dark in the mountains in the early hours of the morning, and it was refreshing to feel the mountain breeze. The terrain of this deep mountain is very hidden and no one has been here all year round. From the mountain road, it can be seen that few people walk here.
Liu Xicai is walking ahead. His feet are much faster than before, and he is not thirsty or hungry. I really wonder if this old guy was faking it before. Why is he so energetic when he is close to Zhuyedao’s lair?
This old guy sometimes looks back from time to time, and when he looks at me, he will look back quickly. I can see from his sly eyes that this old guy must be very proud and much calmer than before. He should be able to see his master soon. He has confidence in his heart.
This look of Liu Xicai really annoys me. I really want to kick his ass when I look at his smugness, but I don’t have the luxury to get angry with him yet. I still don’t know where Zhu Yedao is. I have to rely on Liu Xicai to find Zhu Yedao. I thought of this, and I endured my anger and thought that I would clean them up together when I found Zhu Yedao and the boss of the valley. Anyway, now it is beyond the police’s control. I just want to kill all these damn guys!
I can’t stop thinking about these thoughts in my heart, and now I feel terrible. I really don’t know what kind of desperate situation I will go to, and I may never turn back.
People are forced out. If Xiaolian and I are destined to suffer so much, then we can face it. But now that it’s done, it’s worth killing all these wicked people.
I was thinking in my heart and continued to walk along the mountain road behind Liu Xicai. At this time, it was already slowly dawn, and the situation in the mountain was clearly seen. There were no wild animals in this deep mountain, and even birds and animals could not be seen. A little anger made people feel a strong sense of depression.
Liu Xicai took Xiaolian and me over a hill, and then we looked at the top of the mountain. There were not only one mountain, but also several mountains at our feet were covered with trees. If I hadn’t seen this spectacular scenery with my own eyes, I really couldn’t have imagined that there were such a large continuous mountain range dozens of miles away from our Helong Village.
Liu Xicai finally stopped pretending to be dumb at this moment. Seeing his hand pointing forward, he said to me and Xiaolian, "Four dogs, do you see the mountain in front? There is my master’s bamboo road clearing place. I guess he and boss Gu have already arrived there with Yi Genjin. We agreed that I will take you to the place. You can’t kill me!"
I looked at him and said nothing. I thought, I won’t kill you. Do I still keep you? If I don’t kill you this time, you’ll come back and get into trouble with my Lotus. You won’t finish until you avenge your son Liu Gengui.
But I can’t express this idea. I don’t know if Liu Xicai’s speech is true or not. I can only kill Liu Xicai when I see Yi Genjin with my own eyes. I look across the deep mountain. It really is a very hidden and dangerous place. This bamboo leaf road will really find a place. I can’t help thinking about how to deal with them when I see Zhu Yedao and his gang, but I haven’t thought about it for a long time. It’s really difficult to ensure Yi Genjin’s safety and kill Zhu Yedao and Gu Boss.
But now I can take it one step at a time. I didn’t think so much. I rushed Liu Xicai to make signal with the lips and said to him, "You’d better lead the way and go quickly."
Liu Xicai saw my lukewarm attitude, and he was a little nervous and didn’t dare to talk nonsense, so he went to the mountain.
Xiaolian and I walked along the mountain road with one foot deep and one foot shallow behind him. This Liu Xicai is quite fast when he is in the mountains. Although he is a man of forty or fifty years old, he walks up the mountain road as fast as flying, and his physical strength is not bad than mine.
When Liu Xicai was young, he reached the foot of the mountain. He looked at the mountain opposite with his head raised. He was looking forward to it. Maybe he saw it. He hoped that he would not be so nervous anymore. But this old guy has learned to be good now. He also knows that his smug look will annoy me. His smug look lasted less than two seconds. See me, I see that he quickly withdrew his smug look, turned around and walked on.
Lillian and I also came to the foot of the mountain at this moment. When we look around, there are all some old fallen leaves in front of us. Those leaves have rotted and fermented, and the ground is black. It’s a sudden smell. Liu Xicai takes the lead. This guy walks in front of those fallen leaves. It’s really deep and shallow. Sometimes when he meets thick fallen leaves, Liu Xicai’s whole calf will sink in until he reaches his knees. His trouser legs are immediately soaked by fermented fallen leaves.
At the foot of Xiaolian Mountain, I watched Liu Xicai walk forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow. He was very flustered when he walked. It was like trying to get rid of Xiaolian and me. In my heart, I shouted at Liu Xicai, "Liu Xicai, slow down. Do you still want to run?"
Liu Xicai heard my voice, and his body paused, and then he quickly walked forward. His feet were deeply trapped in thick fallen leaves, but this guy seemed to be familiar with the environment here, but he didn’t feel too surprised or ran forward quickly.
I can now be sure that Liu Xicai just wants to get rid of me and Xiaolian. I and Xiaolian also quickly chased Liu Xicai and said that nothing can let this old guy run away. This fallen leaf area is very large. When Xiaolian and I chased after Liu Xicai, the three of us were still not out of this large range of fallen leaves. After I chased Liu Xicai, I grabbed his clothes from behind him. "Do you fucking want to run and live for me quickly!"
Liu Xicai will still be very obedient there, but I didn’t think it was Liu Xicai. At this moment, it was like a different person. I saw that he didn’t even turn his head back and rushed to the front. Although his feet were stumbling, this old guy still had great strength. I grabbed his clothes and was dragged by him. I saw Liu Xicai desperately trying to get away. Where would he let him go? I clutched his clothes tightly and ran a few steps forward.
But at this moment, my feet suddenly went soft, just like stepping on a large piece of cotton flowers. Then I saw Liu Xicai’s body suddenly sink. When he brushed his half, he fell into a large leaf. At the same time, my body also sank to the surface. In less than a second, Liu Xicai and I were all submerged in the leaves. I felt that my black eyes could not be opened at the moment. I vaguely heard Xiaolian exclaim and then I couldn’t see anything.
When I opened my eyes again, I found it was dark around me. My hand was still clutching Liu Xicai’s clothes, and Liu Xicai fell with me. Both of us were so sore that we couldn’t get up for a while.
I looked at the surrounding environment. Because I just fell into this huge room, my eyes couldn’t adapt to this dark environment for a while. It took me more than ten seconds to see the surrounding environment gradually. At this time, I saw that Liu Xicai and I had fallen into a huge field. Looking around, I couldn’t see anything clearly, and I didn’t know how big it was. Looking at my head, there was a round hole with a diameter of about one meter. I could be more than ten meters away. It was exactly where Liu Xicai and I fell.
It seems that the big hole in my head was covered by the thick fallen leaves. Even Liu Xicai, who is familiar with the terrain here, didn’t know where it would sink, otherwise he wouldn’t have given his life to step on it.
At this time, we are all covered in mud. When I saw this mud, I realized that I was soaked in mud and got dirty, and Liu Xicai was not much better. He was also soaked in mud, so don’t be embarrassed. Fortunately, there are these thick mud. Otherwise, Liu Xicai and I would have to break our bones if we fell from a place more than ten meters high.
"Liu, aren’t you familiar with this place? Why did you fall off!" I am angry that I seized Liu Xicai by the collar and thundered.
Liu Xicai was also very annoyed at this moment. He looked at the mud and his environment and said angrily, "Four dogs, I don’t want to fall. God knows there is such a big pit here. Now I say nothing can come."
Liu Xicai’s voice just fell and a beautiful figure floated from the big round hole in our head. I shone through the top of my head and saw that it was Nellie who jumped from the round hole.
Although Xiaolian was light when she landed, she couldn’t be splashed with mud. After she came, she rushed to my front and asked me anxiously, "Brother Sigou, didn’t you break it?"
Chapter III Fluorescence
Lillian fell lightly around Liu Xicai and me after she jumped down. Although Lillian was as light as a swallow, this face was covered with mud and mud, and she was splashed with mud. Not only was her body dirty, but she also collapsed when she looked at her pretty face. At this time, Lillian looked even more lovely.
"I’m fine. I don’t know if this leg is broken at the moment." I rubbed my numb legs and said to located.
Lillian looked at my legs nervously at this moment. When she squatted down and rubbed them for me, my legs regained consciousness and moved. After several discoveries and serious problems, I didn’t feel relieved that Lillian saw that I was fine.
Look at this old guy Liu Xicai, although he is not young, but this one didn’t break him. After he got up from the ground, he looked at me. I think this old guy must be thinking about how good it would be if he threw me to death, so that he would have nothing but worries.
Now I’m afraid that Liu Xicai’s goods will fall, at least I have to let him lead the way to find Zhu Yedao and Gu Boss. If he falls half dead, I’ll be involved behind his back to see Liu Xicai live well. Only then did I let Liu Xicai go near and ask him, "Liu Xicai, you’ve been studying with Zhu Yedao for so long, do you know what this trap is?"

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