Unexpectedly, three alloy silver pills were shot back, and the flame shield exploded at the moment, and three alloy silver pills suddenly dispersed.

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Scattered to the fire lotus head, left, behind three directions.
In an instant, the lotus flower was attacked in different directions.
Bombard lotus from three directions at the same time
Fire lotus expression a slight change.
A black bullet was thrown directly from the waist and crushed into black powder in an instant.
A rolling flame exploded steeply on the top of the lotus.
Extraordinary ability-inflammation!
The fire lotus subtly controls the explosion light and airflow, which are divided into three parts and blasted into Xu tui alloy silver pills.
Fire lotus itself is unscathed.
Strong airflow flame will directly bombard Xu tui’s three alloy silver pills, which will stagger and get out of control instantly.
But before fire lotus face relaxed color.
Screaming and breaking.
Fire lotus looked back and saw a touch of silver light, just like wearing tofu, directly passing through the flame shield in front of his protective body.
Fire lotus look instantly become fear than.
But his expression is also frozen at this moment!
Silver light shot from the eyes of fire lotus in an instant, with a touch of red and white brilliance coming out directly from the back of his head.
Flying sword
Come out of your head!
A full face of frightened fire lotus was flying sword and fell to the ground with a flash of silver light, and Xu retreated in front of a circle and directly got into Xu’s pocket.
The venue is silent!
Almost all the audience did not see how Chu Huolian died.
Anyway, the lotus died with a flash of silver light.
But the spirit is equally strong, but the referee on duty saw clearly that Xu retreated and killed the fire lotus silver body.
Flying sword!
A small silver flying sword
"Killing the fire lotus is a small silver flying sword with a length of no more than five centimeters." The referee on duty handed the message directly to the background.
The manager of the background of the conventional ring field, Qi Tong, also looked at the fire lotus that was suddenly killed by seconds. The fire lotus died so suddenly.
"Slow down the video just now ten times to see how this fire lotus was killed!" Qi copper ordered
"Is there a result of big data comparison in the information group? It would be a pity if such a young genius boy couldn’t find his origin, but he might be interested. "Qi copper walked with a face of thought."
"The manager controls the young mysterious practitioner of alloy silver pills, and the number of blue stars is as high as one hundred and seventy-one.
At present, according to the height, skin color and voice, 156 suspicious targets have been ruled out and 15 suspicious targets are directly aligned … "
Halfway through, the siege lion in the information group looked at the information sent by the referee on duty and suddenly froze.
"Manager, if that silver light was a flying sword just now, the identity of this 19-year-old boy can be determined."
A small flying sword dragging silver light is flying at a speed of ten times.
"It’s really a flying sword, then lock the target and receive his information and then give it to me." Qi Tong stared at the monitoring picture, wearing a silver mask, full of coldness and a pair of interesting colors.
"Huang Tianba wins the fire lotus and dies!"
The referee on duty announced the outcome, and at the same time, Xu retired from the ring with a cold face.
Behind him, the ring exploded in an instant!
"Damn, who will tell Lao Huolian how she died!"
"What is that silver? Extraordinary magic? "
"It’s amazing to kill. That silver light is really cool!"
Chapter one hundred and forty Stop here
"Xu tuigong. com, your information has been quickly searched for more than 100,000 times, but almost all of it comes from a signal source, the database of Huaxia Gene Committee Department, and your public information has also been accessed at a high limit."
Xu retired from the ring road, and Huang sounded, so Xu retired.
This retreat has already been expected.
The so-called privacy protection in the era of gene age is only aimed at ordinary people.
Ordinary people who don’t have the ability to search big data or unconventional data naturally can’t find other people’s privacy.
But privacy in front of people or organizations with big data or unconventional data search capabilities is a joke.
It’s like the mystery of the conventional ring is more mysterious than that of Nakamura’s alias Huolian, who has appeared in the conventional ring of the sea paradise for a year.
However, Ah Huang, a super-quantitative computer-aided analysis with advanced artificial intelligence, was stripped naked in just a few minutes.
Xu tui got at least 20% information about nakamura.
Only he has the super-assistant armed forces, and has never moved. Huang has not found any information.
Then the same routine sets out to retire

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