"Then what?" I looked at her.

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"Yesterday, she called me and asked me to prepare for the work. The money said that she might not be able to move her face. You asked me to find Third Brother Lu. I asked Third Brother Lu out to have dinner together. He promised to bring me to ask you for help."
Looking at this poor woman in front of me, I suddenly felt a little sorry for Lao Tang. Although she is not a good person, what did this woman do wrong? It can be said that everything is fate. If I had accepted this matter earlier, maybe she wouldn’t cry today, but no one can say that she would have saved these tears in the end.
"What’s wrong with your sister?" Ye Huan asked.
"Oh, yes, there is her." She wiped her tears. "Her name is Tang Yi. She was very good before she was twenty this year, but she has been missing for some reason recently. She also had an accident that night when Tang Jun was hospitalized."
"What happened to her?" I frowned. "Fight?"
"Yes," Pan Ying said. "She got into a fight in a bar, and the bottle stabbed two men and one woman. I didn’t see her until dawn that night. Her eyes were abnormal, and she was confused for a while and seemed to be possessed. Fortunately, someone testified that the two men wanted to molest her first. She fought back in self-defense and the other party was entrusted by a skin injury, so she was released."
"After she came out, she disappeared again, and it was still missing under your eyelids, right?" I looked at her.
She was stunned. "How do you know …" ~ ~ ~ ~
"If he can’t see this, how can he help you?" Ye Huan looked at her. "Did you see an illusion?"
She took a look at Ye Huan in wait for a while. "I don’t know if it was an illusion, but I saw an old woman in black coming face to face and snatched Tang Yi’s hand from me. When I came to my senses and wanted to ask her who she was, she was gone and Tang Yi was gone!"
"Did you call the police?"
"I reported it!" She said, "The police took surveillance. From the surveillance, there was a black shadow flashing around me, and then Tang Yi turned around and left. I was stunned for a few seconds before I came to my senses."
I thought, "Do you have any photos of Tang Yi?"
"Yes," she took out her mobile phone and flipped through it and handed it to me. "This is a photo of her last week."
I took it and saw that my heart suddenly turned white.
76 Five Charms
The photo is of a beautiful young girl with a great figure, hugging Pan Ying and smiling happily. From the photo alone, this is just two beautiful women taking selfies, but the girl looks like a woman in her fifties who is clearing the table in the left rear and an old hand is cooking in front of her.
Some people may ask, "What’s so strange about seeing such an aunt when eating in a fast food restaurant in Beijing?"? From the photo body, of course, it is normal, but the meaning of going to see this photo is different immediately combined with Pan Yinggang’s talent and skill.
If the girl is too central, then the position of the member is just her position, and the hand that extends out of the painting is her position.
As mentioned earlier, the coffin can represent the spiritual body, and the divination can represent the tall buildings of the buildings. The most important thing is that it can represent the mountains and hills, which means death. It is understandable that the coffin can meet the old woman with food in her hand and combine with the atmosphere at the moment … The final result is that a spiritual body is following the girl to take her life.
"Sister-in-law Tang Yi was followed by a spirit to kill her," I said. "It’s a good thing you came today, otherwise the child would have been delayed."
"Ah?" Pan Ying surprised up "that how to do? Can you save her? "
I got up. "The root cause of this series of things in your family is that someone is behind it. If you want to save Lao Tang, you must first save Tang Yiyou. Only by tracing the roots of Tang Yishen can you dig out the root cause behind it?"
"So … so what should I do?" Pan Ying is a little flustered.
Let me see Ye Huan’s "You go to repair a town magic charm, a town spirit charm and three Xuanwu charms."
"good!" Ye Huan got up. "Just a moment. It will be ready soon."
"Wait" I thought about "Phoenix Golden Order"
Ye Huan frowned. "Is it that serious?"
"It’s really serious," I said. "Rome wasn’t built in a day. The other side’s methods are very vicious. Now it’s better to be a tiger than a wolf. You can’t hesitate to focus on it. It’s safer."
"Well, I’m white." She turned to the back room and gently closed the door.
I asked Pan Ying to sit down. "Sister-in-law will fix the charm for a while, and you will take it to the hospital. The magic charm will take you to the door of the ward. You should remember the other three Xuanwu symbols clearly. From tonight, you will put them on the left side of the waist of Laotan hospital bed and take them out at 11: 30 the next day, and then put them on the right side of the waist. After changing them once, you can’t change them again. Do you remember them for three days?"
Pan Ying read it a few times and looked up. "I remember it, but Master Kobayashi, I have never done such a thing alone. Otherwise, why don’t you go to the hospital to teach me?"
I shook my head. "Lao Tang’s disease is very special. What kind of renal failure is an illusion? The root cause is Feng Shui."
She was stunned. "You knew before I said he had renal failure?"
I smiled. "I’m not a fairy, and I can’t know anything, but then again, it’s not impossible to know everything. The third brother told me that you shouldn’t be surprised. You should remember that my words just now must be posted in the corresponding position. Someone must stop you from doing that directly. Do something to ask someone to make trouble with them if the money is too big. Anyway, is it important to do a good job in the old Tang’s life?"
She nodded. "I see. Don’t worry. I have to put the symbol on Master Kobayashi even if I fight. When will you go and see him?"
"I can’t go to see him, but his illness will get worse," I said. "Sister-in-law, it’s not easy for you to be scared these days, and you’ve been stimulated a lot. But now I have to tell you the truth. Old Tang is also accompanied by a very powerful yin spirit. It’s not to kill him, but to stop others from saving him. Does it tremble violently every day even after he is in a deep coma at about two o’clock in the middle of the night?"
"Yes, that’s right! The doctor couldn’t tell exactly what it was. "She looked at me intently." And now his situation is very special. The doctor said that he can be treated conservatively. What special method is it? I don’t know why Master Xiao Lin doesn’t allow others to save Tang Jun. Who sent it? "
"It’s either someone else who sent it to the Yin spirit body or the hospital," I said. "Now someone is really trying to kill the Tang family, but they are using feng shui, but if this feng shui is made more fierce, it will attract the spirit body. Can you be white?"
She was a little puzzled. "Master Kobayashi, I really don’t understand what this feng shui and spiritual body means. I know all this from some horror movies in Japan. I don’t understand what feng shui means. Is it feng shui and ghosts?"
I smiled. "Sister-in-law says I don’t need to explain these things to you, but I don’t make it clear. If you see something every night, you will lose your sense of proportion. Feng Shui change is your family’s luck. If the other feng shui master needs trick or two, you can keep your family in trouble. I just want you to know the root cause. Don’t be afraid of those spiritual bodies and your Tang family’s grievances. Do you understand?"
"I see!" She nodded. "Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of anything if I can save Tang Jun!"
"Good" I am relieved. "Old Tang, you stare at me and Miss Ye to find Tang Yi, etc., and you will send you a message. Just stare at the hospital and don’t go outside to let Tang Yi cooperate with us."
"This ….." She is a little worried. "She is only twenty years old. Can a young girl do such a thing? Besides, she is going to get married sooner or later. Can people bear such a big responsibility on behalf of the Tang family? "
I couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect my sister-in-law to have such knowledge. You can’t collapse this day. No wonder the old saying goes, a good woman is a treasure at home and her sister-in-law is Tang Jiabao."
Her face turned red. "Don’t say that. I was a child. Listen to my mother and tell the truth. I don’t understand. I didn’t think so much just now. Since you said Tang Yike, she must be, but I think too much."
"Tang Yi is still a Tang family before she gets married," I said. "Although it’s a little difficult for a girl to stand out, she can’t help it. Besides, if she wants to save her life, she must come out, which is her destiny takes a hand."
"But she doesn’t know where to go now. Can you find her?" She’s worried
"Try it. It shouldn’t be a big problem." I looked at the photo of my mobile phone. "This girl is so lucky that she shouldn’t die. She will be found tonight. I didn’t expect Lao Tang to have such a beautiful sister."
After hearing what I said, Pan Ying smiled gently. "Tang Yisheng is good. The brothers and sisters don’t look like each other, but they are definitely their own Kobayashi. My sister-in-law has been spoiled since childhood, and her temper is very bad. If you find her, you can excuse me more in case she doesn’t speak well, even if you look at our face."
"Don’t worry, this girl is clever and won’t be so ignorant." I smiled. "Besides, can I be as knowledgeable as a child?"
Well, it turned out that this sentence was too big.
She looked at me gratefully. "Xiao Lin, thank you so much! Oh, by the way, please accept this. "And she took out a card from her bag." This is 300,000 yuan. It’s not much. Why don’t you take it first and wait for me to gather some more? Call this card for you. "
I looked at the card and then at her. "Sister-in-law, how much did you borrow from Brother Lu?"
She bowed her head and said, "I borrowed 1 million yuan, but Lao Tang still needs money … Now I can give you 300,000 yuan first. Don’t be too few. I also borrowed money from my friends. I will soon be able to get you to give me some …" She handed me the card with tears in her hands.
I sighed, "Sister-in-law, it’s not easy for you to be a woman. I can’t say I won’t accept the money, but there’s no need to take it so much. Take it back and get 100 thousand cash and give me the remaining 200 thousand for your own self-defense."
"Ah?" She was surprised. "This can’t be done, Xiao Lin. I know the rules. You must accept this money. I didn’t mean that just now. Don’t get me wrong …"
I waved my hand, "Don’t get me wrong, sister-in-law, you don’t want to talk about it. I don’t charge you a million for some past practices, but it’s enough for you to support this family and take care of the company. Do as I say, even if I am devoted to Tang Ge."
Pan Ying buried her face in tears and began to cry "I … I …"
I handed her a tissue. "Don’t cry. There’s a lot to do later. You’re crying yourself to death. Who does Tang depend on?"
She wiped her tears and took a deep breath. "I appreciate your kindness, Mr. Xiao Lin, but I can’t do this. I know that you have done something for your third brother. He gave you more than one million. This 300,000 is already indispensable. If I get back 200,000, I’m really afraid that something will happen." Princess address of Imperial Doctor County.
"I said can put …"

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